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New X Plane

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Hello Ladies And Gentlemen Of Europa,


Today We Bring You A Secret Undocumented That Was A Prototype Before The Renposan Revolution And Hide In The Caverens Of White Bay During The Revolution. Now Since The Revolution Has Ended The Project Has Now Begun Full Research Currently THe "X" Plane Has Produced Speeds Up To Mach 6 The Prototype Itself Is Called VA-1(Versitile Aircraft) The Aircraft Has Been Tested By The White Guard Elite Pilots Time And Time Again However The VA-1 Has Proven More Testing Results In Better Speed And Proformance. The Plane Is Able To Do Accurate Recon Fighting And Mild Bombing. Due To The Opening Of The Department Of Astronautical Warfare And The New Restructurment Of The Renposan Military The Project Has Opened Final Research. The Plane Is Set To Be Up To The Market In 2-3 Months Due To There Is Only 1 Prototype In Service However By That Time It Is Estimated That Increased Production Set By Renposan Military Sales 20 Will Be Made In 3 Months Estimated Time For On The Market. The Setting Price For The Aircraft Will Be Set At 250 Million Each.


Here Are Some Statistics About The (VA-1)


The X Aircraft Will Include The Following:


?Pulse Detonation Wave Engines

?Pulsejet Engines

?Advanced Ramjets






110 feet



60 feet





Main Propulsion:

At subsonic speeds:

Conventional jet engines.



Take-off Thrust:

Very High


Maximum Speed:




27,750 Km





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Thank-You For Your Time And Understanding

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Hello Ladies And Gentlemen Of Europa,


Due to the hard working men and women of Renposa we are now able to fully mobilize 5 ~VA-1~ [Versitile Aircraft] for the Renposan Airforce we are also able to roll the VA-1's Off Production Very Quickly now that the plans and twiks have been smoothed over with Renposan Ingenuity The Military Of Renposa Is Expected To Show Off The VA-1 Next Month In The National Airshow. We Have 3 Ready For Sale At The Moment To The Public For $250 Million Each.



Thank-You For Your Time And Understanding

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