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This christmas I got myself some decks, the basic stuff. Two turntables, and a simple mixer, and i'm telling you, i'm addicted to the stuff now. I'm getting better each day. I'm already set to go on the decks at a firends party at new year, so I must be doing somthing right. I also have been told i'm very good by several pro DJ's in my area. Which got me buzzed.


I first started the stuff about a year ago, every now and then going to my mates and having a blast of the wheels of steel, untill i finaly bought them off him biggrin.gif. Now i've never been off them. It's amazing. It's actualy quite amazing but I was told I had a chance to place at several whats known as "Up and Comeing" evens around newcastle when i'm a little older. So hey, looks like I have finaly found my talent. It's realy got me exited, and I love it now. I've found a new sence, the rave sence, and it's amazing.


Anybody else got a musical side? Anyone else have decks?


As soon as I get some i'm going to put some audio up for you all. biggrin.gif

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I'm a natural with just about everything percussion, most definetly including a good drum set. I used to play for a punk rock band called Villians to the Masses, Heroes to the Holy, and I had the opportunity to join the group Cheap Sex before I joined the Army.


I can say that I helped contribute to a couple of their future songs, including 'f*ck Emo' and a couple of tunes on their latest album 'Written in Blood'. I continue to write drum tabs every now and then, and smack random objects with whatever I can find on hand just to hear the sound.


I'm fixing to upload the album of my old band soon, now that I found it buried in an old tough box of mine (still has Middle East 'moon dust' on it!).

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