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I have to second that opinion, Apocalypto was really good. Hope to make it to see Children of Men pretty soon. The Fountain was extremely weird and fairly disappointing. If you get a chance to see either The Illusionist or The Prestige, do so - both are great films, enjoyed both tremendously.

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I enjoyed V for Vendetta though while the plot was good it lacked substance, so I preferred Constantine over it.

The graphic novel the film is based on is so much better. In the book, V isn't some freedom fighter, working for the good of the nation, he is just damned insane. The Chancellor isn't a power-hungry politician, but someone who genuinely thought he was doing the right thing and saved the country. The whole Larkhill thing is expanded on and Gordon Dietrich's character is very, very different, although I did like Stephen Fry in the film.


Basically, read the graphic novel. I'm not one for comics (it's the only one I own), but it's a really good book.

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