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An exciting opportunity to gain quick citizenship!

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Looking for a quick and easy way to avoid all of those annoying background checks, criminal history investigations, and terrorist link accusations?




Join the prestigious ranks of our Combat Arms in the United States Marine Corp or the United States Army, and not only will you receive the profuse thanks and respect from our Glorious Leader, the Honorable President George W. Bush, but you'll also be entitled to a limited time offer of U.S. citizenship. Just imagine, citizenship in the greatest Superpower in history!




(Parody advertisement is derived from today's Boston Globe, which ran an article discussing the Pentagon's latest buzz about opening recruiting centers in foreign countries. You want my opinion on this? Well, with the clear shortage of willing recruits in the homeland, this is clearly a case of resorting to mercenaries.)

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There is no mandatory draft coming. There never will be another draft, unless WWIII is declared. The current leaders are the Vietnam generation, and the draft was the worst thing to ever happen to that war, as it put into Vietnam a whole slew of people that didn't want to be there, while simultaneously destroying the morale of the regular troops, who had signed up for things like this, to be forced to babysit a bunch of spoiled children. Secondly, the American public would stand for a lot, but they'd never allow this president to do this. He's in enough hot water as it is. No, there is no draft coming.

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Absolutely, Van. The present administration knows their limits. That's why the idea of opening foreign recruiting offices is getting a lot of focus right now by the General. My opposition to this is based on a couple of things. First off, the lack of troops right now results from a lot of successful anti-recruiting efforts, some of which I personally have participated in, and I sure as hell don't believe in the practice of replacing a role that should be filled by our own citizens with the disenfranchised of other nations.


I figure there are better ways to allow foreign nationals to earn American citizenship than fighting our battles, since alot of people are coming here to escape violence and the like. I've actually likened to the idea of creating a national Labor Corps or somesuch that could provide job training and integration into American society, and provide a means to rebuild America's infrastructure, which due to corpocratic domination of the talking points in these lands, is rotting away from the inside out. This would require quite a bit of oversight, however, with so much blatant corruption in these lands that goes unnoticed when you're talking about how immigrants are regarded and such.


Secondly, since the military presently has a mandate to expand by about 4 to 5 divisions, the thought of filling those ranks with so many foreign nationals presents a pretty big problem when you consider national security; the Army itself...if you get in, you end up being exposed to a lot of sensitive information, and many do not even realize it; I feel that the military, as it stands, does not focus enough on OPSEC (Operational Security), that's why you have news organizations like CNN and Faux (erm, excuse me, FOX) News reporting our movements every hour on the hour. A perfect example of this was during 'Shock and Awe' in 2003.

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I was gonna add that, too. The West is in decline and its leaders are on a looney romp (and this includes Israel, as always). And to think that the Pentagon has been abuzz with a startling new plan to conquer the Middle East.


From what I have gathered, it will involve the Israeli military full-on, as well as the US and the UK...Bush, his 'poodle' Blair, and Olmert. The plan is to for the Israeli air forces to launch massive strikes against Syria, and to coordinate intelligence and troops to neutralize Iranian nulcear targets, primarily through the use of B61-11 tactical nuclear warheads, which are designed to penetrate hardened, deeply buried installations.


This is something that all three could easily get away with. All it would take is a supposed 'officially sanctioned' attack by either the Syrian or Iranian government that 'intelligence sources have confirmed' on Coalition forces in Iraq to justify this. Do you think people will be able to see through the deception? I won't gamble on it. American media is too powerful for the masses. I'm not convinced that Americans are really 'angry' enough about all of this; it all merely sounds like the Democrat cheerleaders. And I sure as hell don't trust the Democrats who are sitting in the highest places right now, Nancy Pelosi to name one.


Nancy Pelosi has historically been a massive supporter of Israel. Furthermore, she's absolutely one of the 'insiders' in this whole Congressional corruption morass. And she's screwing around with the future of this country by playing games with our committees. For Christ's sake, she's the one that nominated the head of the next Intelligence Oversight Committee, the guy who didn't even know that Al-Qaeda is a Sunni organization, and didn't even know who Hezbollah was!!!


In other words, adding up everything I've posted on this entire forum up to this point (would be nice if I had consolidated them all, but, fudge it), it's a slippery slope across the poop deck into the drink...as that one guy in that one pirate movie said... mellow.gif


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There's a few problems with this strategy you speak of, from a home front perspective. While I don't trust the Dems at all, and their moronic pundits like Pelosi and Biden (curses on his head) will go for an idea like that, there was a huge influx of liberal doves to the new Congress. The liberal - and more powerful - end of the media, like CNN, CBS, etc, will eat them up and public opinion will spin out of control.


In Britain, the situation is worse. Blair is trying to repair bridges to his own party, and even if he gets the backing of his Conservative opponents, as he did in debates over the last war, he won't be able to stay in office. The Conservatives seem terminally unable to rally and win an election, or even gain seats, so either a Labor or Liberal Democrat will take over as PM, and Britain will be out.


Israel is in somewhat of an opposite situation. Olmert leans liberally, for Israel anyway, but he'll be prodded by the Religious Right of that country to move, so long as the backing is there from the other two powers. While this is all great in practice, I don't see anyone, even after the next presidential election and parliamentary elections, who can gather enough support at home to project that kind of support to the Israelis for something like this. It's too right-wing.

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