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I know I do not rp that much anymore, but I don't even rp in my main forum. But would you like to rp your country or any other country with the technology during the era of the second world war? (no nuclear weapons). You can be any ideology or create your own. If you are interested, please check the map out and pick a spot. You will see that the current three countries are big, this is was done during the time that the forum was flourishing, what we need now is more people. The map will be later update with Russia and the rest of Asia, and later on with the Americas. I am currently Prussia.


Please if you are interested go to http://nseurope1943.s2.bizhat.com/ and register, we don't care if your NS account stays in Europa, as long as we can find it. Please tell more people about the forum.



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Well, they used to be there. They were getting a bit out of hand, both icc and ooc, and administration, which supported neither side told them both to stop, but Solara's behavior were so strong that admin blocked him. As for TCN, he just decide it to stop rping.


TCN hold what is RL UK, while Solara hold RL Algeria, and has they tried their best to kill each other out both icc and occ, the admin; which are the most powerful and moderate people in the forum both icc and ooc, join in an alliance and promise not to side with any of them. Of course, each admin wanted an empire icc, and some of them (me, been one of the admins that join the Entente and promise not to join any of them) want it some of their held land. We actually never side with neither of them, but when war did break between them and Solara's behavior was at maximum, we stopped the war and told them to stop doing that. Of course, Solara continued and he was banned due to his behaviors.


But has of now, only a hand full of people rp, some have their own reasons why not to rp, been life taking time or just because they got bored. But me and Talemantros (two of the the three former admins) want the forum to flourish and really not see it die.


Again, Solara is banned and TCN stopped rping, so if that was a major problem for any of you, they are not there anymore.

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