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Epic Miirosi RP

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Ok, so I think I am ready to start something big involving Miiros. There are multiple endings planned for this depending on how other powers respond. I don't want to give away too much important plot points because I want each nation to react naturally and unbiased. Anyway, here is a basic run-down of what will set this thing up.


This RP will be set across nations that once made up the provinces of the Second Miirosi Empire: 41, 42, 43 and Miiros Proper. It is a lot of plots, I know, but they're all unused and frankly I don't see a huge demand for map plots. Miiros will not control any of the others at the beginning given the most favorable of circumstances, Miiros will only be able to control two of the three (due to plot limitations and requirements). My goal here isn't to grab a ton of land, it's to have a fun RP with Miiros on a more epic scale.


Anyways, in Plot 41 (name later, I left my notes at school), there is a constitutional monarchy in power. The monarch is a very old man and close to death and his heir is a wildly popular, charismatic reformist. He has already made large reforms and the people love him dearly, which pressured the parliament to give a little too much power back to the crown. In the first stages of the RP, his father will die and he will come to the throne. He will then make sweeping socialist reformations, limit the powers of parliament, bulk up an aged military, and feed a nationalist frenzy. The keypoint, however, is this man's bloodline is the same as the exiled Emperor Miiros, last ruler of the Second Empire.


While all of this is occurring in the north, down south in Plot 43 (New Volantis) a tyrannical oligarchy is dealing with a huge crisis. The rulers of this land essentially are corporate executives, creating a capitalist hell that even Miiros shies away from. Well, when people don't have an outlet for their frustrations, things turn violent and that is exactly what is going on. I will open the RP with a peaceful protest being gunned down by the military and then the floodgates open. Socialist leaders driven underground or exiled surge forth and a civil war is on. Many people flee to the Freehold of Zelos, where they can escape into the Miirosi Sub-City of Volantis. The socialist sympathies of these people will ultimately be key and they will get very friendly with 41 as the RP moves forward.


Between these two plots is 42, which is split in half for the RP. Two republics rule here and they are relatively peaceful states. Their militaries are extremely dated and they are slightly behind developmentally. Things are pretty static here, however, the events in the north and south will inceasingly have the leaders worried. Miiros Proper also shares these concerns, mortified at the possibility of two socialist states springing up inside their sphere of influence. Ultimately, they will form an alliance of sorts.


Anyway, from these events things will continue to escalate and other powers will probably begin to worry at some point although in the beginning I'd hope it would go ignored as the small affairs of some minor eastern states. While all this is happening Miiros will still be going on with its own affairs that might stir more reaction from the international community.


This whole thing will be very far-sighted and long term. I'd also like to keep things at a nice and easy pace since detail is essential to me here. At a minimum, I'll try to give a great update once a week.


So any comments, suggestions or concerns? Am I being too vague here?



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The only problem I can forsee with such a heavily detailed roleplay on such a grand scale is commitment. My question to the rest of the community here who may be considering this roleplay is: Are you willing to really stick with this? One aspect can't really survive without the other.


We just saw the Adaptus roleplay crash and burn, though.

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