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Rebirth of a Region

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The Reunification Festival: Rebirth of a Region


To mark the reunification of our Region, the Chancellor and the Special Envoy for Internal Affairs have organised a Festival. This Festival will be held at the Equilism Forum, which is once again home to all nations of Equilism. However, this will not be a party to which only Equilism Citizens are invited, all people of all regions are welcome. We want to share our good spirits with everybody who wants to share theirs with us.


This Festival will start January 13. As this is the third birthday of our fair Region it is an appropriate date to celebrate its rebirth. We look now towards a positive future and have every confidence that this is the right path.


The activities at this will be fourfold. The first game we have planned for your entertainment is a Nation Creation Competition. This, however, will not be carried out in the normal fashion, but with a twist. Secondly a Scavenger Hunt will be organised. Ten logos will be hidden about our Forum, the only thing you have to do is find them with the help of some clues we provide. The third game, will be a Quiz; which will show how much you really know about Equilism. The fourth event is an election for a new title to be given to Westwind, Monarch of the Realm. Suggestions are welcome, but sadly voting on this will be restricted to Equilism Citizens.


But that will not be all. We also have a Ball planned. At the Reunification Ball we have a bar and a place to dance, converse or be a wallflower. At the end of the festivities award will be handed out for best drunk, best dressed and best dancer. Also one can vote for his or her favourite couple, who will then be announced King and Queen of the Ball.


You are all cordially invited to join the festivities, and please bring a date (this is not mandatory, but it would be much more fun).


Yours Sincerely,


Restored Othalla,

Chancellor for Internal Affairs


Special Envoy of Internal Affairs


Ps: Sorry to post this twice

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