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Declaration of War

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OOC: havent been doing much, much hasnt been going on so i figured why not? I recieved the requirements to have 2 plots, but have never rp'ed my second plot. I figured now is the time.


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To: All Nations of Europa

From: The Federation of Damak Var


All three Triumvirs have voted in favor of war and have ordered the immediate invasion, occupation, and assimilation of Southern Damak Var into the Federation. The decision was made in response to the current state of the region. Following the fall of the previous democratic government, Southern Damak Var has been in anarchy for the past three years. Without a standing government, the territory is in chaos and is governed by brigands, warlords and unrecognized governments. The Triumvirate and Executive Council will not tolerate such lawlessness and have decided it is in the best interest of the Federation and the rest of Europa that the region be taken control of and order established immediately. With the lack of authority, the region will turn into a criminal haven for all Europa. Occupation is necessary so that unlawful activities can be policed.


Since the majority of the people on the Varian Island, North and South, are almost culturally and racially identical, the Triumvirate has decided it would be best to unify the entire Varian Island under one banner to end or atleast mitigate disputes between Varian peoples.


In time Southern Damak Var will recieve adequate representation in the government once order has been established. As well as full citizenship and equal rights to that of Northeners.


For the time being, foreign interference in this operation will not be allowed. Except under special circumstances such as the evacuation of a nation's citizens that are currently in Southern Damak Var. Of course, any foreign action must recieve authorization first. Southern Damak Var and Southern Varian waters are hereby declared a warzone. Any foreign vessel attempting to enter this warzone without authorization from the Varian government will be fired upon and destroyed.


The Triumvirate and People of Damak Var request that all nations understand that this is a necessary action that will not be aborted. However suggestions and appeals will be taken into consideration.









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FROM: Deltannia

TO: Damak Var


Deltannia respects the wishes of Damak Var in that all of its military patrols will be ordered away from Damak Var for the time being. (OOC: Meaning, even further outside the standard water boundaries, because we wouldn't travel in them in the first place. I just mean out of the vicinity) All shipping has been contacted and averted from the vicinity.


Deltannia also wishes to applaud Damak Var's initiative to bring order to the island.


Deltannian Foreign Ministry

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