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The Overkingdom of Cabarria

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  • Capital: Kanamar
  • Chief Cities: Middenhall, Thelkeep, Arvengard
  • Official Language: English (Cabarrian dialect)
  • Chief Religion: Aerism (offshoot of Catholicism)
  • Provinces: 8
  • Currency: Vertha
  • National Animal: Snow Fox


  • Current Overking: Brandheld IV
  • Current Prime Minister: Kyle Durhanion
  • Major Political Parties: Unity Party, National Party, Freedom Party

Cabarria's legislative body is comprised of two houses, the lower chamber of the House of Commons, and the upper chamber of the Cabarrian Senate. Representatives to the House of Commons are elected for 3-year terms, while Senators serve for 7-year terms. Above them is a popularly elected Prime Minister, whose office serves as an executive body. Overseeing all of them is the Overking, reflecting the strong monarchial tradition in the country. Typically, the Overking has final approval on foreign issues and important domestic matters. This is not necessarily a hereditary position, as the Overking is chosen by a popularly elected Council of Succession when the current Overking dies, abdicates, or is declared incompetent. The judicial system is overseen by a five-member panel called the Grand Tribunal, with lower tribunals at the local levels.


Cabarria's military has a full army, navy, and air force, with three elite Knighthoods, sprinkled in every service, a holdover from its medieval days. These orders are the Knights of the Rose, which tend to join the army and special forces, the Knights of the Iris, which tend toward the air force and recon activities, and the Knights of the Orchid, which tend toward naval duties. Each order usually has several units comprised completely of its own members, and lone members can also be found in every level of military service as well, serving as officers.


Cabarria has a rich history reaching back several hundred years. The nation was founded by migrants of the overseas nation of Valoria nearly 700 years ago. Below is a brief outline of major events in Cabarrian history:

  • 950 AD: Valorian mother-state is founded.
  • 1315 AD: Settlers from Valoria begin migrating over the sea to unexplored territory in present-day Cabarria.
  • 1336 AD: Kanamar is founded.
  • 1346 AD: Middenhall is founded.
  • 1353 AD: Thelkeep is founded.
  • 1361 AD: Arvengard is founded.
  • 1392 AD: Valoria is consumed from within from civil strife and invasions from abroad. Cabarria achieves its de facto independence.
  • 1395 AD: First Overking of Cabarria, Halbereth, takes the throne at Kanamar.
  • 1406 AD: Facing invasion, the Knights of the Rose are empowered as an elite military force. The invasion is successfully repelled.
  • 1426 AD: The Knights of the Iris splinter off from the Rose Knights to form a more mobile military division.
  • 1506 AD: The Darganic Wars begin against the foreign hordes of Dargrad.
  • 1527 AD: Plague sweeps through Cabarria, killing roughly 20% of the population.
  • 1553 AD: A third order of Cabarrian knighthood, the Knights of the Orchid, arises in response to increasing threats from abroad.
  • 1574 AD: The Council of Succession is created to give the citizens a powerful say in the selection of their Overking.
  • 1598 AD: War breaks out between rival factions within the kingdom. The Knights of the Rose and Iris side with Armarion II, while the Orchid Knights side with Fenrir the Unworthy.
  • 1604 AD: Fenrir the Unworthy is defeated at the Battle of Tazantine. The Orchid Knights are disbanded and reformed under new leadership loyal to King Armarion.
  • 1650 AD: The Overking begins taking court with a series of elected representatives which would be a precursor to the Senate.
  • 1722 AD: In a landmark declaration, Overking Sedrathis gives legislative power to the nascent Senate.
  • 1743 AD: After the Overking dies, a succession crisis ensues when the Council of Succession is assassinated en masse by foreign nationalists. A new Council is elected and a new Overking is chosen.
  • 1778 AD: Rival factions of Senators bring the country to the brink of civil war. The House of Commons is created to decrease the power of the Senate.
  • 1808 AD: The first Cabarrian Prime Minister, Byron Goldenrod, is appointed by the Overking.
  • 1822 AD: The Grand Tribunal is given the full weight of law after operating as a kind of common court of justice for the last two hundred years.
  • 1857 AD: The Chapters of Cabarria are codified, laying out in writing the broad precepts of Cabarrian society and law that have existed for centuries.
  • 1921 AD: A Marxist faction in the Senate attempts to wrest control away from the Overking. A massive outpouring of public support strips the Marxist party of its power.
  • 1945 AD: The Prime Minister and the Overking embark on a joint venture to completely modernize the three Knighthoods of the Realm.
  • 1957 AD: Cabarria is involved in a foreign war which nearly decimates the army. Massive recruitment campaigns begin.
  • 1972 AD: A measure introduced by the minority party to eliminate any monarchial power is soundly defeated after a groundswell of popular opposition undermines it.
  • 1989 AD: King Brandheld IV takes the throne.
  • 2005 AD: Prime Minister Kyle Durhanion is elected.
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The purview of the Knights of the Rose, the Cabarrian Army is small but growing with a current effective fighting force of 60,000 men grouped into 8 divisions. The mechanized 2nd division boasts an arsenal of 45 tanks, and all divisions are equipped with helicopter and AFV support. The Knights of the Rose also operate an elite paratrooper force known as the Fighting 99, as well as a reconnaissance force known as the Vanguard.


The responsibility of the Knights of the Orchid, the Cabarrian Navy is able to field 2 aircraft carrier groups, with 25 planes apiece. The present carriers are the CSS Valoria and the CSS Armarion, each with an escort of 3 destroyers, 2 cruisers, and the requisite supply ships. The Navy also fields 3 Scimitar-class submarines.

Air Force

Primarily the responsibility of the Knights of the Iris, the Cabarrian Air Force operates 3 fighter squadrons of 45 planes apiece, and a bomber squadron of 36 planes. R&D is constantly looking for ways to improve the design of the HiD-30 fighter and the G-32 heavy bomber, which are reliable but somewhat dated.

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