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Political Growth

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Ok, i've managed to orgonise myself a bit, and i'm back with a bit more time now. I have eventualy during the course of my last RP and the time i've been off been able to acumulate the right requirements for my last two plots, I think (i've not had time to go over the rules).


I was thinking about begining a political RP about Adaptus' re-emergance into the world, and it's start to a new age of wealth and good stuff. At the same time i've going to expand my nation into the next two plots. It's going to be sort of like the British empire sort of, as i'm thinking of having some colonies. Not to sure.


However, the RP will begin with the begining of international relations talks with all nations surounding Adaptus, nations which Adaptus classes as true powers. Such as Akiiryu, Tagmatium, Deltania, Vocean, Mongol-Swedes, Mostly the people who helped out with the liberation of Adaptus during the civil war. Hopefuly it will put an end to the decaying LT - Alliance situation, and bring about something new. It's an RP open to all. However, Adaptus' main friends are to be brought into the RP most defanate.


It's sort of a massive political move to increase trade and friendship between the older nations of Europa. Also, since i've been a little absent, it seems many of the newer nations have became quite into the game, and have began taking stakes and growing. I see this is an RP in respence to the new nations flexing their new found muscle, by the older nation flexing their muscle.


What say the people?

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Such an alliance might "injury" DV's chances at getting islands in the west eh?


why would that be? and why are you so against me claiming that island? You got five plots all to yourself Akiiryu, while I just want one tiny island. If you'd like I could claim a whole plot near that area instead. I have the requirements.

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No, it's just that an alliance of all of these nations would surround 0.33, that's all Akiiryu is saying. And this alliance could theoretically put pressure on you to give up that island. Just because you got it on the plot requests, doesn't mean it can't be taken via violent force.


Although, I don't really forsee that, BlackJackEmperor, just talking about the hypothetical, and why Akiiryu would say that.


And at this point, I hope I was right, otherwise I look like an idiot.

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Umm. DV, I am talking OOC here, about IC matters. You must learn to part the two. Akiiryu isn't likely to brook the setting up of a colony by an Eastern state so close to its borders...People, come on THINK! Spheres of influence matter! You can't just claim a plot and say (OOC) because I have the requirements there is nothing other nations can do! Think about how other nations might react IC!

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