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well it seems like every 6 months or so i rear up again to poke my ugly little face into things, and here i am again! Yoo Hoo!


I know i know, i abandoned you all again last time, and i am very very sorry for all that sad.gif the simple matter is, i had a year where alot of other things happened, i left school, i took a Gap Year, got somewhat distracted by another onlne game, which i have now come to realise is completely shi..rubbish, Started University, got a girlfriend... its been a long year!


anyway, the long and short of it, i am here again, to try and get back into something i usd to enjoy so much! I hope you will have me, and i am cery pleased to see that i am still number 7 on the highest posters ever wink.gif good to see my legacy lives on still (a)


Still, im glad to see a couple of names i recognise still hanging about smile.gif i hope there are a few mor i just havnt noticed yet, but anyway, time for me to go explore a little!


see you all later! (and yes, you can expect to see alot more pies coming back soon wink.gif )

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Heya Tag tongue.gif and nah, not much exiting on gap year, other than getting a job and working for 10 months, not bad earning 9 grand just before Uni tho!


I'm at Kings College London at the moment, studying Biochemistry BSc, and enjoying it greatly! biggrin.gif well, kinda, its gtting hard now unsure.gif hope Reading is good for you tongue.gif i got a friend there at the moment actually, doing English and French i think.


Still, good to see you still here, glad people are still hanging on! Is Orioni still around? good to speak to all the old Dogs again tongue.gif

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Reading is damned good, I have to say. Not as nice as Bristol, but hey...


I met someone going to KCL, met them at Silchester Field School, not a bad place I've heard. Biochemistry sounds rather too much for me to comprehend, though, I have to say. I got a D in Biology at AS and I quit Chemistry in the first few weeks of college. Too God-damned hard, I have to say. Way too much maths involved, not enough blowing stuff up tongue.gif


I've chatted to O a few times via MSN, been incredibly busy after leaving University and getting a job, moving at etc, so we've not actually seen the bugger for a good long time now, since September I think, sadly. Van's popped back, as did Sevrun last week. Good to see people still alive and kicking, you know?


Just to recycle Aki's joke:



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lol, well Bio and Chem is always something ive got along with without even having to try really! as for what your doing, Archeology... faaar too much writing involved for my liking! lol


well, good to see I'm not the only one trying to keep my toe in the water smile.gif i still have to check out the RP section again really, so much to read through to get a hold on whas going on i'm sure! lol, ah well, shouldnt expect much less tongue.gif



Yap Yap

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