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A Humble Old General Returns to the Fold

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I'm back. I see a lot has changed. I'll hang in the background for a bit, to get my bearings and get caught up on what's new around here. I see that O is MIA. That's worrying. And there's some new faces in the Senate. Excellent. Well, don't mind me, I'll just be hobbling around the Europa halls, talking about glorious battles and days gone by.




And I'll be returning to the RP, as soon as I can get some plots.

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Renposa, you must have arrived after I left. I used to be the General here, before the Admiral took over. I was forced into retirement by my real life considerations, though they seem to have subsided at least a little since then. I was active in roleplay, quite a while ago, really. Let's see. I pre-date almost everyone active in this region now, aside from Orioni and EE, who brought me in originally from my last region and army, the SOG, where I served with Karpathos, who has since...well, left, to run the Pacific Army, at last contact.

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