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Question about moving my nation...

Guest People's Commonwealth of Mal

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Guest People's Commonwealth of Mal

I currently roleplay a country in the Eastern Europe region with a populations of ~960 million. I'm toying with the idea of moving it to this region but had a few questions.


Since my population is so high, do I start out with 2 plots? Or do I just get one and start annexing plots later? And how does the news system work in this region? Is there a national news thread that everyone posts their internal news in? Behind the scenes news? Is war strictly RP'ed only or is there a combat system?


Thanks in advance to anyone who replies, your region sounds cool!


My NSEconomy info is here: http://nseconomy.thirdgeek.com/nseconomy.p...&nation=malorek

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I'm not sure exactly what our policy is on the map, but as far as the newsthreads go I can help.


Every nation has their own newsthread, in the newsroom forum Here. There's generally just one thread to a nation, where everything that wants to be made public goes.


We don't generally use a set system for RP, although in the past this has created some problems it allows for a greater degree of flexibility. Some nations post armed forces listings, here's an example.


Hope that helped a bit, Thanks for showing interest iin the region. biggrin.gif

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Map rules:



The whole post count thing is that before we've had people swoop in, take four plots once they'd got 20 posts (which is our base limit) and then never RP again, but we can't take them off the map because their nation is still in the region.


Anything else we can help you with?

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