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Yeah, I've been places, so staying in one place ain't for me.


Tag, it's definetly the same here. Matter of fact, back in my Sociology class in high school, the teacher gave us the U.S. citizenship test, and we had about 70% fail it...yep.


Although I've noticed that Europe's socialist decadance might be its undoing as a relevant bloc altogether. Conversely, the USA isn't helping itself with things like NAFTA and the original Operation Iraqi Liberation...

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Really, man, I just want to get away from military affairs altogether. It's a ridiculous, taxpayer-funded subculture that emphasizes a lot of things that go against what I experienced growing up. Except for those rare cases, nobody's really looking out for anyone, and nothing personal is sacred. And the Army, from my perspective, has been a breeding grounds for hateful cynicism. I'm telling you guys, especially the veterans of their respective services, that this United States Army grinds a xenophobic terror into you from the very first day.


All I really want is to find another place in this world where I'm not enforcing a policy of greed and xenophobia at the expense of so many lives. Some simple work, I really don't care if it breaks my back or not; hard work ain't never been a problem for this thick-skinned man.

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Liberalism - helps put food on everyone's tables whilst other ideologies take it off.


Anyways, I'm sure if you're interested, I probably can dig up some websites, although you'd also be able to do that if you had some time.


Wikipedia, for all its sins, is often a good place to start for some bare information about some things.


Which is where I'm going to go out of personal interest, because I want to find out whether it's citizen or subject for a British person - I'm sure my passport says "subject" as opposed to "citizen", but then I thought I heard tell that the Government had changed it to "citizen"...


EDIT: And it's subject, so calling it a "citizenship test" isn't, strictly speaking, correct. It should be subjecture test or some such. You'd then become a proud subject of her Britannic Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II.


And then Charles. The bastard.

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Either way, if you live in a superpower, your nothing more than just nameless, faceless collateral.


Unless they make a martyr out of you to further their plans. Then you get a big fancy funeral and your face/name paraded on the news networks for a month.

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Whereas if I lived in Fiji I'd probably make Defense Minister in a month. mellow.gif


I've also considered the UAE...then I proceeded to beat myself with a wet mackeral. Substandard everything, plain and simple.


Seriously, though, I'm definetly seeking to make a living in the EEA.


I've already figured out two basic options for UK 'subjecture':


1) Marriage (Not something I'm gonna do on a whim.)


2) Work Permit (Which means I would have to make buddy-buddy with an employer in the UK.)


I seriously doubt any other option, like refugee or whatnot, will work out for me at all, and there's no reason I really need to consider that...at this point in time, anyway.

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