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I am Northern Chittowa from Genosha, North Pacific (not 'The') and Lazarus, as well as a few other places. I also happen to populate a few different boards around NS as well tongue.gif


Anyway, ive come as a representative of the Founderless Region Alliance, of which i shall go into slightly more detail later on, once i ask for an embassy exchange in the appropriate forum.


I look forward to getting to know you all biggrin.gif




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You never had an account on Europa all this while?!? tongue.gif


Oh, *waves to NC*


Anyway, I'm here on the same purpose as NC (more of checking whether he has been slacking!! lol!). I'm the Foreign Affairs Minister of the FRA (Founderless Regions Alliance) and I'd like to request the FAM of Europa to look into our application. I couldn't find anywhere else to post in so I had to use this! tongue.gif


Basically, the FRA is an organisation that seeks to protect founderless regions from Imperialists and help them to rebuild their region should the natives show desire to do so. We will do so by providing military support as well as an advisory role. smile.gif Jethnea, an ally of Europa, is one of the Founders of this alliance with GRA and North Pacific.


Tag, you got a PM!

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I guess I can post here and update Europa on the current happenings. I am the new ambassador from the FRA and I will be managing the embassy from now on forth. Genosha, my own region is also a prominent member of the FRA and has loose allied relations with Europa.


- Noiresque

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