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The Empire of North Cadia

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North Cadia's exact origins are unknown, however legend have it the there was once a mighty Empire known as the Cadian Empire (no relevance to the nation on NS) founded by Freidrick Kemuel. This Empire was large and prosperous, however after Kemuel's death a period of war began and the Empire split, North, lead by the Kruschev Family, South lead by Pirates and Scum, East lead by the Scipian Family and West lead by the Mark family.


Now comes the exact part of North Cadia's history. South Cadia's territories were soon abandoned as the Pirates left for better waters, so North Cadia moved in, however East and West Cadia wanted a slice, so a huge war began which saw the end of East and West Cadia. North Cadia would have then settled the South, East and West Cadian territories however the raging barbarian tribes nearby caused them to retreat to the city of Cadian, the birthplace of the once great Empire.


North Cadia advanced greatly, becoming rich off of sea trade and trade with the now settling nomadic tribes, many joined the North Cadian's and the nation grew to a small Kingdom, still lead by the Kruschev family.


In Circa 350 A.D. the North Cadian's invaded the nearby barbarian fiefdoms, causing the migration of The Norse Clans (yes that is an NS nation on whom this is based), and the nation prospered on the rich fertile lands they had conquered and soon other cities sprung up here and there.


North Cadia remained quite anonymous in history advancing to unforeseen levels of technology, and becoming immensly wealthy off sea trade with the other nations nearby.


The Cadian Race


The Cadian race is a strong one. The hair is very dark brown often mistaken as black, thier eyes are a deep earthy brown, and thier skin is dark and the colour of white skin after it has been in the sun for a while. They never grow particularly tall, however they possess a naturally muscular physique, with broad shoulders. Thier tough mentality and physique means that they will keep going and work harder and longer than many other people.


Cadians are not naturally amazingly intelligent, but they have a natural ability for engineering. While they are not stupid they are not often great thinkers, and have few moral issues as they share the same ideas of right and wrong.


The North Cadian Culture up to 500 A.D.


Often compared to the Roman culture of the time, they bare many similarities also to the Carthaginians, as they use both light and heavy infantry in disciplined blocks. They are famous for thier Iron Shield Infantry, light infantry armed with a longsword, and a round Iron Hoplon shield, and a small breast plate. The made excellent light infantry, they are easily maneuverable on the battle field, and excellent in combat as they are not weighed down by large amounts of armour.


They also have famous archers, who used composite bows, making them accurate, long ranged and powerful, they also wear a small foot in diameter round shield of bronze, and a dagger.


Their spear infantry was not to be laughed at either, with pavase shields and long pikes, as well as a short sword. Excellent against undisciplined barbarian cavalry.


Thier architecture was very similar to Roman, tall collumns and villas, they prided themselves on their statues aqueducts and bridges, many of which stand even today and are in use.


Thier ancient religion was one in which thier leaders were living incarnations of Gods, and they would worship whichever god thier current leader was the incarnation of.

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