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***Metropolitan Times***


"...The silent protest entered it's third day today. People from all over the nation have come to the capital urging government leaders to take action on the issue of population density. President Jackson has been silent on the issue, but has most definately taken notice of the 75,000 people sationed along Main St. in Phildelphia..."




Thirteen men were grouped around table, maps of the region strewn about, lit from underneath by built-in flourescent lights. Jackson in his old Army uniform, decorated with medals and campaign ribbons. Calhoun stood to his left in a high-end suit and across from him was Mr. Cass, Secretary of War.


"Can it be done?" Asked Jackson.


"Absolutely." replied Cass.


"How long? What would it take?"


"It will need two-hundred thousand in the army and to support it. We may need to exand the armoured corps as well. Give us a billion and I'll make it happen in two months once hostilites begin."


Jackson cringed when Cass spoke the word 'hostilities'. He didn't like the idea of taking land by force, Jackson saw himself as being above that. But they had already declined his offer to take them in as a protectorate and most definately wouldn't accept annexation, but Stilistra couldn't just sit in it's small territory forever. The people were groaning, and he hated the sound of that more than he hated gunfire. It had to be done.


"Verywell, I will sign an executive order. Build the Army, Mr. Cass." He turned to face the director of the Intelligence Agency. "I understand you have agents in their government. Delay their response to our build-up. I don't want them to have a chance."

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*To: Sublime Pricipate of Akirryu

From: The People's Republic of Stilistra

Re: Non-Agression Pact




In hope of preventing unnecessary violence, I would like to exend an offer of a mutual non-agression agreement. It would be most unfortunate if a misunderstanding could lead to the loss of many thousands. I hope that you might accept my offer, and assure both of our parties that no shots will be fired.


Lewis Cass

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To: The People's Republic of Stilistra

From: The Sublime Principate of Akiiryu


The Prince, Baronic Council and People of Akiiryu see no reason for such a treaty at this time. The Baronic Council also wonders what action on the part of Stilistra could lead to a "misunderstanding" between out two states.

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Vice-Chancellor Commenus ran his hand through his short hair and looked at the mosaic floor in front of him. It was a famous example of the art, although little seen by the public, dating back to the founding of the Greater Holy Empire. It depicted the entirety of the region and was updated regularly so that it displayed the geo-political happenings in Europa. Previous occupants of the Imperial Throne had tended to leave it untouched, but Commodus III ordered that it exactly reflect the region. A proper map would have been much more serviceable, but, Commenus suspected, the Holy Emperor liked to keep up old practices. It was said that the first Holy Emperor had also updated it similarly, in order for him to survey the boundaries of his lands and the world itself.


?So, Philip, what do you think?? asked Tagmatine monarch, currently sat behind the Imperial Desk. He was referring to apparent expansionist tendencies of the Silistran government.


?Well, sir, I really don?t see how it can effect us,? replied the Vice-Chancellor after studying the map. ?Akiiryu will, of course, keep a close eye on them and I think we can be satisfied with that. The Sublime Principate will act rationally.?


The Holy Emperor nodded. ?Exactly what I thought. I don?t think anyone else will become involved in this affair, even if Silistra decides to seize control of the land militarily. The threat of Akiiryu geared up for war would be too great for any other regional power to meddle in this sort of thing.?


?Ide Jima is getting rather? restless recently, sir. They could try something ill advised. They?ve been unpredictable since Tinian and I don?t think the Baronic Council is very happy with them, especially since they have been acting without consulting them.?


Commodus nodded again. ?Indeed, Philip. I realise that, but I?m going to keep us out of this one. We can count on our Akiiryan friends to do what is best, but of course we?ll keep an eye on it. I?ve instructed the TIN to put some more men on the ground in that area and I think that is all we should do for now.?

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To: The Sublime Principate of Akiiryu

From: The People's Republic of Silistra


"Given our close proximity with eachother, it unnerves me with how erretic some armed men can become. My intent was to garuntee that we should ask questions before spilling eachother's blood."


Lewis Cass

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Slightly over 100 men and women stammered into the meeting room of the Adamson Building in the downtown area of Philidelphia. Walled in a dark redwood and terraced so that each row could see over the one in front, Cass stood in the middle of the room. Once they had seated themselves Cass began,



"Ladies and Gentlemen, you have been asked here because you are the best at what you do. Drawn from various levels of city, county and state governments, you are the best. I would like to remind you all that you've signed non-disclosure contracts with the federal government. What you hear in this room, will stay in this room until I tell you it may leave. You know the penalties of purgery.


I have asked you here because our nation is about to take on an audorous task. A new frontier is to be established, and governance for the interim between it and our sovreign borders is still an issue. I've called each of you here to listen to my plea, and I urge you to consider it deeply. Governors are necessary for the seven states we plan to create, Mayors are necessary to manage the cities individually, and many other bureaucrats are being asked to undertake the civilizing and settling of our planned aquisition. You, each and every one, can be part of a great part of our history. Or you can stand idly by and watch it unfold around you. Consider the option, I ask you, we will wait for your decision. I thank you for your time and attention. There is a lunch buffet, please help yourselves, and return here at one PM."

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To: The People's Republic of Stilistra

From: The Sublime Principate of Akiiryu


The men and women of the Akiiryan Forces are highly disciplined and not prone to being erratic.


Ranaotha Yatocicu,

Junior Aide to the Baron T'Nith,

1st Minister,

Akiiryan Baronic Council

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***Heavily Encoded***

To: the Sublime Principate of Akiiryu

From: the Greater Holy Empire of Tagmatium

Re: Stilistra?s movements


Honoured friends,


I?ve recently become concerned over the activities of a southern neighbour of your?s, namely Stilistra. Whilst I do entirely trust the Sublime Principate in its actions and movements concerning this, I feel it would be entirely beneficial to both parties were we to undertake a joint mission to covertly watch their movements in the areas they wish to expand into.


This will allow us to get up-to-date intelligence on the matter, as well as allowing our intelligence agencies to get to work together, as I think that this will definitely help our current activities in Adaptus and further abroad in the region.


I shall keenly await your reply,


Commodus James,


Holy Emperor of



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*********Heavily Encoded, Delivered by Akiiryan Ambassador************


To: the Greater Holy Empire of Tagmatium

From: the Sublime Principate of Akiiryu

Re: Stilistra?s movements




I welcome this suggestion, and agree wholeheartedly. I would suggest that we convene a joint taskforce immediately in Nimarci.


May your bow strings remain tight and your arrows always find their mark.



Prince of the Akiiryans


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One hundred thousand people cheered as Jackson closed his speech, announcing a declaration of war. Their voices gave him the impression it would be well accepted, but he couldn't help but feel that the overcast skies were an omen. The clouds were dark, allowing only a few rays of sunshine through to the mountains in the distance, and the cool breeze created ripples in the silver and red banners which hung from the top of the capitol building.


The masses began singing the state's anthem. It was a beautiful sound to behold. Thousands, together and celebrating death to come. Jackson shivered to think his people could be so jingoistic, but he satisfied himself in thinking they were celebrating the relief to come. Now he had no chioce, the only way to go was north. He turned his head to meet the impassionate eyes of Mr. Cass, Jackson nodded and returned to entertain the crowd with his hand jestures.


Cass headed inside. Going upstairs, he entered his office and picked up the only red phone on his desk. "This is Cass" he began, "the wild cards are in the hand. Commence operations immediately." "Yes sir" Came the reply. Cass hung the phone back on it's receiver and admired the painting on the wall. Some old general from days gone by. Whoever this old man was, his deeds were sure to be overshadowed by the coming fury...

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The gunboat reched the old wooden dock along the mouth of the river on the south side of Deltannia. The other two were expected to be close behind. The commander told them to shore them while he went to the research center.


"How'd we do this time?"


"Crews have been working and concentrating it seems. We've optimized some performance with the new equipment by over 31%. Those new engines will help greatly as well."


"Sir, I want to know when we can start some target practice. All of my men have experience in only handheld weapons, and a few platformed ones, but nothing like a cannon."


"The one cannon onboard the riverboat isn't expected to be used much, the riverboats weren't designed for that. My orders are to make sure I have functioning crews for these boats, and that's what my squadrons have been doing."


The man ranked Captain poured himself some coffee from the pot atop the wooden table. The whole building was wooden, built long ago in this forest area as a cabin, now in the hands of the Navy. In order to aid marines on land, the Admiralty had revitalized its gunboat program, with promising results.


"Captain, sir, if we are to be deployed anytime soon, I want my crew to be ready."


"As does every other gunboat captain, Commander. My orders are to take my time and to train you properly so that we can supplement marine troops. Then that's what I'm going to do. Now, go and help secure the other two gunboats and have your crews take a break for the rest of the day. Tomorrow we'll move you three gunboats into a larger field test northward."


"Aye, sir," he said, beginning to leave.


"Besides," said the Captain. "I don't expect we'll be using these anytime soon."

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Cass tapped his fingers impatiently on the oakwood topper of his desk. It was perfectly organized with not a thing out of it's place, everything being stacked expertly and the phones on the left side in a pleasing row. A knock came at the door. "Come in." Cass answered. A rather short man came through. Gray haired with an standard army haircut, each one of his hairs was 3/8" and not one was anylonger. His olive green uniform heavily decorated his honors and ribbons, and his four silver stars complemented his hair nicely.


"You're late, General." Cass began sourly.


"I am sorry, Mr. Secretary. My driver was..."


Cass interrupted "I don't care much for excuses. What've you got for me?"


"Yes sir. I have the reports of our colonels on the ground in the north and an analysis from Military Intelligence. I've looked them over and am worried." General Stokes set the black folder on Cass's desk. The Secretary opened it and began thumbing through the papers inside.


"You see, sir, none of our soldiers have fired a shot. They've come across not enemy soldiers. The bases we take are empty." continued Stokes.




"Yes sir, empty. The enemy has decided to retreat from the border, and taken anything and everything of value with 'em." Stokes explained.


"This worries you?" demanded Cass.


"Yes. You'll notice the intel report. Our agents in their ranks have given word that they are amassing their active and reserve forces, hoping to create one major battle somewhere. They think if they can inflict enough casualties in this big battle that we'll retreat. And they might be right. You know Jackson isn't thrilled with this war. If he gets word or a massive battle and many casualties he might call it off!"


Cass stayed silent, for a moment, still looking over the reports. Then replied "Don't worry it General. I can handle Jackson. Besides, we have a contingency for such an event."


"What might that be sir?"


"Our MOAB." Cass looked up at the General, who looked back at him with confused eyes. "Massive Ordinance AirBurst, General." Stokes was still unsure. "It's a giant bomb full of jet fuel. Detonate it 200 feet above the ground and the explosion is a massive one, more importantly; stunning.


When this battle occurs, we set this bomb off over the enemy. The surviors will be shocked and either surrender of flee. Proper media coverage would show the public that the terrorists are being annhiliated with a great vengance. The enemy will be demoralized and we will be lauded as heroes for our victory." Cass explained with a tone of condescenance. "I will forward you some more details when I figure them out. You will forward them to you colonels and so on. Just keep focused on advancing for now."


"Yes sir." The General replied. He saluted, turned and left Cass's office closing the door behind him. Cass folded the papers back inside the black manilla and pciked up his phone. He tapped the #5 button, "This is Cass, get me bomber command."

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***Encoded Message***

To: Varian Mercenary Corps

From: The People's Republic of Stilsitra




Given the tense nature of our relationship with Akkiryu at this time, we are inclined to request your assisstance. Our government has authorized the addition of 75,000 mercenaries to our nation's garrison. Proper payment is promised if you accept our offer. Name your fair price and please reply poste haste!

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The small group of Tagmatine Intelligence Network (TIN) agencies had been gathered at Tagmatica International Airport. They had been briefed on this mission, an observation of the Stilistran operations in Plot 28, working in cooperation with the TIN?s Akiiryan counterpart. Such a mission would have surprised them several months ago, but the warming of relations between the two nations had made such an operation feasible, although most would probably undertake such a mission reluctantly. They had been brought up to regard the Akiiryans as barbarians, if fairly honourable ones. Nevertheless, the agents would not allow such personal feelings to get in the way of the operations. They were all professionals, if not quite of the calibre of proper spies.


They had all been given a cover story, which said they were travelling to the Sublime Principate as civil servants charged with liaising with the Akiiryan government on behalf of the Imperial Government and the Tagmatine armed forces, a realistic story considering the on-going war in Adaptus. The briefing they had been personally given by the shady Head of the TIN, Nicephorus Fry, and had given them up-to-date knowledge of the current situation, including public attitudes towards the Stilistran invasion. Once they arrived in Nimarci, then they would receive much more information, as well as their postings.


The aeroplane arrived on time, much to everyone?s surprise. It was a small business jet, privately owned by the Imperial Government, of the sort usually used to ferry government officials around the Greater Holy Empire. It would be several hours before they arrived in Akiiryu.

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The Commander had his crews get up to the next field test location, a small lake several hours upstream. The day was cold, but not too cold, and the work of the men kept them in good nature.


This time, he did not know the scenario. He did know that at least three other squads of equal size to his own, three gunboats, were to somehow be maneuvered together. His orders were simply to secure a warehouse upstream, coordinates given, and to provide cover fire to the marine contingent that didn't exist. This project simply did not have the resources to put together any full field tests on its own...


"Captain, lead boat has the warehouse in sights."


"Stay in formation, nothing fancy. Let's just get in and get out."


What his orders didn't say was that none of the other squads would be allied with him, and six gunboats were already waiting for them, several shots already off.


"It's a trap, sir! Lead boat reports hit!" Computer registered, of course. But the sounds were quite real, and they heard them in the distance.


"Tell the crew to jump ship with what they can, and make way for the warehouse. Tell the rear boat to get itself up here, we'll lay down some supressive fire in..." he pointed, " that direction."


"Aye, sir."


The two gunboats began, with their primary cannons that everyone had little training with, firing in that direction their simulated blasts. The Commander realized his flaws and should have picked a different formation, should have been more careful. He wondered where the other squad was, and when the simulation termination message would come.


"Lieutenant, how's the forward crew doing? Have they secured the warehouse?"


"Just a second.... Sir, they've made it, but the marines aren't in position, and they report fire from the east."


"From the east?"


"Yes, sir."


He realized his other flaw, then. A small stream, large enough to hold the gunboats, to the east, within range of the warehouse. He had failed, and failed again. A shot came through and hit the rear boat. They had lost.


The message then came through to end it, fortunately for them.


"All gunboats, report back to base. Getting new orders from Command."

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To: Stilsitra

From: Damak Var


Our apologies Stilistra, but that's is not how our services work. Seventy-five thousand troops is man power that the corporations cannot provide. We do not wish to engage our regular military into this conflict as well.


First you must select deployment areas. It has to be some where along the coast, we will be sailing our men up there. You select key strategic locations (towns, bridges....) which we will take and hold, using man power of our choosing. Other types of special operations are available as well.


Regardless, preparations are already underway to get our forces to the warzone. We will sail up the river and perform an amphibious landing.

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OOC: Oh... I see...




***Encoded Message***


To: Varian Merc Corps

From: The People's Republic of Stilistra




Stilistra has no coastline. It seems to me that your men must be flown in.


We request that take certain positions along the border with Akiiryu. There are border forts and bridges along the tributaries of the river which require garrisons.

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Triumvir Dagmar looked over the transmission. "Looks like they will have you doing deterrence, not bad." General Lesdrick nodded. Apoc Corporation had hired him to command the forces that will be fighting in the Stilistra conflict.


"Just remember, you take orders from Varian High Command, not Stilistra. You only do what they have told you, guard the border."



To: Stilistra

From: General Lesdrick


Apoc Corporation with colaboration with the Varian Military will send two Mercenary Divisions. Tanks will be out of the question for us. Troops, vehicles and artillery units will be flown over to selected Stilistran bases. Please select bases near the Akiiryu border. Units will be flown via commerical air liners, military cargo planes with armed escorts. I wish to minimize the friendly fire.


Total Personnel: 38,000

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***Enoced Message***

To Varin Merc Corps

From: Stilistra


You have been authorized to land at either Edmund AFB or Minot AFB. Both are near the border and are capable of stationing those men for deployment. They are ready for your arrival and the Coordinates will be forwarded.


We thank you for your cooperation.

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The Triumvirs of Damak Var sat down together to discuss the situation in Stilistra. For old times sake they decided to meet in the throne room of Emperor Imbel's Grand Palace. Quite a majestic sight the room was, made it hard to relax. You couldn't help but wonder how pointless it was.


"Are you sure this is worth it?" Triumvir Dagmar asked the others.


"War is always good for business as long as it isn't taken to our own lands. The economy could use a proxy war like this. It's helping the investors, banks, media and everybody." Marcellus replied.


"He's right, business has picked up ever since our government formed the contract with Apoc. The people aren't upset about it either. We aren't using their sons, just mercenaries. A lot of which are foreign. There are other opportunities as well, once the war is over. Stilistra will need help with the occupation and bringing order to the area. We can provide that. Along with the reconstruction and developement, which our cll. Hand oompanies can provide as well. Hand over hand of money will be flowing back to this country, and this country could surely use that." Triumvir Charrington stated.


"Alright, I'm calling a another vote on whether to continue this or not. I approve." Dagmar declared.


"I approve." Charrington followed


"I approve." Then Marcellus.

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Cass had ordered the army to resume it's offensive. The attack on Phoenix had been absolute proof. The 'pause' was over, but now the war would go on in a new light. The overwhelming force of the central attack group was proving itself a worthwhile investment. They had almost reached the capital, but it was surrounded by a dense forest, which had been dug into by enemy soldiers.


Armor was moving into the area, sticking to the roads. While the light infantry were clearing the forests, securing the flanks to protect the supply lines. Cass imagined that the city would be totally surrounded in a few days, and the city would surrender in two weeks. He'd given specific orders that the city was not to be harmed, it was to be taken without firing a shot inside the city limits. However, the forests were just the opposite. Anyone trying to leave or enter the city would be captured, or killed if they were armed.


Meanwhile, the eastern attack group was running into more resistance, but assistance from the AirForce was moving the advance along anyway. They had routed the main defenders, the engagements were coming from a valiant rear guard. The fighting was light enough that the dead from both sides was being collected and sent back home to be tended to. Stilistrans would be buried at Arlington, and the others were to be embalmed and returned to their families after the war.


The western assault was more delicate. Resistance was hiding out in the cities, making the quiet war Cass imagined a complex idea to uphold. Commanders would need to keep civilian deaths to a minimum, otherwise the villains in the west may see this as a barbaric slaughter and put an end to it all.


But if everything went on as it was right now, the East Attack Group would reach the river in a week, the Center Attack Group would take the capitol piecemeal and move on to the river, then surplus soldiers could move west and finish it all off. Supposing this 'one big battle' idea was a hoax, the whole war would have less than 1,500 dead.

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Mod Comment Sorry to do this guys, but I need to make a stand for reality. BlackJackEmperor, you can't simply mobilise 38,000 men overnight and send them off. You've gone from discussions to having your troops in place far too soon.


Stilistra, your invasion is moving WAY TOO QUICKLY. You're not giving other plyers a chance to react. That is not good rp. You need to discuss your moves ooc in the ooc zone.


Please take a look at other war rps (the King and I is a good one) to view how you should be going about this.

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The Holy Emperor stood in the Imperial Office, watching the crowds in St Constantine?s Square through the French windows that made up the back wall of his office. Commodus tended to gaze out of the window whilst thinking. It had occurred to him before that it would be the perfect place to assassinate him, especially if there was a gunman in the Basilica of Tagmatica, directly opposite the Imperial Palace Complex. He idly flicked the glass, which gave a barely-audible thunk. It was bullet-proof glass so thick it would take a RPG to break it down. Commodus turned his thoughts from the glass and back to the matter at hand, the Stilistran Question.


Intelligence stated that more and more Stilistran troops were being mobilised and brought into Plot 28 in order to subjugate it. On top of this, Plot 28 was had an agrarian-based economy, meaning that its small army really couldn?t halt the tide of Stilistran forces moving into the nation. On top of this, reports were filtering in that a foreign nation was aiding Stilistra, rumours that weren?t substantiated yet, but were still disturbing nonetheless. Another nation participating in the invasion of Plot 28 would increase Akiiryan aggression, something that the Holy Emperor was extremely concerned about. If the Sublime Principate acted forcefully, then undoubtedly the Greater Holy Empire would as well.


There was nothing for it. Commodus would have to get in touch with this President Jackson, before the situation truly spiralled out of control and more lives were lost. He disliked going above the head of his Foreign Ministry, as it broke down the carefully ordered hierarchy of the Imperial Government, but then the Holy Emperor was the absolute monarch of the Greater Holy Empire. Turned back from the window and pressed a button on the intercom on the Imperial Desk.


?Mr. Boioannes, come here, please. I want you to take down a message.?

To: Mr. Jackson, President of the People?s Republic of Stilistra

From: Commodus James, Holy Emperor of the Greater Holy Empire of Tagmatium

Re: Invasion of Plot 28


Dear sir,


I am becoming increasingly concerned over your nation?s rather ill-advised invasion of Plot 28.


Firstly, your nation?s declaration of war appeared to be entirely without reason, yet you still marched troops into a more or less undefended nation, a clear breach of international rules.


Secondly, your nation appears to be acting rather aggressively to a nation which has a close working relationship with the Greater Holy Empire of Tagmatium, namely the Sublime Principate of Akiiryu. Considering the on-going war in Adaptus, I don?t believe I can tolerate any aggressive actions or movements near the Akiiryu border, lest they threaten the campaigns against the AdSoc forces.


If you continue in this vein, I may have to take steps, which will definitely mean an increase in the trade embargo I recently placed upon your nation.


Commodus James,


Holy Emperor of


The Greater Holy Empire of



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