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New Caldari/Mongol-Swede Relations

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TO: Vice Chairman Li Tzu, The Negative Utopia of New Caldari

FROM: Sunry Ytturb, Chairman, the General Council of the Allied Tribes

SUBJECT: Change of Plans


Due to a recent shift of internal policies, international affairs have been shifted to the new Confederate capitol of Ulaanbataar, home of the Liberty Space Center, which is a port of the Tamurin-based Galactic Enterprises' sub-orbital travel service. The Confederate Longhouse, wherein the General Council presides over tribal and foreign affairs.


I will personally meet you at the airport in Rottborg, whereupon we will transit to Ulaanbataar to discuss an embassy exchange and other matters, inshallah. I appreciate your understanding in this matter.

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From: The Politburo of the Negative Utopia

To: Sunry Ytturb, Chairman, the General Council of the Allied Tribes


Excellent. Vice Chairman Li Tzu is currently at Rottburg's airport and will await his pick up by your excellency. We have experenced such changes throughout our long history so this is nothing of a convience.



Chairman Zhu Qi

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Asalaam alaikum and good evening.


Earlier today the Tribelands welcomed Vice Chairman Li Tzu of New Caldari in Rottborg. Chairman Sunry Ytturb of the General Council, along with Foreign Relations Chieftain Mohammed al Jassim were among the welcoming party, representing the Confederacy in the first diplomatic mission since the overthrow of the Tribal Tribunal. The General Council and Vice Chairman Tzu are expected to begin discussions tomorrow in Ulaanbataar, including the possible exchange of embassies.

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Vice Chairman Tzu shakes hands with his counterpart, Sunry Ytturb at the Rottburg airport. "Very nice, very nice place Rottburg is, reminds me of my home provience back in the State," he spoke. Ytturb smiled at Li as he entered the limo and sped off towards Ulanbaatar to begin discussions.

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Upon reaching the Confederate Longhouse, the M-S and New Caldari representatives casually moved into a prepared dining hall, the room filled with unique M-S horticulture, spices, and a variety of seafoods and rice dishes were on the tables. The distinguished leaders were seated as chai, a potent coffee, was served.


"Mr. Tzu", Sunry determinedly spoke, "the Tribelands are eager to make the acquaintance, and friendship, the people of New Caldari, inshallah. We have always felt it best that this feeling is conveyed through the most honored and respected means in global tradition, through the exchange of embassies. Through such an effort, not only would our governments become closer, allowing for the facilitation of routine diplomatic exchanges, but it also facilitates the exchange of our cultures by allowing our two peoples to flow amongst one another, achieving a deeper level of friendship and prosperity."

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"The Chairman loves the idea of exchanging cultures as it is one of the goals of our Five-Year Plan which includes the development of a harmonious society and civilization and with the infusion of new ideas and cultures, will that be achieved," Tzu repiled as he began eating.

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