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Stage 1- Agreements


The Prime Minister Calbero was looking out the window of the limousine they provided him. He admired, and somewhat envied the city of Avantine. It's much more developed than his own home. Regardless, he loved Rutanika, and would do everything he can to see it go to ruin. Soon enough the car arrived at the Emperor Imbel's Grand Palace, the main government building of the country just as it was during the time of the Emperor's reign. He wondered why the Varian kept such a relic of their more unfortunate times. The gates opened his convoy was let through. The newly appointed and first ever High Executor Derek Drask and an entourage were awaiting him at the steps of the palace. The minister got out and the formal introductions began.


"Good day minister, Damak Var welcomes your presence. Let me introduce you." The High Executor called out. Prime Minister Calbero began to shake hands one by one.


"This Executor Jerrel, Department of Foreign Affairs. Ex Triumvir, Executor Louis Marcellus, Department of Business and Commerce."


Once greetings were exchanged between Calbero's advisors and secretaries, the group made its way into the Palace. The security of the compound frightened and impressed Calbero. The group made its way into a well lighted room with a large table. Calbero and his company sat across from the Varian's.


"Well, shall we get straight to business then?" said High Executor Drask.


"That would be best." replied Calbero.


"Alright. We already know what this meeting is about but please describe your situation again for clarification. We'd like to hear from the head of state."


Calbero took a long pause to think it over. "Rutanika is trapped in our own poverty. The treasury is virtually drained, the police are not adequate enough to properly enforce law and order...poverty, crime, inadeqaute infrastructure...I expected revolution by now but the people are too poor for that."


"We are not a charity organization Mister Calbero, should we agree to help, our assistance is not without costs on your part." the High Executor stated.


"We are aware of that."


"There are plenty of nations closer to Rutanika, why did you not appeal to them?"


"We do not trust them and your ambassadors promised many things." Drask nodded in reply.


"What is it you need them?" Louis Marcellus asked him.


"Jobs, roads, schools, hospitals, law, money, you name it. Rutanika is in a very troublesome situation, we need somebody's help."


"I see, perhaps a bit of grants from the government would help. We will most likely delegate the developement to various companies. Then again, I cannot guarantee our assistance. Of course, we do have uses for your island that we will consider. I will have to present this matter to the Grand Council, and they will make a final decision." Drask said.


"Very well."


"We shall recess from this meeting then, while I conference with the Grand Council. Arrangements have been made for you and your men to stay here, at the Grand Palace, we have provided luxurious rooms for each you."



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High Executor Drask stood before the council. They had spent a couple days deliberating on the Rutanika matter. The Council Adjutant stepped forward to the front podium.


"Provinces in favor the Order..


Avantine,Cascade, Durmanicus, Hades, Lenstatinople, Imbelatine, Triumviri, Cascade, and Alesia.


The following oppose...


Perantus, Dabrid, Ahkour, and Dacolod.


The Order has been passed by nine to four vote of the Grand Council of Thirteen. The Order states...


Key Points


High Executor Drask is now authorized to begin negotiations with the Kingdom of Rutanika in regards to their national developement.


Varian assistance will be approved under the following conditions...(ooc:will be displayed later)


This Council hereby commisions the Varian Foreign Developement Agency (VFDA), which will be charged with the developement of Rutanika under command of High Executor Drask.


The VFDA will be granted a sum of eighthundred-million Nitches (OOC: to hire people, equipment, but most of the developing will be done by private companies).


Use of the Varian Navy to secure shipments to Rutanika is authorized. As well as stopping drug and arms trafficking in and out of the country." The Adjutant left the podium and sat down.


"Remember to mind the international community. We will task you with resolving their disputes. We need this Drask, and it better be profitable. None of our troops can touch the soil of that country. There are other ways. You are now dismissed to go about your duties." One of the Consuls told him.

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The two parties met together in a couple days. They sat down across from each other as was before.


"This is the final draft of the treaty. Either you accept terms or not, the Council has not put it up for negotiation." High Executor Drask stated and passed over the documents. Calbero put on his reading glasses and looked it over...


Key Points


The Federation of Damak Var shall assist in the overall developement of the Kingdom of Rutanika.


A grant of five hundred million Nitches shall be given to the Rutanikan government, in order to properly fund their police force.


365 days after developement has commenced, Rutanika shall become a protectorate of Damak Var indefinitely. Though we shall allow the Rutanikans self rule to a certain extent. A piece of coastline is to be allocated for a Varian military base under the jurisdiction of Damak Var. Though Varian military personnel will not be allowed to leave the base unless off duty or in the event of an emergency.


That Varian companies assisting in the developement shall be allowed to establish manufacturing centers in their specific assigned sectors. This will provid Rutanikans with jobs, but will be paid less than what the minimum wage is in Damak Var.



"You are asking me to give up our independence." Calbero said.


"I told you the price would be high, but you can expect a good job.Your people are crying for help, and we can provide that. If we don't, the international community will be disappointed. That's just bad for business." High Executor Drask replied. Calbero folded his hands and began to get lost in his own thoughts. He looked to his party that sat next to him and they nodded their heads.


"Everything is just business to you Varians isn't it?"



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The Rutanikan Prime Minister and other delegates were given a couple days and privacy for deliberation. Finally, Prime Minister Calbero agreed on the treaty.


"Inform the VFDA, Navy, and the companies we selected, that the treaty has been signed and prepare to begin operations. The navy has to mobilize a fleet for a long distance operation. The VFDA and the companies need to start planning and gathering what they need. Publish the treaty on international news as well, let the world know." Drask said to his adjutant.


TO: All Nations of Europa

FROM: Damak Var, High Executor Derek Drask.


We have recently signed a treaty with the Kingdom of Rutanika, and have publicly announced it. A conference will be held in Avantine, Damak Var in one week regarding the treaty for clarification. Any nation who has a dispute is welcome to voice it at the conference as well. Please inform the Department of Foreign Affairs if you plan on sending a delegate.


TO: Tagmatium

FROM: Damak Var


We ask that Tagmatium allow us the use of its canal for military and civilian vessels on route to Rutanika in order to aid in its protection and developement.



OOC: I listed the key points of the treaty in the previous post.



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OOC: I'm working on it.


FROM: Deltannia

TO: Damak Var


Deltannia is sending representatives to discuss your treaty with the Kingdom of Rutanika. Please be prepared to receive them at your most convenient airstrip.


Deltannian Foreign Ministry




*En route...*


"Ambassador, I'm afraid we can't allow that."


"Admiral, sir, they have already signed a treaty. Therefore the Rutanikans want their alliance."


"I don't care. The Admiralty doesn't care. They want a coastal base, and not a central one. The only logically explanation would be putting down a naval base."


"And my dear Admiral, how could one more base possibly affect us?"


"Any more bases could possibly affect us. But the Admiralty sees that an entire new nation in the area will bring a lot with them. As we speak, our forces abroad have located an increase in their naval movement in this direction, including multiple convoys."


"So why don't you simply increase patrols in the area. They already have the island."


"Perhaps. In fact, you're right. But I'm here to make sure that our security isn't threatened."


"I doubt it would be, Admiral. You do your job, but don't interfere with mine."


"Sorry, Ambassador, I have my orders. You'll do your job, I'm just here to make sure it's done properly..."


OOC: Also, I'm not planning on doing anything massive, I'll just stir up some light-medium resistance. Maybe try to push for something, but I don't plan on going to war over this. 2-thumbup.gif

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OOC: Time to get back into the swing of things.




To: Damak Var, High Executor Derek Drask.

From: The Federated Kingdom of Adaptus, Prime Minister Fairfax


Alighted to resent international events. We have seen your resent "Treaty" with the Kingdom of Rutanika to worring. Rutanika's close proximisty to our terriroties in the Kosscow seems to trouble us. We are displeased by the fact new naval traffic around Rutanika could hamper, and disrupt our civil and military naval taffic between the Phalkland Islands and Adapton mainland. We too have not dout that the Damak Var navy will play a part in this treaty. Your nations naval vessels are not welcome in Adapton waters, nor are they welcome without request to pass our supply lines across the Kosscow. We shall be sending a delegation to your confrance to hopefuly sort out this problem you have.


We hope that our first meeting between our nations is not a bad crossing.


Philp Fairfax,

Adapton Primer,

Federated Kingdon of Adaptus.

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To: Damak Var, High Executor Derek Drask

From: Miiros, Foreign Ministry


The Free City will be sending a delegation consisting of Foreign Ministry employees and members of the Traders? Guild to attend your conference. We are highly interested in perhaps aiding you in this noble undertaking. We look forward to discussing the matter further in Damak Var.


Foreign Minister Vander, Miiros


Two days before the conference?


?Sounds like a perfect opportunity to me,? remarked Deputy Guildmaster Levenus, as he stepped out of the limousine and onto the tarmac. The chilly winter wind swept over him, mussing his hair and sending a shiver down his spine. He instinctively raised the collar of his overcoat to shield himself from the wind.


?Yes, but the Occident is an extremely prickly place. You know how those countries are. An easterner couldn?t sneeze over there without Akiiryu or Tagmatium tackling them, shouting, ?CONSPIRACY!?? answered his associate, an attractive young woman who appeared to be from the Foreign Ministry. She crawled out of the vehicle after him and set off after him. ?Slow it down, would you? I?m wearing heels.?


?Oh, right. Sorry, Helen,? apologized Levenus, slowing down a bit. ?But think about it, maybe if we can get in bed with the Varians on this thing, the westerners wouldn?t be so damned protective of their markets.?


?I doubt that. There?s gonna be a bunch of hell raised at this convention, mark my words.?


?That?s the trouble with you Foreign Ministry types: too damn pessimistic,? grumbled Traders? Guildsman. ?It can?t be so bad.?


?Just you wait! I?m not kidding!?


The form of a large airliner appeared in the distance, the sleeping lion of Miiros proudly painted on the blue machine. A number of other cars were pulling up now with other aides and lesser members of the delegation arriving.


?Why are we walking all this way again?? asked Helen in a frustrated tone.


?Because you need to stop being such a lazy b*tch,? replied Levenus, laughing.


Helen joined in. ?Watch it, Mark. You have to sit next to me for however long this thing lasts. If Akiiryu and Tagmatium show, it?ll be a year!?


?Ah, at least I?ll have something nice to look at.?


?Oh ho! What would your wife think??


The two joined the aides and crew that were boarding the plane that would take them to Damak Var for the conference. They continued their banter as they chose their seats on the diplomatic liner, constructed sparing no expense to shuttle delegations such as this one. In a few hours, they would be in Damak Var a day before the conference.

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From: Damak Var


We are pleased to hear you will be attending. Military vessels will not be entering the Kosscow sea, so you need not worry. They will only be stationed around the island so that we may protect our shipping. Regardless, the open sea is international territory and Damak Var does not recognize your authority when telling us where we can or cannot go in international territory. Though we will do our best to minimize problems and keep a good distance away from Adapton shipping. We would like to remind you that we are allies and Damak Var has no intention of doing harm to the well being of Adaptus and its citizens and wishes them many years of prosperity. Of course, we shall try to come to a compromise at the conference.


OOC: Delegates may start arriving at any time.

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High Executor Derek Drask, International Address Regarding Treaty with Rutanika


The Federation of Damak Var has recently made agreements with the Kingdom of Rutanika. Agreements that move toward human developement and a more prosperous Europa. Some nations are not experiencing the prosperity that we do here in Damak Var. That is why Rutanika has looked to us, so that we may bring our prosperity to them.


There are those who resent Varian presence in that region. I ask them to look closely and acknowledge the good in our mission. What is so wrong with trying to bring light into dark places?


Rutanika is chained down by its own poverty. There is no public education system, no hospitals and the unemployment rate has shot through the roof. Inadequate funding prevents the government from maintaining an adequate police force. Paving the way for boundless crime without any sign of regulation. Such disorder will only make Rutanika a haven for international terrorists and those who operate beyond the boundaries of the law.


Damak Var cannot and will not allow this travesty to continue so we ask for compromise and understanding from all nations of Europa as we undertake this humanitarian mission for the betterment of mankind.


EDIT: OOC: Tomorrow I have rugby practice and its friday so its party night. Saturday I have to do stuff for JROTC, so the conference could get pushed back as far as sunday.

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To: Damak Var

From: the Greater Holy Empire of Tagmatium

Re: Rutanika


Dear honoured allies,


Because you are long-standing friends of the Greater Holy Empire as well as fellow members of the League of the Treaty, the canal is free for your use, both for military and civilian shipping. We entirely trust that you will be using our canal for honourable purposes.


In regards to Rutanika, we feel that rather than Damak Var solely undertaking any humanitarian mission on its own, would it not be better for the League of the Treaty nations to work together in order to bring the Kingdom of Rutanika into the 21st Century? Of course, if Damak Var?s plans are merely to aid the Kingdom (Tagmatium will not imply otherwise), then we would be more than happy to help our esteemed allies to do such a thing. Undoubtedly, other League nations would also be more than happy to help.


Because of this, the Imperial Government will be sending Minister of League of the Treaty Affairs, Justin Trascalissaeus, to lead our delegation and discuss the Rutanika situation.

?Well, Minister Trascalissaeus, I do hope you have read your brief,? the Holy Emperor sat opposite the Minister for League of the Treaty Affairs. The man wasn?t particularly notable, head of one of the small ministries of the Imperial Government, and one that had been declining in importance, mirroring the League?s slide into obscurity.


?Yes, your Imperial Majesty,? replied Trascalissaeus. ?I still don?t understand what you?re asking of me. Surely Damak Var are our allies? Should we not be supporting them in their endeavor??


Commodus sighed. The man was either an idealist or was stupid. The Holy Emperor banked on the former, as he knew he wouldn?t have elevated an idiot into a position of power, however minor in the case of this Ministry. ?Indeed they are our allies, Minister. However, we have received? information from our diplomatic corps that they are becoming over-friendly with the Free City of Miiros, something we, as Occidental nations, disprove of.?


The minister nodded. That much was clear to him. He didn?t particularly dislike the EOS, viewing the alliance as one of the first steps towards pan-Europan piece, but he also knew that many Occidental nations viewed it as a threat, especially as piece was reigning in the east whilst the west continued to pursue petty rivalries. ?But what has this to do with Rutanika, O most Christian Majesty? Surely Damak Var have only honourable intentions towards the island?? He paused for a moment as realised something. ?Oh, you? the Imperial Government fears that Miiros will be given a foot hold in the Barrier Islands.?


?Exactly,? The Holy Emperor gave the Minister of League Affairs a rare smile. ?It looks like we?ll make a politician of you yet, Minister Trascalissaeus. Basically, I want you to go to this conference and vehemently argue the case for a joint League of the Treaty effort, something that Damak Var would look very unreasonable to refuse. If they accept, and I doubt they won?t, to more-or-less removes the chance that they will offer up a base to their Miirosi friends, thus getting rid of any Oriental base in the Barrier Islands, something which no Occidental power can tolerate. Well, Minister, don?t let me keep you. Your aeroplane leaves soon and I don?t doubt that you have to prepare.?


Minister Trascalissaeus stood up, bowed to the Imperial Sovereign and retreated from the room. Commodus sat for a moment at his desk and shuffled through the papers on the surface. He then reached over and pressed a button on the intercom.


?Secretary Boionannes, please send in the Stateprinceps.?


Damak Var?s plans to take over Rutanika was causing consternation amongst the other Barrier Island polities, which in turn was causing annoyance to the Greater Holy Empire, mainly because the islands of Defnascir was already under Tagmatium?s control. Stateprinceps Athelwick saw himself as not just as the leader of his people, but as champion of the rest of the Barrier Islands. In turn, the Stateprinceps was coming under flak from other political parties within his own nation, as he had chosen to ally with tagmatium rather than to form a mutually-supportive alliance with the other Barrier Islands.


?Ah, Stateprinceps Athelwick, how good of you to come??

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Foreign Minister Darius Henderson Began to make his way up the stairs to the government jet which he, and his other fellow delegates would travel to Rutanika in. As they walked up the steps, they disscussed the last telegram they had recived from Damak Var.


Lord Lieutenant Robert Montgomery turned to Darius Henderson as they approched the door to the aircraft. "They mensioned us as allies?"


Darius looked back down to him. "Yeah, perhapse they do not relises we have pulled out of the League of the Treaty. We only are technicaly allies to Tagmatium now."


"hmm...I was never to keen on Damak Var in the first place."


"Looks like we're going into this confrence with a negative vibe then." Came a voice from behind the Foreign Secratary and Lord Lieutenant.


"Looks like it Jack."


Jack Issac, the Minister of International Development folloed up the stairs and entered the aircraft. As the door closed, the stairs were taken away from the side of the aircraft, and several Typhoon fighter aircraft took off infront of the government jet. The jet then followed the Typhoons into the sky on route to Rutanika.

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TO: Damak Var

FROM: The Imperial Republic of Vocenae


A delegation will be sent within 48 hours.


-End of Line-


Celeste, Southern Vocenae


"Roger, Flight 12, you are clear for take-off"


The large government jet roared down the runway and into the night sky. Two pinpricks of light appeared from the east and took up a formation on either side of the jet liner. Onboard, nestled in the lavish passenger compartment, Trejik Vasiori fidgeted nervously, his right hand unconsciously rubbing the cuff link of his ceremonial suit. He hated flying, especially during the night, but it was the only way he could make it to the conference in time.


He wasn't alone, though. Three of his aides were accompanying him across the Kosscow, and they were watched over by a dozen security agents. The aides were whispering among themselves, discussing politics, gossip, and about the excitement of their first foreign assignment. They were oblivious to dull whine of the jet turbines, the light classical music floating over the speakers, and the silence of their superior.


The true meaning behind the Vocian delegation, however, remained hidden from them all except Trejik, who stared out at the black water miles below him...

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The delegates of the other nations were escorted into the conference room where High Executor Drask and Chancellor Calbero was waiting.


"Please be sit down gentlemen." Drask said. They did as he told them.


"First order of business, I would like to state our mission. We would like to develop Rutanika into a modern nation, mitigate its many problems, provide the island with security, and begin doing business that would benefit both our economies. Most of the developement will be delegated to a few large Varian business enterprises which could contact other foreign buisnesses to aide in the developement. We will need to be doing much construction, also the VFDA will have a need to hire teachers and doctors from around the globe.


I am aware of your concerns of a Varian military presence. But Rutanika has made it clear that they will allow a Varian naval base for their own protection and for the protection of Varian shipping. I would like all members of this conference to acknowledge they have no jurisdiction over the Rutanikans, and they are a independent people that may do as they please. I would also like to make it clear that Damak Var has no intention beginning any hostilities against the nations in that region. Nor cause any harm to their vessels moving through the area. You can be assured that Varian military vessels will be confined only around the island. Perhaps moving through the Kant sea to get to and from Damak Var since it is necessary. We promise to keep noncivilian vessels out of the Kosscow sea.


Our only intention is create a better Rutanika and more business opportunities for Damak Var."


OOC: Alright, somebody state a concern and we will discuss it. First come first serve. But don't worry if you dont come first, we will get to you. Remember, everything is negotiable.

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Cutting off the Deltannian ambassador, Admiral Shore rose to the stand. "If no other nation minds, Deltannia wishes to take the floor first."


"To begin, I wish to express my sorrows that my superiors could not make it today, as they are important men, as you know," she started. "I do hope they will be able to attend another meeting shortly.


"I shal be concise. Deltannia, and I am sure many other nations, have had the assurances of nations before. You intend to industrialize Rutanika and develop it for Damak Var's own agenda. Yet everyone here can acknowledge that military will follow private enterprise, you yourself has said so, Ambassador. Therefore we can assume an increase in Varian naval ships in the vicinity.


"No matter how confined to Rutanika your navy is, they will require increased transit across shipping lanes. Deltannia, as you know, has a proud navy, one of the finest of Europa. We will not stand for an act that will is easily seen as a weapons build-up on our back doorstep. I don't care which sea you use, your vessels will be entering foreign waters, in force, that are of concern of neighbors who are at the moment within a steady and glorious peace. Deltannia will not stand for this disruption.


"Deltannia will not concern itself with the industrialization of Rutanika, that is your own affair, and we do not care about your border claims or treaties with the island. We will acknowledge them. But we cannot accept the construction of a naval port on the island intended for military vessels. Without a port, I understand that the Varian navy will have presence there, as does every major navy in every part of the world. But the construction of a port invites only war to northwestern Europa. We will not allow this to pass.


"What you say may hold some truth. Your intentions, on the other hand, have yet to be discovered. If you have no intentions of attack Deltannia and its fellow neighbors, then surely you will believe that we have no intentions of attacking Rutanika should you leave it without a naval harbor."


Admiral Shore sat down in her seat, the Ambassador appalled at the lack of diplomacy. Unfortunately, though, she had been straightforward with the points. The Admiralty did not seem to leave room for negotiation. He'd have to do what he could...


OOC: As a matter of authority, Admiral Shore is a full admiral under Fleet Admiral Grey, just so it is understood where she stands. I guess I'll also leave the "sir" in my previous post, it can still apply (Shore is an already written role, so I put her in).

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High Executor Drask moved to the mic. He new knew this was comming. There is no use arguing it and it would be best to come to terms. "Your concerns are more than reasonable. But what the protection of our shipping and of the Rutanikan people? Also consider the illegal drug trafficking to and from the island that degrades the decent societies of all the nations around that area. We also wish to prevent unauthorized arrivals and departures in Rutanika.


If Damak Var does not have a military presence then I request the following...


Naval vessels with mild firepower only to serve as a Coast Guard shall be allowed to patrol the Rutanikan coast. Multiple bases for these vessels will also be needed since most of these will be small crafts not are suitable for long voyages.


Written and internationally publicized pledges from the nations in that region to protect Varian civilian shipping and the island of Rutanika from any hostilities with their own Navies.


Pledges to not begin hostilities against the island of Rutanika itself, nor bring a military force to the island. As well as staying away from the coast which will be patrolled by our own vessels.


Also I request public statements in support of our mission and claims to the island as a protectorate."


OOC: You choose your delegates to represent Deltannia, doesn't matter to me. But it is good to know you have somebody qualified for the job. Though I think Grand Admiral Grey is a more majestic title, do you have that? If not, I higly suggest you consider it. wink.gif


Anyways, we will not move on to the next topic until everybody has voiced whatever they want to say and then we all approve that it is time to move on.


Also what I mean by "like a coast guard" is like hospital ships, supply ships, smaller boats. Just to police unauthorized arrivals and departures like I said. No cruisers, aircraft carriers, destroyers, attack subs like I was planning (not that I have that many).

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Darius Henderson looked to the Lord Lieutenant Soverign of Abroad Affairs and Royal Representative Lord Robert Montgomery, he lent in to his side. "What do you think Montey? Your more qualified in naval affairs, after all your high command of the navy."


Montgomery looked back at him, then stood up. He scanned the table, carefuly scoping out his audiance. "Well, Adaptus I must say, does not have much favour for your small coast guard proposal. Smaller ships means more ships. You will need more ships of a smaller size to patrol the same area. This we do not like. Adaptus relies on many complex trade routs, many of which to the Greater Holy Empire, which means passing Rutanika very frequently. This would mean Merchant Navy vessels crossing paths with Varian military vessels. Our Merchant Navy is one escored by the Navy fleet itself. We would prefer a continingent of more long ranged vessels, however a much smaller number, and the abilitry to pass through Rutanika waters slightly with Adapton Civilian vessels, and Royal Merchant Navy Vessels, escorted by the Royal Navy."


"Another thing you must also be aware of is Royal Navy vessels from Adaptus operating off the Phalkland Islands. Many of our ships launched from the Phalklands are tanken for sea trials near Rutanika waters, as it is more praticle, as it does nt interfear with naval traffic from the mainland to the Phalklands. We would just like Damak Var to be aware of this, before they come to a conclusion. Oh, and Tagmatine vessels also use the same sear routes as our vessels."


The old Admiral of the Fleet sat back down and looked at the Minister of Foreign Affairs, who replied with a asualy smile, and a slight chuckle.

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OOC: Actually, there is a Grand Admiral, BlackJackEmperor, but that's not Grey. It's complicated, I know. Grey actually falls fifth, technically, in the line of command, and sixth by seniority (out of seven ranking Fleet Admiral of higher).


While the Adapton Admiral spoke, the Ambassador spoke quietly with Admiral Shore.


"I hope you know what you're doing, Admiral."


"I always do, Ambassador. I wouldn't be here otherwise. Things are starting to work toward our favor, but not enough."


"How not enough? You've already taken apart their proposal and they've compromised."


"I have my orders, Ambassador. And I am glad of Adaptus' position, it seems quite agreeable with the High Council."


"Surely you can allow them to keep a coastal guard."


"Oh, no doubt, Ambassador. But now they try to justify the construction of multiple bases. No, this we can surely not allow..... I think I'll let a few others voice their opinion first. Deltannia can't appear to be on the attack..."

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OOC: That's what it sounds like.


Trejik stood as soon as the Adapton ambassador sat down.


"I will be honest. The Imperial Council is not pleased with this proposal, and are opposed to any military forces on Rutanika. We feel that it compromises the security of civilian shipping, and can be used as a 'forward base' if hostilities were to ever occur between Damak Var and any other Western power. The only possible way that the Imperial Council will allow a Varian naval facility on the island is if there is a Vocian facility of the same size and strength to oversee all operations taking place in rutanikan waters."


He looked down at the small pile of papers on the table before him, scanning the hastily re-written statement General Korrino had outlined for him.


"However, they would be willing to accept a multinational naval base and security forces, with all operations overseen by a joint command representing all nations willing to participate. Aside from that, the Imperial Republic will not tolerate a military presence so close to international shipping lanes."

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Chancellor Calbero took the stand. "We are not comfortable with none other than Varian military presence on Rutanika. Anything else, we shall not allow. I believe their request to station a coast guard is perfectly legitimate. I also fear for the safety of my people and believe that a coast guard is necessary."




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OOC: Yep. From an Adapton point of view, it's exelent. One base allows you to have all your ships consentraited in one area. Also with t only being long ranged vessels. We can see the threat more easily, as we have trade routes which pass through the Kindoms waters. It's all in the name of spying, and knowing he enemy for Adaptus. Thus we can combat it. But remeber, his is OOC. Your nations does not know that to be Adapton intensions.




The Admiral looked over to the Varians. Te he looked over at the Vocenians (OOC: is that right?), he then thought to himself. He looked over to Darius and Jack. He knew that his career as Lord Leiutenant Soverign was coming to an end. e knew this was the last chance he had to gain some votes among the General Staff to keep his position.


He rose to his feet again. "Perhapse we can settel on this. I propose this. one, allowance of Trade routes to continue using the Kingdoms waters. Two, onl one Varian naval base to be placed on the island, and to only hold a small continigant of lon ranged ships, which can patrol the island without having to use multiple bases. Three, a small inspection force made up of inspectors from each of the nations present will inspect he islands, and it's progress on a regular basis. Four, Waters just ouside the Kingdoms durisdiction will be monitered closley by a joint maritime reconossence team from each ofthe attnding nations. How does this sound?"


The Admiral remaied standing as he scanned the heads looking for an answer.

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OOC: Shall I prepare the trumpets? cool.gif


"After discussing the matter with our Ambassador, I have agreed," said Admiral Shore, "that the Adaptus solution is a noble one. However, Deltannia is willing to allow harbors placed on the island where any naval ships will be allowed to refuel and dock for their operations. These, however, must be made civilian, and no military base should be located on Rutanika."

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