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Instead of taking 28, all I'm going to do is assassinate the Chancellor and have Cass take over. Cass will ignore 28 and their new chancellor will stay quiet cos he was involved in the dirty work. Stilistra will get a free-trade dealio in 28 and pretty much take over their economy with mass-produced goods.


A while after that, we'll have a splendid little war to my east.



Plots 29, 30, 32, 33, and 48 are in a federation together. Like the Holy Roman Empire... only not. They are allied and have a sindle currency, but are otherwise independant. Together their military equals Stilistra's.


Conflict occurs when this federation starts talking about unifying themselves. A territorily challenged Stilistra will be fearfully against this idea as it's a serious form of competition, "If they federate themselves, we will be a landlocked island forever...certain extinction will follow." Cass will give the military a blank check to build itself into a greater power than the federation can muster.


A diplomat would be sent by Cass to this federation to negociate somekind of deals. Diplomat would be assassinated by a crazed Fed nat'list. As a result, Cass would nationalize all of their properties in Stilistra. In retailiation, the Feds will block all Stilistran trade down that river, which is coming from the economic dominance in 28.


Cass will call a meeting in which he issues an ultimatum to the individual states, rather than the Federation. Some accept, some don't. When some don't, Cass issues a war to break the embargo along the river. Declaring war causes the rest to declare war, thus an expansion...


Note; 28 is not going to be part of Stilistra, just a captive market.


Anyway, I think this without the war might be a good RP. Whaddyu think?

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I'll be cutting my 'extended leave' from here short, since things have slown down here in Jingoland.


M-S would respond, but I'm not sure how at this point, because the outcome of the war in Adaptus has not yet come to a close, meaning that a lot of resources are heading thataway. And, since folks tend to frown on some of my covert missions (I'm done with the aircraft thing, as far as that is concerned), I'll have to actually send irregular fighters to fight in a conventional manner, maybe.


Although I HAVE since been upgrading my military with the introduction of an armor class and better infantry support equipment, as well as improving the artillery sources...still no significant air force though, still just helis...which will be expanding as well.


Anyway, given that those plots are fairly close by, any significant ongoings would draw this confederacy's attention.

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Yeah, where is that?


The first war was kinda of a mishap-- Me being new and mislead by my own ideas, it just didn't work. I doubt the effects of the war can just be eliminated, can it?


I have almost have the requirements for the 1st extra plot, and I hope this goes on long enough that, by the end of it, I can have the second.


**wanders away looking for war guidlines**

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I wouldn't go for a second plot unless you are close to the requirements. You shouldn't go on the fact that you might be there by the end of it, especially since you are only close to the first one (which I think is okay). If you are, then ask for it. In the past, people have gone on expansionary wars that have gone on for a long time, but have only included one new plot in it, being the whole point of the war in the first place. Besides, going for two plots requires a much greater amount of resources.

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That will still be difficult. Regardless of whether you claim them or not, invading multiple territories will involve a massive amount of military might. Otherwise, I would think your invasion force spread out and ineffective.


Of course, you could go one after the other, and that would work better. I just think going all at once is logistically difficult.

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Mod Comment: Stilistra, this has the potential to be an interesting rp. However, and this is a big however, you need to satrting working/consulting with other players. If you continue to follow the path your are currently on, fewer and fewer people will rp with you, and you'll find yourself increasing in conflict with the mods.
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I hear you. I'm not planning on invading every one of the forementioned plots. I think I'll just try to stay on the west of the river. Remember that they are not a single nation; I can take them out one by one until a treaty on Stilistran terms is plausible.


I see that MS is interested and so is BJE. Anyone else? Meanwhile, I've created a post in Europa Today, which makes Cass my new leader...

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alright, im in, but if i get suv begins hostilities against me on my rp then I need my forces elsewhere.


this is off topic, but you've been playing too much hitman have you? well hitman never had an injector pen, i read what you did to cass. He should have been either strangled with fiber wire, injected with a poison syringe, or shot in the head with a silenced silverballer.

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The blockade is what Cass would request. With the build-up he's planning I doubt that PMC's would be requested. Maybe (it's a considerable maybe) we might buy their services to maintain order in the occupied areas as the military moves on with it's campaign.


The oil? It's an idea. If that were brought up in Ic there would have to be a time limit on that, we'd wanna nationalise them in a few decades or so.

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Now seems like the right time to post about the ASE and relevant things.


Allied States of the East: An alliance between plots 29, 31, 32, and 48. Linked together by similar languages and cultures, they formed an organization just over a decade ago. Free-trade and mutual defense pacts are among the many aspects of the alliance.


Republic of Isparta (Plot 29): Notably split in half by the River Arcachon. Most of Isparta's industries lie to the east of the river, where a majority of thier industrial rsources are located. To the west of the river is a landscape of rolling hills and light forests. The land there is mostly farmland, but there are several major cities, including the capitol.


Dominion of Canirik (Plot 31): Canirik is mostly an agrarian society. The most important and largest city is the Capitol, which lies nearly in the center of the country. Canirik is nicknamed the 'breadbasket' of the ASE because it provides almost 3/4 of it's grain and meat. It is the least populous and as a result, has no modern industries.


Parlimentary Republic of Edrine (Plot 48): Clearly the most industrialized and populous of the ASE. Most of it's resources come from Isparta to be processed and turned into useful products; also, most of Edrine's food supplies come from Canirik. It's government is heavily choked by bureaucracy, and simple decisions can sometimes take weeks to be enacted. It has the largest standing army of the ASE, although not the most modern one.


The Democratic Republic of Kerena (Plot 32): Wealthiest of the ASE, due to it's access to the Sevrun Sea. Most exports and imports to the ASE travel through Kerena. It has the second largest population in the ASE. Kerena has mostly low-lying coastland which evolves into tumbling hills and light forests, most of which are conserved.


The Dominion of Arog'nt (Plot 28): Stilistra's corridor to the Sevrun Sea. Arog'nt is a weak farming nation of only 16 million people. It's government is highly centralized in it's only major city. Arog'nt has a mutual defense pact, free-trade pacts with Stilistra and an agreement to allow Stilistran trade access to the Arcachon.

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