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Coup de' Etat

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Four olive-green 5-ton trucks pulled in front of the Capitol Complex in Philidelphia. The wind was blowing lightly, but the chill added onto the already brisk tempurature created by the overcast skies above. Cass exited from the cab of the third truck as four dozen Military Police hopped out of the back of the 5-tons. It took only a minute before Cass began ascending the gray marble steps of the Capitol and the MPs formed a double-file line behind him.


Cass imagined it to be symbolic. One ray of sunshine breaking through the dark clouds as he was about to break into the Presidency. Behind him the 48 MPs were following him without doubt, soon everyone would follow him as they did.


Cass flung open the doors of the complex and headed down the wide corridor ahead of him. The last two MPs stayed at the doors to ensure none of the high-ranking officials ecsaped. Cass shook his right hand in the air, singaling the MPs to rush about and secure all of the important offices. Four were still following him as he headed up the stairs to the Oval Office.


Below, he could hear the screams of shocked bureaucrats as the Sargeants ruffled them out of their cozy chairs and onto the cold stone floor of the main hallway. Cass kicked in the door to Jackson's office.


"What the hell do you think you're doing?" Jackson demanded, turning around in his swivel chair to face Cass.


"Righting so many wrongs, Mr. Jackson." Cass replied.


"What? That's Mr. President to you!" Jackson barked as the four military police entered the room behind Cass, glaring at him as they held their rifles at attention.


"No, it isn't." He said, pulling a fold of papers from the inner-pocket of his jacket. He threw the fold at Jackson and continued, "I want you to sign this resignation and come quietly. Everything will go so well if you do."


"And If I don't?"


"Then everyone in this building dies. It'll go quietly and be covered up very well. No one will know, and I will get your resignation at your funeral anyway. Spare me the bloodshed." Cass uttered with a grin.


Jackson's expression shifted from bridled anger to disillusionment as he realized the totality of what was happening. "You won't get away with this... by the time the military hears of this you'll--"


"On the contrary, I already have. By the time anyone hears of this, you will have already resigned, and won't be speaking publicly. People will hear, and believe, what I tell them. Now take up that pen. I didn't come to talk with you, sir."


Jackson hesitated for a moment, then picked up his pen from it's holster and signed. Cass nodded and the two MPs walked around the desk and arrested the former President. He was lead out of the room, and would be taken to a remote town in western Stilistra, where he would be placed under house-arrest for the rest of his life.


And that quickly, it was over. Cass had quietly removed Jackson and his administration. Soon, more MPs would arrive from a base not far from Philidelphia. They would arrest the members of Senate and the House of Representatives indivdually. The media would stay silent. Cass smiled at himself, he had done it. A bloodless Coup had been perfectly executed. And tommorrow, the world would know.

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"We must now consider the period which is just drawing to a close as almost the last stage of our national resurrection, and prepare ourselves to finish worthily the marvelous design of the elect of twenty generations, the completion of which Providence has reserved for this fortunate age.


Yes, young men, Stilistra owes to you an undertaking which has merited the applause of the universe. You have conquered and you will conquer still, because you are prepared for the tactics that decide the fate of battles. You are not unworthy of the men who entered the ranks of a phalanx, and who contended not in vain with the proud conquerors of the East. To this wonderful page in our country's history another more glorious still will be added, and the slave shall show at last to his free brothers a sharpened sword forged from the links of his fetters. This people is its own master. It wishes to be the brother of other peoples, but to look on the insolent with a proud glance, not to grovel before them imploring its own freedom. It will no longer follow in the trail of men whose hearts are foul. And we shall be silent no more!"


Thirty-thousand citizens cheered and waved the new Stilistran flag as Cass closed his speech. He was awakening a deep nationalist feeling that had been growing for the last century. He embodied the destiny of Stilistra, and would lead it there. They would follow his will to the end, as his will was Stilistra's destiny.

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OOC: Sorry, I was just waiting until this went public. I am also assuming that the SEnate has not been dissolved yet (also assuming that we hear about it, but I'm sure other nations would).


FROM: Deltannia

TO: Stilistra


Deltannia congratulates Mr. Cass' succession to the presidency of Stilistra. May the change foster a new era of prosperity for all nations of Europa.

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Ooc: His speech was televised. The Senate isn't going to be dissolved, just 'coerced' into voting how Cass likes.


To: Deltannia

From: The Syndicate Federation of Stilistra


"I would like to send my greatest gratitude to Deltannia for your warm congratulations our ascendance. May we grow together as time and fortune progresses!"


First Consulate, Lewis Cass

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The Syndication Act



In order to preserve economic growth, social goodness and national strength, the resolutions of the following act are to be carried out in full, with accordance to their limits and legitimacy.



A council will be formed to analyze all of the major industries within Stilistran areas of control.


All like companies which operate within the same markets will be grouped together into Sydnicates.


These Syndicates will be divided into two representative boards; one representing the Labor of that indurstry and all workers, the other representing management.


These Syndicates will be subordinate to the Executive branch of the Stilistran Government. The Executive shall have the right to place quotas for production, monitor prices and wages and may veto Syndicate contracts with foreign powers and companies.


Syndicates shall have the right to execute these parameters in whatever means they find reasonable and profitable.


Disagreements between Labor and Management will be arbitrated by the Executive; to find honest and proper solutions to those disagreements.


The Executive may not be lobbied.


This process shall be exacted upon every major industry within Stilistran control.


The Federal Board of Sydnication shall be formed to oversee the classification of industries and individual companies. This board shall oversee that all Syndicates follow Executive orders.


Strikes by Labor are hereby banned. The Labor committee of any Syndicate may initiate arbitration with the Executive, as may the management committees.


The penalty for violating any order may vary from a minimum fine of 100,000 BankNotes from the business, or 10 years in prison for striking.



This Act hass been drafted, resolved and approved by the Senate for the betterment of Stilistra and her allies.

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Enabling Act


In order to preserve economic growth, social goodness and national strength, the resolutions of the following act are to be carried out in full, with accordance to their limits and legitimacy.


In times of national emergency, the Executor may be given the right to legislate without approval of the Senate.

The Senate must vote upon the decision to allow the Executor such right.

When enacted, the Executor may pass orders regulating certain areas of economic, social, legal, military or scientific progress.

Only the Executor may decide when this act is disabled.


This Act hass been drafted, resolved and approved by the Senate for the betterment of Stilistra and her allies.

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Sedition Act


In order to preserve economic growth, social goodness and national strength, the resolutions of the following act are to be carried out in full, with accordance to their limits and legitimacy.



It shall be illegal for any press source to print or publish false, malicious, or scandalous statements directed against the Stilistran government, the Consulate, or the Senate; to foster opposition to the lawful acts of the Senate; or to aid a foreign power in plotting against Stilistra.


All media sources may be reviewed by the Department of Truth for the purpose of ensuring accuracy in publishing.


The penalties for violating this act shall be a minimum of five years in prison and/or a minimum fine of 15,000 BankNotes.



This Act hass been drafted, resolved and approved by the Senate for the betterment of Stilistra and her allies.


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Expartiation Act


In order to preserve economic growth, social goodness and national strength, the resolutions of the following act are to be carried out in full, with accordance to their limits and legitimacy.


These actions, if performed by naturalized citizens only or by dual nationals only, will result in the deprivation of citizenship.

Becoming a naturalized citizen of another country.

Declaring allegiance to a foreign state or to any of its political subdivisions.

Becoming a member of the army of a foreign state without the prior authorization of the Stilistran Secretary of State and Secretary of Defense.

Being employed by a foreign government in positions for which a declaration of allegiance is required or by persons who by accepting such employment acquire citizenship in the foreign government even though no formal declaration of allegiance is made.

Voting in a political election of a foreign state.

Formally renouncing citizenship in a foreign country before a foreign service officer.

Renouncing citizenship in Stilistra during a state of war upon the express approval of the Attorney General.

Deserting the armed forces in time of war upon conviction by a court-martial and dismissal or dishonorable discharge from the service.

Committing or attempting acts of treason, sedition, armed overthrow, or war against Stilistra, upon conviction by a court.

Departing or remaining outside Stilistra in time of war or national emergency in order to avoid military service.


This Act hass been drafted, resolved and approved by the Senate for the betterment of Stilistra and her allies.


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Andrea deVries sat at her desk, reviewing a number of documents that had been demanding her attention for the past few hours. ?Hmm, so the CRC wants to increase minimum wage? no that wouldn?t do,? she though to herself, mumbling slightly as she read various memos. ?Maybe I should lean on Vorena. She?s quite the orator and -?


The Executors train of throught was broken as the intercom on her desk began beeping, alerting her of an incoming message.


?Blasted thing always scares the hell out of me,? Andrea muttered sourly as she pressed the receive button. ?Yes?? she asked, sounding more irate than originally intended.


The familiar voice of her secretary spilled from the speaker. ?Minister Vander is here to see you, Madame Executor. She says it is quite urgent.?


Andrea was puzzled for a moment; she had spoken to Melissa earlier in the day and everything seemed to have been fine. ?Alright, send her in Lysa.?


With a loud click, the lock on the twin doors to the Executor?s chambers disengaged and the they began to swing silently inward. The Foreign Minister quickly hurried herself in, clearly frazzled from the look on her face.


?Who is destroying the very fabric of the region now, Melissa?? asked the Executor, trying to lighten her minister?s mood.


Melissa smiled, despite herself. ?I am afraid it appears to be Stillistra. The Ministry has been monitoring the news coming out of there lately and it is quite troubling.? Vander stopped before the Executor?s titanic desk. It made the woman sitting behind it appear tiny, the grand panorama of Orthen?s skyline directly behind her did not help the matter. She set a number of files down in front of Andrea, who promptly began to flip through them.


A scowl quickly destroyed the smirk on Andrea deVrie?s face. ?This Cass character, he was not elected??


Melissa had made herself comfortable in one of the chairs facing the desk. She answered in a grave tone: ?It appears not, Andrea, but read on. It gets worse.?


A look of disgust crossed the Executor?s face. ?Sedition Act? Syndication Act? Enable? By the twin goddesses, has Stillistra gone mad? Their people have democracy on the guillotine! No good will come of this!?


Melissa Vander wore a sympathetic expression as she spoke: ?I know. It is deeply troubling. But, what are we to do??


?Oh, ho ho, this last one is rich too,? scoffed deVries incredulously. ?I do not think we have many options without making a diplomatic blunder. Clearly this will lead to a dark end, however. Hmm?? The Executor leaned back in her chair, running a hand through her hair as she thought. ?Issue a response to Stillistra and make some of our concerns respectfully known. Miiros is the biggest economic power in the Orient and perhaps even Europa, although I am sure others would contest that fact. If they have sense, they will take out concerns into consideration.?


?And if not??


?Then I fear for the Stillistran peoples and the future of North-Central Europa.?

To: Stillistra

From: Miiros, Foreign Ministry


The people of the Free City are somewhat concerned over the recent legislative actions taken by the Sillistran government and the undemocratic appointment of President Cass. As a nation that treasures the ideals of liberty, we are very alarmed at the restrictions placed upon the freedom of press and the dubious Enabling Act, along with the Syndication Act.


We realize that the workings of the sovereign government of Stillistra are not to be decided by the Free City, but we have legitimate worries that such acts may be abused by those in power should a lesser administration come into being years after the honorable President Cass leaves office. We are concerned with the liberty of all peoples, not just Miirosi.


Foreign Minister Vander, Miiros

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To: The Free City of Miiros

From: The Syndicate Federation of Stilistra


"Minister Vander,


I'm afraid you are mistaken, ma'am, as my appointment was indeed legally legitimate and fair. Once former President Jackson had resigned, he appointed me his successor as Mr. Calhoun could not be found for the opporunity. The Senate has approved of my new position, as have the very citizens you fear for.


I can say that our liberties are not at risk whilst in my lap. I shall devote every bit of my heart and mind toward their sanctity and validation. These Acts for which you raise your concerns are meant to do just that. It is not limiting what the press may say, it is preventing it from lying! Just as the Enabling act will speed our government's responses to emergencies. While the Syndication Act will mold the economy toward the people's will, rather than the will of the rich.


These principal Acts, as well as many others have been approved by the Senate, which has been elected by the people to represent their concerns in the course of government. Yes, our liberties are preserved for this generation, and those to come!


First Consulate, Lewis Cass"


Cass leaned back in his chair. "This ought to calm them." he thought to himself. He pressed a button on his intercom. "Yes sir?" said the voice on the other side. "James, please come and collect this communique I have, it goes to the goodly people of Miiros."


"Right away."

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user posted image


Here the first national rally is shown being held in Mansfield. Cass gave a speech aimed at inspiring the youth of Stilistra to undertake a greater role in their nation. Over 100,000 citizens from across the nation arrived to show their support for the new Federation. Cass' speech was broken many times by immense cheers from the people...

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"Oh my god." High Executor Drask set the newspaper down and sighed. "Just like Damak Var about a decade ago. Next thing you know, secret detention centers and a bloody Inquisition arresting babies."


"They'll learn, or maybe it will work. Such unity and control will keep the people in line. Order and security." His foreign minister stated.


"What was the Council's decision?"


"Ten to three, they will not denounce them. The Council wants to improve relations with Stilistra. The Council wants Damak Var to have a friend in that region their in."


"I agree but you have to have a lot of sympathy for those people. Empathy actually, we've all experienced Emperor Imbel and his fascism. Order and security no doubt, but is it worth one's freedom? We just keep doing business, that's it."

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To: Damak Var

From: The Syndicate Federation of Stilistra




The Federation would like to invite your heads of state to a convention to discuss furthering the friendship between our nations. Stilistra has much to offer, and I'm sure Damak Var could find a great deal of business within our borders.


I will patiently await your reply,"


Consulate Lewis Cass

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The Executor peered down at the communiqu? with disgust. ?Lies,? she said icily, as the paper slipped from her hand and glided unceremoniously to the floor. ?They must think we Miirosi to be na?ve imbeciles. I see the game they play quite clearly, Melissa! I am no fool!?


The foreign minister coughed uncomfortably. She hated when the Executor got into one of her moods. She began reluctantly: ?So, what would you have this ministry do, Andrea? Would you like to issue another message taking a harder line??


?No, that would be calling Cass a liar. We cannot afford to do such a thing at this stage,? replied deVries. She turned in her chair and pushed against the armrests, lifting her to her feet. The leader of the Free City slowly meandered around the desk and gazed into one of salt fish tanks set into the marble walls, thinking.


Melissa Vander sat waiting for a response of some sort, but failing to get one she spoke up again. ?Perhaps it would be best to wait then??


The Executor turned and stared at her foreign minister, running a hand through her hair as she still strained to justify taking an immediate hard line. ?Yes, I suppose that is all we can do at present. Still, Cass will slip up and I want to know as soon as it happens. We must observe the situation very carefully. This whole thing has the possibility to explode.? Andrea went over the Melissa?s chair and extended a hand, which Melissa took. After helping her up, Executor deVries began to guide her towards the doorway, speaking all the while: ?Send another message to Cass assuring him that we do not doubt his ?noble? intentions. In fact, tell him we wish to establish an embassy in his quaint little capital, so that our two nations can become? closer.?


The two stopped at the doorway briefly as Melissa answered: ?Of course, Madame Executor. An embassy sounds like it would work wonderfully in this situation. I?ll set things in motion from my end. Is that all??


?Yes, Melissa, that is,? replied deVries. The two exchanged their goodbyes and the Executor returned to her desk, while the foreign minister returned to her own office. Andrea rocked back in her chair a moment before leaning forward and picking up her phone. She pressed a button marked ?A.?


?Hello Crassus. I want you to prepare a special team of ?diplomats.? ? Yes, I hope to have a new embassy established soon and we?ll need their talents. ? I?ll keep you updated.?


To: The Syndicate Federation of Stilistra

From: The Free City of Miiros, Foreign Ministry


We are relieved to hear that you have only noble intentions, Consulate Cass. It pleased the Executor greatly to know that the best interests of your people are being represented. In fact, I have been instructed to request an exchange of embassies between our two great nations in the hopes that a greater bond can be forged between the Free City and the Syndicate Federation. We look forward to your response.


Foreign Minister Vander, Miiros

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Cass chuckled lightly after reading the Miirosi reply. "Do they take us for idiots?" He asked his Secretary of Foreign Affairs. "They state their 'concerns', and after one brief answer they are 'relieved'. This 'embassy' will be a house of spies if it is done. I won't allow it."


"Perhaps, sir, we can use their 'intentions' to our better." Foreign Secretary Engles offered.


"How so?"


"I think that if they were willing to allow a Stilistran embassy on their soil only a few days after being so concerned, they must certainly be willing to open profitable trade. Miiros has much to offer us, this is a good opportunity to establish a small leap in our technologic station. Computers for money or raw materials?" Engles explained.


"A wonderful idea, Mr. Secretary. I can see I made a good choice in promoting you to your current station." Cass pressed a button on his intercom "James, come in here please, I have a message I'd like to send to someone..."


To: The Free City of Miiros

From: The Syndicate Federation of Stilistra



I am glad to hear my words could soothe your minds. But I am afraid I cannot accept your offer of an embassy at this time. Undisclosable issues within our capitol make it impossible for me to accept this offer with a clean conscience.


However, your humble request has made me think that now is an opportune time to offer a trade initiative. I believe that it could have the same bonding qualities as an embassy, which you honestly desire.


Stilistra has a vast wealth of natural resources and we are quite willing to trade them with an honorable friend. In return, Stilistra does need a better information technology standard. I hope we can create a deal and forge a better bond for it.


Consulate Cass



"If they refuse, what will you have the Foreign Office do?" Asked Engles.


"If they do refuse I want you to send them a communique' telling them just how it grieves us that their hearts are decietful and their pens lie. There isn't much we can do against Miiros at this time. All we can do is let them know that we're playing the same game." Cass replied, then smiled at himself and his devious game of cat and mouse.


Engles nodded his head, almost bowing to Cass and left his office. Pinely little borwn-noser. Cass thought to himself, but he is a clever little animal.

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Stilistran Border Closed, Baronic Council Condemns Coup D'Etat


After some days of watching events unfold in Stilistra the Baronic Council issued it first statement on the coup d'etat that saw the country's legally elected government overthrown by military junta led by the former Minister of War, Mr. Cass.


Calling the president Johnson's resignation an "obvious farce enacted under duress," and condemning the coup as "illegal act that threatens the stability of Europa", the First Minister of the Baronic Council, the Baron T'Nith, stated that Sublime Principate had not intention of recognising the regime and would cut all ties with the country until the former government had been re-instated and the leaders of the coup brought to trial.


The severing of relations will, the Baron countinued, include the closure of the Sublime Principate's border with the People's Republic and the establishment of a complete trade and travel embargo.


Is now also a criminal offence under Akiiryan Law to trade with Stilistra, or any of its citizens. Any Akiiryan citizen found guilty of this crime will face a minimum fine of Ler10,000 and a maximum prison sentence of 10 years. It is also illegal for any Akiiryan-owned or based business to trade with Stilistra or any of its citizens. If found guilty, it faces a minimum fine of Ler100,000. The owner(s) also face a minimum fine of Ler20,000 and a maximum prison fine of 10 years.


Furthermore, Stilistran citizens will not be premitted to enter the Sublime Principate and the few Akiiryan citizens still in the People's Republic have been advised to leave the country immediately. All Stilistran citizens currently in Akiiryu have been given 72 hours to leave the country, after which time they will be detained until the Baronic Council can organise transportation to the People's Republic via a third country. Exceptions to this explusion order will be made for Stilistran citizens claiming refugee status. Such individuals will be offered asylum in the Sublime Principate until such time the legitimate government of Stilistra is restored.


Royal Akiiryan Border Security Force (RABSF) and Royal Akiiryan Mounted Police units that already patrol border would be aided in enforcing the border closure by an undisclosed, but significiant, number of units from the Royal Akiiryan Army (RAA) and the Royal Akiiryan Air Corps (RAAC).


Placing further pressure on the junta, the Baronic Council further announced that all Stilistran owned property in Akiiryu is to be seized and held until such time the Prince and Baronic Council believe that Stilistra is no longer a threat to the peace and stability of Europa.





***Spoke Message Delivered by the Akiiryan Ambassador***

To: The Free City of Miiros

From: The Sublime Principate of Akiiryu


Honoured Executor,


Our diplomatic staff in your fair country indicate that your government is currently in negiotations with the Stilistran military junta over the possibility of exchanging diplomatic missions and the development of trade relations. The Prince, Baronic Council and people of Akiiryu are sadden to hear this news. The Baronic Council believes that if the Free City commits such an act it would not only provide the usurper Cass and his illegal government a level of legitimacy, but also may seriously injure the well-developed and lucrative trade that exists between our two countries.


The Baronic Council would like to conduct further discussions on this matter. In the mean time the Baronic Council hopes you will see fit to forestall developing any relations with a regime that is not only illegal, but also threatens the stability of Europa.

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Cass opened the door to the Red Room of th Capitol Building. This was the first time he had been in the room and the vividness of the stained redwood walls stunned him as he came through. He pulled out the black leather chair at the head of a large, oval granite table in the middle of the room.


"What's happened? What could be so urgent?" Cass inquired.


The Foreign Secretary answred quickly, cutting off any chance any of the other Secretaries had to speak to Cass, "Sir, Akiiryu has embargoed Stilistran trade and is ousting Stilistran natives from their territory. They've made it a criminal offense to deal with us and has begun moving military forces toward the border for 'security' reasons."


"Took them long enough." Cass said bitterly. He held his chin with his left hand and adopted a look of deep thought over his face. "They've condemned us, are they mobilising?"


"No sir, not at this time." The new Secretary of war replied.


"Good, how much of our trade was based in Akkiryu?"


The Economic Advisor of Cass' cabinet chimed in, "Not much, we can survive that. However they will not be allowing trade to go down the West River anymore. That is a significant issue."


Cass nodded, "Our friends in Arog'nt (Ooc: Area 28); I want you to contact them, Mr. Engles, coerce them into allowing us use of their river ports. Do the same with every nation along that river. Get our trading vessels down that river and to the sea. That is the imparative!"


"What shall we do about Akiiryu, sir?" asked the Secretary of War.


"Nothing directly, we will issue no statements or communique'. Instead, we will sieze their property, deport their citizens, and stop all trade as well. Break all ties. Keep building the military, but do not mobilize." Cass turned to face his Director of the Inteligence Agencies, "I want you to get ahold of a Ler slate, somehow. When you get one, start printing unauthorized Ler. Millions of those notes, release them fresh off the press to international banks. Hopefully, we can cause an inflationary curve in Akkiryu and they will focus on themselves, not us. Which reminds me, Stilistran banks will no longer exchange for Ler. This money project is to be top secret, see to it. Anyone else have something to offer? Alright then, that's our plan, make it happen folks."

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*encoded message/

To: The Dominion of Arog'nt

From: The Syndicate Federation of Stilistra


Honoured friends,


As you may well know, the barbaric despot of Akiiryu has decided to block Stilistran trade in a vain attempt to kill our new society in the birth canal. They should know that our people are stern, and will not cowar in the face of arrogance!


However, tade down the West River has been stalled, and the Federation needs a new route by which to send these shipments. I ask you as a friend, and an honest citizen of this region to allow our Syndicates to ship through your precious territory, and export via your river ports. We are of course, willing to offer something in return.


Consulate Cass


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To: The Syndicate Federation of Stilistra

From: The Dominon of Arog'nt


My ally,


I have urged the Arognese Congress to debate upon your proposal. They have agreed with me that we should allow your business to pass through. They have asserted that your Syndicates must pay the same excise tax that our local businesses must pay. We would also like to create a free-trade agreement, as well as an ambassadorial exchange as a mutual gesture of our friendship.


The Congress has also mandated that I am to ask you another favor. We have enemies nearby, and believe that accpeting your offer may make Akiiryu join their ranks. They ask that we have a defense agrgeement with you: should either of us be assulted, the other should come to their aid. I am sure you will find these requests reasonable.


High Chancellor Gerald De'gaull

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Philidelphia Celebrates


The streets of Philidelphia are full this weekend as the Capitol city puts on one of the largest state honored parades in years. This sunday is the one month anniversary since the new beginning began with Consulate Cass' taking office after former-President Jackson resigned suddenly.


Millions of people stand along the sidewalks of the 13 mile-long parade route, cheering and waving as firemen toss handfuls of candy to children while the marching bands from local colleges play the national anthem. More than 1,000 floats and displays have been lined up in the parade, honoring everyone from the police and military to the factory laborer and farm worker.


Consulate Cass himself has come out to admire the wonderful efforts of the citizenry, saying that "This is a historic moment for Stilistra. The very fabric of society is being rewoven, and it will encompass every Stilistran. We will not leave a single one behind. We have but one direction now, and that is forward..."


user posted image

Several units of Army Soldiers march to the sound of drummers while thousands cheer them on.


user posted image

Many new military vehicles were presented to the populace. A convincing sign that Stilistra is moving into the modern era.


user posted image

An Officers Corps marches to the sound of the National Anthem.


user posted image

More new-fangled tanks are presented.


user posted image

Many Government officials were in the parade.


user posted image

Here, many dancers are walking along as they take a short break from their rountines.

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To: Stilistra

From: Damak Var


We shall send Consul Charles Gellin of Byazcium to this convention




Charles and his entourage climbed down the steps of his jet plane. That feeling of change swept over his senses. Occuring during the first time you feel a breeze in an unfamiliar place. It wasn't something he could really describe, but he always got it when visiting a new country. It made him uncomfortable but business and the fatherland dictated he undertake this endeavor.


"Well, atleast its nice to have a change of weather." He said while they walked towards the limousines that Stilistra had provided for them. Foreign officials always got the best of accomodations, something Charles always had to look forward to.


OOC: You can just guide the limos yourself to where you want to have convention and then begin.



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The chauffeur opened the door to the limousine for the Varian Consul as he approached. As Gellin sat down the Foreign Secretary of Stilistra extended his hand, "I'm Fredrick Engles, Foreign Minister. Nice to meet you Mr. Gellin." "Pleasure." Gellin said as they shook hands.


The Limo sped off through the west gate of the airport and was met with a police escort. Their sirens would clear the path as the Secretary and Consul headed toward the Capitol. The driver made no stops at any of the scattered security checkpoints, the striped flags attached to the antenna were signs to the guards that this vehicle had immediate clearance.


Four minutes and seven-teen seconds passed before the limo arrived back at the Capitol. Traffic was much less of a stress-inducer when there was no traffic. Another chauffeur opened the door for the two diplomats, and they headed inside.


"Up the stairs to your left, sir." Engles instructed. Around a corner and down an austerely decorated hallway Engles opened a large wooden door. Inside the Consulate was already sitting at the head of the granite table of the Red Room. Engels pulled out a seat for Gellin, then took a seat for himself.


"I'm glad you've made it here in one piece..." Cass began.

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