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The Allied States of Meteorola

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Greetings Europa! I am Hurricane Eric of the Allied States of Meteorola, located in the Weathered Isles. I am the current Hurricane (or Prime Minister) of Meteorola. Here is a little bit about our wonderful country!



National: We are a democracy. Our parliment is The Council of the Weathered Isles, which is headed by the Hurricane, currently myself. The Council meets in the World Weather Building. There are several major polictical parties, representing all veiws of the people, from the east wind to the west wind. Sufferage is granted at 18 to all citizens of the Alliance.


Local: As we are an Alliance individual districts do have their own laws and regulations, though most bussiness is carried out by the Council, especially international relations.


Physical Geography:

As the name inplies The Weathered Isles are just that, located off the coast of Europa. There are seven inhabitted islands in the archapeligo of 10. The largest island, which is home to the capital city of The Eye of the Storm, also has a small mountain chain running through it. This mountain chain has beautiful scenery and is home to a reasonably sized mining industry. The other islands are smaller, but have fertile land. The three unoccupied islands are situated close together and each has an active volcano, making them unfit for human habitation.


Human Geography:

The capital city of The Eye of the Storm is the largest city in the Alliance. It's deep water port made it an excellent way to export the metals and minerals mined on the islands interior. The other port cities scattered among the islands are: Vorti City, Foggy Bottom, Dew Point, Isobar, and Breezewood. The mining towns of Uplift and Lake Effect (located on a lake of the same name) are much smaller. The national economy largely rests on trade between the various islands, though there is some trade with the mainland.



First discovered by the mainlanders, long before they knew of each other, the people of the isolated islands, very much belived in nature, and most of all- the weather. The islands discovery began a chain of events that led each island to learn of its neighbors. The understanding that they were no longer alone began a series of cultural exchanges that blened together and eventually made each islands people indistinguishable from another.


The multiple governments recoginzed that the people of the Weathered Isles were not as technologically advanced as the mainlanders. Most nations turned to the military for research. This caused a slow build up of organized military practices. About 100 years after the Awakening the first of a long series of wars began ravaging the islands. The mainland, unconcerned, did not become involved.


Commerce instead was responsable for bringing technology to the Weathered Islands, mainly shipping building in the port cities.


It was only 100 years ago that the people of the Weathered Isles rose up against the various Monarchs and formed the Alliance. The first uprising took place in The Eye of the Storm. The revolt was led by our national hero, and name sake Penn Meteo. Within 10 years the Winds of Change (as the revolutions are collectively called) had reached all of the islands.


Penn Meteo was determined that there should never again be war between the islands, and tried to united them. He died before his dream was achived. Some countries, however did unite, just not all. Tenions over fishing rights, as well as the memories of old wars kept total unification at bay. Eventually, through heavy negitionions did the Weathered Islands unite to form the Allied States of Meteorola.


In Closing:

Now we would like to take a larger role in Europa. We now feel we are equal to any other nation in Europa and we would like to send our ships well beyond our own ports.


"Be Ready, Weather or Not"

Hurricane Eric of Meteorola


*Edited stupid mistakes I made when short on sleep.

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