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An invite to Meteorola


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As a new member of Europa, Meteorola would like to invite you to our isles. This invitation is open to all members of Europa, regardless of political affiliations and government types. Also no country will be treated any diffrently.


All delegations will be given the opertunity to explore our tiny nation, as well as a reception held in the World Weather Building. Unless there are major objections we will bring all delegates to on of the three active volcanoes. Also a tour of the capital city of The Eye of the Storm and Vorti City will be availible. Plenty of time will be allowed for an exploration of the culture of the Weathered Isles.


Our hopes for this meeting are two fold. First to begin forming relations with other members of Europa, and secondly to begin understanding how relations among your countries are.


As a new member of Europa, we would ask all countries to leave preconcived notions about the Alliance, and its various States on the wind.


"Be ready, weather or not"

Hurricane Eric

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The Tribal Tribunal of the Socialist Tribal Alliance of Mongol-Swedes has announced that it will be sending its honourary tribal champion Marcus Lobonsky(who will be taking time off from football practice and will be replaced by backup goalkeeper Gregory Tinsk if necessary) to meet with representatives of the Meteorolian government to establish formal relations. The Tribunal also invites the nation of Meteorola to join the Medicinal Marijuana Research and Trade Alliance

(MMRTA General Board).

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Orioni decides to send Toren, the brother of our Empress, accompanied by a small group of statesmen and -women. They will leave when the necesary paperwork has been collected and will be arriving in The Eye of the Etorm by jet plane. We count on it that there will be someone from Meteorla to pick them up.


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