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Operation: Hammerfall

Ide Jima

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There was very little politics behind the decision, although the emperor refused to believe that. The plan was to invade the territory to the north of the Yalu river, due to the influence held by communist red faction units over the area. As soon as the emperor came to power, this attack was being planned. Light Aircraft Carriers in the gulf of Kaesong were getting ready to pour naval aviation into the region, whilst submarines put to sea to block off the gulf to all foreign shipping. Along the southern rim of the Yalu basin, troops prepared to move out...


Tze-Chuan Airbase, The North Ide Jiman Border...


Tze-Chuan, surrounded for miles around by dense forest was the most northerly airbase on Ide Jiman soil. Home to four frontal aviation fighter squadrons, a transport flight, a tanker flight and varying Army helicopter squadrons the base had been central to Ide Jiman operations over the Yalu river recently.


Lieutenant Keung was head of ground security forces in the base, and had very little to do most of the time, but recently more troops had been arriving. It was the same at all of the bases that were positioned along the northern edge of Ide Jima. Four companies of troops had arrived, outfitted for full woodland or mountain warfare.


The five trucks arrived in the base, after a 30 mile ride along a single track road. On board each were another 10 soldiers. This was a nightmare for Keung, as all of the base barracks were now full - over 700 extra troops were in the base now.


"Go back!" Keung yelled at the trucks as they began to unload.


"Serekan's orders I'm afraid Lieutenant". A shady figure, a Colonel in the army called from the window of the lead truck.


Keung moved closer. "The base can't cope, we're full to bursting... sir"


"We won't be here for long, Serekan has given orders - all army units based along the southern rim of the Yalu basin are heading north."


"All of them?"


"Yes. This is a large scale operation, once things get going more stuff will head in - but there are likely to be a bucketload of LT satellites up there watching, so we're keeping preparation under wraps. Militia units will be bought in for stop gap border defense".


"Ok Sir, tell your troops to head for one of the helicopter hangars, there's emergency accomadation there".


"Very good". The Colonel gave a salute, and turned to head back to the trucks. As he turned Keung noticed the blue cross on the Colonel's shoulder. Serekan was clearly serious about this operation".


Moments later, Keung's station phone rang. It was the general in charge of regional defense, he was assigning Keung and his air force infantry company to ground operations. Militia would be taking over on a temporary basis.




The militia arrived by the evening. Two Hercules transports and a Globemaster dropped to the militia off, and they began to set up immediately. Keung signed the troops in, before gathering his airforce infantry and heading to the motorpool where the other troops were waiting. The Colonel was there, briefing the large crowd...


"We're heading north - I'm sure you all could have guessed that, but our mission is an important one. We'll be pushing north, across the delta, along the coast with the gulf of Kaesong. Naval aviation has two light carriers in the area, with F-18E fighters ready to deliver support. Our first step is to take the motors to artillery base KV19, coords 23E, 18N. From there, we cross the river by night, Dau-Sum, your troops are to capture the bridge at 24E, 29N with all due force. Marine units will head in there."


"Yes Sir" The captain shouted.


"Here's where it gets difficult. The northern edge of the Yalu is a right mess. There are Red Faction units in the area - lots of them, and there are also pro Ide Jiman militia groups. We have no way of distinguishing, and so nobody is to be trusted. If you are sure a target is red faction, then you are to take no mercy. Understood?"


"Yes Sir" The commanders all acknowledged.


"The rest of us we carry on North, until we hit the far side of the delta. Here we link up with SOCOM units, and our first operation is complete. Ok, everyone check you have your equipment - and get on board the transports. God Bless all of you."


The troops scrambled onto the trucks, and the convoy headed off into the midday sun.

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Artillery Base KV19, The Southern side of the Yalu Delta...


By now the rain was pouring, the trucks pulled in to the artillery base, waved on by troops wearing rain ponchos. For now the guns were silent. A collection of towed guns were built into temporary positions whilst behind, static siege howitzers glared ominously out over the delta. The view was impressive, the delta stretched as far as the eye could see, Keung could see the bridge that was the first objective - crossing a larger vein of the delta. Miles of stagnant rainforest and swamp awaited the troops now, likely to be under pressure from guerilla troops.


The silence was broken as two navy fighters roared in low, following the valley westwards. To the north, a small light could be seen coming from the ground and chasing the planes for a short distance before falling. The invasion would be a pushover if all the military had to contend with were puny MANPADs. It wasn't going to be that easy.


"We move now!" The Colonel yelled.


"What's happening?" Keung was confused.


"Serekan's orders are clear, infantry recon units are to begin moving in. Once all crossing points in this sector are secure, armour and heavy infantry will move in".




"Night's falling, isn't it?".


The troops began to move, into the cooling night. Temperatures would soon plummet, but all movement would be done by night in order to maintain secrecy to begin with. No sound yet. The troops pushed forward.



The Gulf of Kaesong...

(the body of water next to 92)


Alarm bells might start ringing now. The gulf was being closed off to all foreign shipping, and anything that tried to get in would have nuclear submarines to contend with. Any shipping already in the gulf was being escorted out by Corvettes, whilst patrol aircraft scoured the coastline of the northern edge of the gulf, trying to find anything that had tried to run.

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The Yalu Delta...


The force moved slowly to begin with. The delta was a seemingly unending mass of mangrove swamp, stretching far to the north. There were no vehicles with the force, something which gave Keung cause for concern - but was reassured by the Colonel. The tanks would move in once the river was secure, and the full scale invasion of the territory could begin. For now the force advanced along a wide front in groups of 30.


About half a mile into the thick vegetation, the first signs of trouble came. Two bodies floating in the knee depth water, not Ide Jiman army, but worrying nonetheless. It was then the fighting began. A barrage of automatic fire came ripping through the dark woods up ahead.


"Dammnit... Seong! Get artillery in here!" The Colonel yelled at the radio operator.


"We need artillery, position..." The Colonel couldn't hear the last part of the conversation, as to his other side something exploded - an RPG, which wasn't good news.


"What's the status?"


"Not good. Artillery is inbound shortly, but the other groups are advancing.


"Call two in to our support on each flank".




Keung was sheltering behind a bank of mud. Bullets flecked at the bank, throwing up tiny clods into the air. Keung turned, knelt, before looking up, levelling his M16 and letting off a burst of ammunition, before dropping back again. There was screaming. Either he shot one of his own in the back, or his squad had got one of the attackers.


There was whistling from overhead, up ahead, the whole wood seemed to shake. It looked as though it would burst, with fire and smoke billowing from the trees. There was less fire now, more sporadic. For another minute or so it continued, before those surviving were flanked by the Ide Jiman reinforcements.


12 were captured alive. Another 20 at least were dead, most in pieces in the water. The Colonel approached the survivors.


"Red Faction?" The Colonel growled. The prisoner looked at the ground.


"RED FACTION?" The Colonel shoved the man. Still no answer. He breathed deeply once, took a glance at the bodies of the four Ide Jiman troops who had been killed. The Colonel turned, fuming with rage, grabbed an assault rifle off of one of the troops, pointed it at the head of the man. For a split second it looked like he was ready to talk, but that didn't matter now. The Colonel emptied the last 4 rounds in the magazine into the man's head, squeezing on the trigger another couple of times after the ammunition ran out.


"Bastard" He kicked one of the surviving prisoners before reloading the weapon and finishing off the others.




"Yes sir?"


"Report the attack to HQ. Red Faction attack. No survivors amongst the assailants. At least 32 dead. Four of our own dead".




"We carry on. Our first objective is only a mile away. Helicopters can take the wounded there."


IJBC Special Report! Breaking News!


Ide Jiman army units have been spotted moving out of bases in the Yalu region. Despite constant aerial bombardment over the last three months, this has been the first ground operations. The High Command refused to comment as to whether the operation was training, or whether the Emperor is finally realising his dreams of northerly expansion.


From all military emplacements on the southern edge of the region, units have been seen moving.


user posted image

An artillery unit opening fire on delta region.


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TO: Ide Jima

FROM: Tamurin


The United Republic of Tamurin is very nervous because of the surprising all-out attack of Ide Jiman troops against Plot 92.


We would like to know why Ide Jima is declaring war in such a peaceful time that has spread across most parts of Europa. Ide Jima could destabilize this situation.

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To: Tamurin

From: Ide Jima


Our aim is only to bring peace and stability to yet another region in Europa. There has been known activity by radical left groups in the south of the country, by annexing this region and placing it under military control we seek to bring a nest of terrorism to peace. This move will also put an end to piracy in western regions of the Byzantine Sea.


We do not wish this to be seen as a threatening movement by other nations in Europa, however this move is one of the emperor's strongest desires and will be defended with all due force should LT states intervene.

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To: the Kingdom of Ide Jima

From: the Greater Holy Empire of Tagmatium

Re: Invasion of Plot 92


The Imperial Government of Tagmatium demands to know why Ide Jima decided to undertake the imperialist action of invading another nation, apparently under the pretext of "pacifying" an otherwise peaceful area, and one that appears to have made the "mistake" of not sharing Ide Jima's unique take on the far right ideology.


Tagmatium therefore hopes that this isn't another manifestation of the Kingdom of Ide Jima's paranoid fear of anything and everything Socialist and would like to see an official announcement released by Ide Jima explaining its odd actions to the rest of Europa.


OOC: Remember your offer to harbour True Churchers... tongue.gif

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*** Encoded, message delivered by Akiiryan Ambassador***

To: the Kingdom of Ide Jima

From: the Sublime Principate of Akiiryu

Re: Invasion of Plot 92


Honoured Friends and Allies;


The Prince and Baronic Council are somewhat concerned that your nation has undertaken hostile action against a neighbouring state without first consulting with your long time allies. We are especially concerned as this conflict could draw in other nations and alliances. We respectfully request an immediate explanation.

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*Encryption Level 8*

FROM: Deltannia

TO: Ide Jima


Deltannia is somewhat concerned about your invasion of Plot 92, and we are ill at ease when considering the effects it will have on our alliance. Deltannia will attempt to defend your sovereign nation, but we will need proof of good intentions first. Otherwise, Deltannia will be forced to step aside, as you have been the aggressor nation here.


Good luck to you, and may you find your way. We hope it is one in which we may stand besides you once again.

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ooc: An IC reference - the 'Red Faction' aren't as bad as I make them out to be wink.gif



To: Tagmatium

From: Ide Jima


Your message may have had some bearing, were the region in question actually peaceful. We have conclusive evidence, that communist terror organisations have been active in this region, and it would seem recent air strikes against the Yalu region have not been enough to quell the activity. We must strike further north in order to get to the root of the problem.


We do not take kindly to accusations or threats, and request for Tagmatium and it's LT allies to stay well away from this conflict. Any intervention from the LT will be met with an appropriate response.




To: Akiiryu, Deltannia

From: Ide Jima




We would first like to make the point that we are not invading an established state. We are occupying an area of land where there is mob rule. We are bringing civilisation to a region that does not yet know what it means to be civilised. If the LT or EOS choose to become involved in this fighting, then it will be aggressive action through no fault of ours. This conflict has nothing to do with any of the LT nations.


We apologise to our friends in Akiiryu for not having made this clear sooner. We would have hoped for a greater degree of forward planning, however the problem required an immediate remedy - leaving us with little time for talks with allies. As such, should the conflict escalate we would not expect it of you to aid us. That would be rude given the lack of discussion prior to events.


As for our honoured friends in Deltannia, our main explanation for this operation is that we are putting an end to terrorist activities, activities that could threaten peace and stability in Southern Europa. We hope that this explanation satisfies your request.



Ide Jiman War Ministry Statement:


The invasion of area 92 is being carried out for a number of reasons:


-There is a lack of any overall government in the region, leaving the area in a technical state of anarchy. We are uncomfortable with such an area on our border.

-The nature of the landscape along the Ide Jiman/92 border is not favourable for security. Extensive mangrove swamps, and many waterways make the region a haven for pirates and terrorists. The same pirates who terrorise shipping across southern Europa. If the Ide Jiman military were to occupy territory to the north of the Yalu river, a significant threat will be removed, not only to Ide Jima, but to other nations in Europa.

-The 'Red Faction' anti democratic communist terrorist organisation is active in the area. Regardless of the clash of ideologies involved, this is an organisation that places hundreds of Ide Jiman and other nations lives at risk, and therefore cannot be allowed to exist. After all, no sensible nation would allow murderers to walk freely.


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The Yalu Delta...


The first bridge was now under control. It had been deserted, and thus taken without a fight. Already, the army's tanks were moving across the bridge and off to the north, leaving the recon unit to carry on with it's sweep of the Yalu region.


Here it was, the first combat target. Satellite had picked up a clearing covered in small huts, thought to be a red faction outpost. The unit was to take and destroy the settlement, with heliborne troops on hand to finsh the job. Less than a day's walk northeast of the bridge, the clearing would come under attack at nightfall.


There were 3 UH-1s 2 AH-1s and a CH-53E on standby for the attack. The force now moved as one, with only small units covering the flanks as the troop advanced. Keung and the troops set out from the bridge, ready to take on the clearing...

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To: the Government of the Kingdom of Ide Jima

From: the Imperial Government of the Greater Holy Empire of Tagmatium

Re: Imperialist Actions


Although you state you have conclusive evidence, it has not been brought to the attention of the rest of Europa. The actions of Ide Jima are nothing more than an attempt to spread the nefarious and malignant aims further north, fuelled by your paranoid delusions that League members are behind every action that goes against your government. It would not surprise us in the least that if Xiao dropped his toast, the fact that it landed butter side down was blamed on the influence of the League of the Treaty!


Let it be known, the League of the Treat is now more-or-less defunct. It only truly lives on in the paranoia of your government. Tagmatium and Akiiryu are working together and have become firm friends, whilst Ide Jima chases ghosts and lives in the past.


If the situation does become out-of-hand in the Imperial Government?s eyes, then your pathetic threats will not stop us. Already members of the Tagmatine Redcross are dispensing aid, where lives have been ruined by the paranoid and selfish actions of Ide Jima.

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*** Encoded, message delivered by Akiiryan Ambassador***

To: the Kingdom of Ide Jima

From: the Sublime Principate of Akiiryu

Re: Invasion of Plot 92




Regrettably, the Prince and Baronic Council find your answer less than satisfactory, and somewhat insulting. You have provided no evidence to support your claims that a significant terrorist/pirate threat exists in plot 92, nor have you demonstrated that you faced a "problem required an immediate remedy." Indeed, given tha close links between our militaries, the Prince and Baronic Council are concerned that such a 'serious' threat was never discussed with the Akiiryan Military Attache and/or Akiiryan officers currently serving in the Ide Jima forces as part of our joint exchange programme. The Prince and Baronic Council are, therefore, forced to conclude that your government is hiding something from the SPA and strongly requests both an immediate explanation, and uncontravertable proof of the threat that you claim to face.

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Encoded Contact:

To: Akiiryu (Attachments also sent to Deltannia)

From: Ide Jima


We are sorry to see you and most of Europa take offense to this. As allies, it is true that we should have shared our plans with you and were wrong to do so. We attribute this lack of communication to two factors. Firstly, the emperor was clear in his demands for secrecy - and given his lack of knowledge about alliance protocol, certain formalities may have been overlooked - albeit on a purely accidental basis.


Secondly, we thought to a certain degree that you would be able to draw a reasonable assumption of what was to happen - especially given the recent Ide Jiman operations in the area. Clearly, this was exagerrated, and once again we apologise. Aside from apologies, we have little to offer regarding the situation, and reinforce our stance that as a result of our shortcomings, it would be rude of us to expect Akiiryan aid in this conflict. However, we did not deliberately hide information regarding this operation you, and would prefer it that you made no such further accusations.


As for your evidence, we have several examples attached to this message:

1.) 2x CCTV Images - The first shows the Darhan car bombing. The second, footage from a border point in the Yalu region two weeks earlier showing the same car entering Ide Jima.

2.) Footage taken by IJBC reporters 2 weeks ago. In this film, an Ide Jiman Marine Corps EAV-8BII is shot down over the Yalu region. Landscape and video analysts will be able to confirm this.

3.) Footage taken from a Satellite feed less than one week ago over the north of area 92, showing a large gathering of people and vehicles outside one of the main population centres. We are certain that your analysts will be able to confirm that these are indeed military forces.


Admittedly, we do not yet have fully incontrovertable evidence for pirate activity, however, the pattern of attacks in the South Byzantine sea, would suggest that there would have to be some bases in the area.


We hope that this will serve to dispel your doubts, and place us on a friendly footing once more,


The Ide Jiman War Ministry.



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Encoded Contact:


From:Ide Jima


We see the diplomatic wedge that your nation seeks to drive between Ide Jima and Akiiryu. Whilst we do have conclusive evidence, we have no desire to share it with the nation of Tagmatium. We have reported it to our friends in Deltannia and Akiiryu and you shall certainly hear of their reaction.


The paranoia of our government? The fact that Ide Jima is on bad terms with nearly every LT nation remains, regardless of whether or not the organisation is defunct. Spare us your insults for another time and place.


Should we come across members of the Tagmatine red cross, they will be sent back to where they came from. Ide Jiman army support is perfectly capable of restoring infrastructure to war striken areas, as not even we, the 'evil Ide Jimans' like to see civilian lives shattered by war.


Our action may be imperialist in your eyes, but in destroying the red faction, we could be saving the lives of Tagmatine civilians. We urge you to stay out of this conflict, as it has little to do with your decadent nation.

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The village was in sight. Around 100 troops had approached the southern side of the town, and now it was time for the action to begin. The machinegunner next to Keung opened fire, in the dimming sky, the bullets could be seen falling onto the town below, and sure enough fire began to come back in just a moment.


Keung and his squad of 12 moved out, heading down a shallow bank towards the town. The counterfire was concentrated to the east, so Keung's squad in the west were able to advance unhindered. Keung levelled his F2000 rifle, glared into the night vision sight, and began to fire. He watched as a rickety bamboo hut was ripped apart by the bullets, feeling the recoil of each shot.


He swore, as a member of his squad entered the sight and nearly ran into his line of fire. He was at the first building. He threw a grenade into the hut, and ran on 5 yards to pour fire into the central buildings of the village. Behind him, a member of his squad with an SMG entered the smoke filled hut and sprayed bullets into the room.


From underneath of one of the huts, someone took a shot at Keung, the bullet hit the ground nearby. He peered into the sight - the target was sitting duck, underneatht the hut was a tight squeeze, and there was no way they would be going anywhere fast. One building was of sturdier construction of the others, and inside, the defenders were holding out.


Keung watched as the commander called support. He shouted into a field radio, for the helicopters that were already airborne for mission supports to come and deal with the threat. In moments, the noise of the AH-1 engines could be heard, and from somewhere in the night sky behind him, Keung saw as four salvoes of rockets hit the building. It crumbled in a massive cloud of smoke. No more fire.


Several defenders came with hands up, no weapons. This time, fortunately for the prisoners, the psychopathic commander was off relaying coordinates via the radio. Keung was in charge. Which was when he saw the building, inside the bodies of women and children were in the rubble. A couple were alive - almost a miracle after the ferocity of the helicopter strike. Somewhere, someone wailed with anguish. Keung swore at the sight. A crowd had gathered in the centre of the village, and the commander would be finished in moments.


"Villagers!" Keung sobbed. "This attack has clearly been a case of mistaken identity. We urge you to leave now, all of your dead will be given christian burial, and those of you who report to an Ide Jiman army support unit will be given neccessary compensation. That is all I can offer you, now leave!"


Some of the villagers, faces white with fear ran, into the night heading north away from the village. Others stood there, spirits broken.


"What happened?" The Commander was behind him. "We took more prisoners than that".


"Th...they ran for it sir" Keung shuddered.


"They did what!?" The Commander flew off the handle and grabbed Keung, pointing a bayonet at his throat. "If you weren't such a good officer, I'd kill you now. Do you know what that means? If they get picked up by LT do gooders, and their story is heard, sh*t will hit the fan." The Commander was hysterical.


"Sorry Sir".


"No use apologising". The Commander suddenly became calm, very erratic behaviour. "SUM! GET YOUR SQUAD TO CHASE THEM DOWN" They'd be miles away by now, but it was worth a try. Those who remained had already been recorded as prisoners, and were saved from the wrath of the Commander, but were destined for a temporary internment camp as PoWs.

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*** Encoded, message delivered by Akiiryan Ambassador***

To: the Kingdom of Ide Jima

From: the Sublime Principate of Akiiryu

Re: Invasion of Plot 92




You may prefer we did not question your intentions all you like, however the excuse and evidence you have provided is questionable to say the least. As close allies we feel it is our right to point this out to you.


The fact that your emperor, his advisors, and your senior military staff all happened to accidently overlook the protocols of our alliance is questionable at best. Moreover, the fact that you claim that your emperor did not know the protocols is not only insulting to the nation of Akiiryu, but also personally insulting to the Prince. Do you really expect the Prince and Baronic Council to believe that the leader of your nation not be aware of his nations commitments to his long time allies?


The video footage you have provided is inconclusive, and we are forced to question why you were flying military aircraft over sovereign territory. The Prince and the Baronic Council once again requests FULL disclosure of all your sources and not just a few grainy and decontextualised film clips. Furthermore, the SPA also requires that your military provide a complete briefing to senior Akiiryan military and civilian personnel currently stationed in Ide Jima. A formal apology to the Prince and the Baronic Council for your government's breaches of protocol is also required. In the spirit of friendship, said apology is not required to be public.


Do not dishonour your great nation by refusing these requests.

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OOC: Thought maybe it might be cool to turn this media outlet sort of into the Al-Jazeera of Europa. mellow.gif



user posted image



Asalaam alaikum, and good evening.


The General Council today expressed outrage at the recent aggressions of the extremist Ide Jimian government, as they began a campaign of terror and violence against neighboring states, beginning with massive, brutal barrages of artillery against military and civilian targets alike, according to a source with the Red Crescent, a multinational aid organization which was operating in the area.


"The Ide Jimian government seeks to expand its state terror program, which has constantly kept its people in constant suffering, severely limited any and all political and civil liberties, and has long voiced its vehement hatred against the freedom-loving nations throughout Europa" a representative of the General Council stated in a press conference earlier this morning.


It is also reported that a number of M-S citizens, who were working with the Red Crescent in the area that has come under siege by the Ide Jimian military dictatorship, have gone missing and are presumed dead, according to Red Crescent officials. The General Council has vowed to "pursue any peaceful means to obtain any information as to their whereabouts and condition" the General Council representative stated today. "Inshallah the Ide Jimian government will cooperate with this simple request; the General Council grieves for the loss of life and progress in the region".

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*Encryption Level 9*

FROM: Deltannia

TO: Ide Jima


Deltannia will trust in your ability to carry out this operation with caution and finesse. Deltannia has decided not to join you in this venture at this time; however, we will not turn our eyes should our allies of Ide Jima require assistance against other nations of Europa that might oppose you.


Do what you will and go with honor. Deltannia will be watching over.

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Encoded Contact:


From:Ide Jima




We are trying our best to co-operate, however the tone and position that you are taking does not make this easy.


The fact that  your emperor, his advisors, and your senior military staff all happened to accidently overlook the protocols of our alliance is questionable at best.


Here you are referring to a government that has only been in power for a short period. To say the least the government is settling in, and certain protocol may indeed be overlooked in such times of change. We do however, take offense to this lack of trust, and should you continue to hammer it at us, rest assured our patience will wear thin.


Moreover, the fact that you claim that your emperor did not know the protocols is not only insulting to the nation of Akiiryu, but also personally insulting to the Prince.  Do you really expect the Prince and Baronic Council to believe that the leader of your nation not be aware of his nations commitments to his long time allies? 


Then you are too quick to anger. The emperor is single handedly responsible for running a nation of over 5 billion people. To suggest that 'he couldn't be bothered' to notify you prior to the operation beginning is both false and insulting. We have tried our best to co operate with you since this mishap was uncovered, we and we would appreciate the same in return. Instead we find that our closest allies are joining in the game of finger pointing that our enemies in Tagmatium are also indulging in.


The video footage you have provided is inconclusive, and we are forced to question why you were flying military aircraft over sovereign territory.  The Prince and the Baronic Council once again requests FULL disclosure of all your sources and not just a few grainy and decontextualised film clips.


Sovereign territory? There is no sovereign government in area 92. The region is in anarchy. Our air force has been conducting air strikes in the region, yes, but only to counter the threat posed by red faction SAMs to civilian air traffic. We shall give you full access to military northern video archives, IJBC reports as well as air recon photos and films over the last two months. We hope you find it more enlightening than our previous consginment. As for your requests, they shall be met.


The Ide Jiman Emperor apologises for the lack of communication on the part of the Ide Jiman military prior to the invasion of area 92. We recognise that this was misconduct on our part, and that such an incident will not happen again.


All Akiiryan general staff stationed in Ide Jima will receive a briefing of troop movements, objectives, aerial campaigns, losses as well as details regarding the naval blockade off of the coast of area 92. We hope that this will encourage you to speak to us on more friendly terms.


The Ide Jiman War Office




Encoded Contact:

To: Deltannia

From: Ide Jima


Honoured Allies,


The stance that you have taken in this matter is most honourable. The Ide Jiman government is most pleased with the decision, and let it be known that your decision will not soon be forgotten by the Ide Jiman people. May your approach be seen as an example to others,


The Ide Jiman War Office


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Southern Area 92...


With the bridge in military hands, Keung's unit was now to head north, into areas of more solid resistance. Having arrived at the bridge after returning from operations, the unit boarded a transport and headed south to another air force base. Here the extent of what was planned was made clear. At the side of the runway, four B-1C Lancer bombers were preparing for takeoff. Opposite them, an AC-130 gunship was rearming and refuelling.


Keung's unit was to head north of the delta into the mountains, where Red Faction presence was said to be greatest. His 130 troop strong unit boarded a squadron of CH-53s and took off, heading north...

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TO: Ide Jima

FROM: Tamurin


The latest information and the information you provided leave us no choice, but to regard your attack on plot 92 as an unprovoked attack against a neighbor of you. There are no reports that your country or your people were attacked. The only reason you have for the attack is a general suspicion against the "Red Factions".


We also only see your troops attacking in plot 92, there hasn't been one major counter-attack. An aggressor should be able to counter-attack within days. We've also seen the latest video footage of "The Voice of the Northern Alliance". It's deeply concerning.


Ide Jima is destabilizing the region, maybe even Europa. Is this war really worth it?

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To: Tamurin

From: Ide Jima




The Red Faction has attacked Ide Jima in the past (ooc: there was a carbombing on my newsthread a while back). Whilst you have expressed concern over the lack of an enemy counterattack, it would be hard for our enemies to do that through the Yalu region, given the nature of the landscape. In launching this operation, we are removing a significant threat to democracy from Southern Europa. In doing this, we fail to see exactly how it is we are destabilising the region, given that no foreign nations have become directly involved. Please don't believe everything you see on the 'voice of the northern alliance'.

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Gregorius Ford thumped the table with his fist. ?How dare those treacherous Ide Jimans threaten aid workers! It?s barbaric and uncivilised! They are trying to help people!?


The Holy Emperor steepled his fingers and looked over at his High Chancellor. ?Your sense of outrage is well placed, Mr. Ford. The actions of Ide Jima, their moves against the Red Cross and the Red Crescent, are making them look particularly bad in the eyes of both our public and those of many other nations.? Commodus beckoned his secretary over and handed him a sheet of paper. The secretary placed it onto an overhead projector, so the rest of those attending the meeting could see it. ?I?ve been sent several letters by the Tagmatine Red Cross, demanding that I extract some form of agreement from the Ide Jimans to allow their workers to help those caught up in the conflict without the workers getting ejected or worse." The Holy Emperor didn't like to be dictated to by anyone, let alone a non-government agency, one that was in theory a subordinate branch of the Tagmatine Iconoclastic Orthodox Church.


There was a murmur of agreement from the rest of those in the room.


?However,? continued the monarch of the Greater Holy Empire, ?I feel that getting such an agreement might be counter-productive to Tagmatium?s aims and objectives. Whilst it would indeed safeguard some of our citizens, it would also make Ide Jima look much more lenient and cooperative, which is something that I don?t want to do. If Ide Jima continues to hound aid workers, then the worse it looks for them. I?m sure they won?t come to any harm, as I don?t think Ide Jima is quite that foolish. But if they do??


Several other members of the Imperial Government shuffled in their seats, looking slightly uncomfortable with this idea. It was fairly ruthless, but also understandable. It did, however, have the potential to seriously backfire. However, they also knew that the Tagmatine Red Cross was asking too much of the Imperial Government, more or less demanding that the Greater Holy Empire change its international policies to better suit themselves, something that Commodus James would not do. Whatever he decided was the correct path for Tagmatium.


?Imperial majesty,? said the Minister of Internal Affairs, Gebeon Tonaras, ?what of Ide Jima?s allies??


The Holy Emperor glanced over at Eugenius Wilson, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, and nodded at him.


?The Sublime Principate is acting in a similar way to us, apparently,? said Foreign Minister Wilson. ?They have been offended over the lack of courtesy Ide Jima?s government showed them in acting without informing them and I expect as well that they are beginning to tire of Ide Jima?s ?us and them? attitude over members of the League. After all, we and the SPA have been cooperating together in Adaptus for quite some time now and that relationship continues to blossom.?


?And what of the rumours of a re-emerging Vanarambaion?? asked Tonaras.


The meeting room lapsed into thoughtful silence. Rumours of Vanarambaion getting back on its feet had been buzzing about for the last few weeks (OOC: IC time), and their intervention in this affair would have large consequences. After all, the Stratocracy (OOC: Tagmatium?s name for Vanarambaion ? it doesn?t except it as another Holy Empire. After all, as there is one God in heaven, there is one Empire in Europa) was still allied to Ide Jima, and to Akiiryu. On top of this, the Greater Holy Empire had a massive dislike of Vanarambaion, based on the past threat of nuclear strike when Tagmatium legitimately aided an ally in defending its sphere of interest.


?It does appear that the Stratocracy is indeed going to once more become a threat to our nation?s interests,? said Commodus. ?But to what extent, it can?t really be said, especially as we now have the Sublime Principate on our side. However, we must turn our attention back to the south.?


?I have been thinking about whether to dispatch a small fleet to the south, your majesty,? said the Minister for War, Honorius Kontarian. ?It might be more of an inflammatory move, however, especially since Ide Jima constantly entertains paranoid delusions about the League.?


?How small, Minister?? asked the Holy Emperor.


?I was thinking an Oracle, a Scutatus and maybe a frigate or two.?


?It would be a risky move, your majesty,? said the Foreign Minister. ?They are pretty jumpy at this point in time. They may well decide to do something rather foolish against our vessels.?


?Point noted, Minister Wilson. Minister Kontarian, I will consider such a deployment and will give you my answer shortly. However, until then, this meeting is over. Good day, gentlemen.?


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(I'm going to assume I have the same plots until someone tells me otherwise.)


The former Emperor took in the scene laid before him. It had been months since the Vanarambaion Holy Synod had flexed its proverbial muscles, demanding and ultimately receiving a patriarch of the Church separate from the Holy Emperor. That started a nearly year-long power struggle that had left several thousand dead as the military split over which faction it would follow. The civil war was concluded not long after his advisors forced him to step down. At that point, General Georgy Zhukov had sacked Thule and taken the crown as his own. In the intervening months he'd rebuilt the city, and reconciled the two factions.


Christoph shook his head. This was a risky move for the new monarch. He hadn't claimed any titles yet, only sovereign rule. The people gathered in the room knew he was the nephew of the old Emperor. The two sides hod only just regrouped under this new regime. Yet Georgy thought now would be the time to bring the old Emperor into his circle. Christoph took a deep breath and stepped from the shadows. He kept his face expressionless as he caught the attention of the new patriarch, Leontius IV, now known as the Red Patriarch. Also in the room were the commanding generals of two other factions, Mikhail Kutuzov and Heinz Guderian. The air was deathly silent until all were seated. Then Emperor Georgy cleared his throat. "It is time we got down to business, gentlemen. You are all now members of the Council of Foreign Relations. There is an issue we need to discuss. The Ide Jimans have attacked a backward country on their border. What is our response?"




'Why didn't I follow in my grandfather's footsteps?' Ensign Jonathan Dunsinaine's mind was wandering. It didn't matter that much, the North Fleet hadn't gotten orders for nearly 10 months. They'd been stuck in international waters, watching for any Tagmatine interlopers. And there hadn't been a lick of action in that time. Today wasn't any different.


Suddenly, his comrade across the room snapped to attention. Glancing quickly over his shoulder, Jonathan caught a glimpse of purple. Instantly, he went rigid. This was a Grand Admiral. Too scared to do anything, Jonathan held his stance until the new man spoke. "Set a course." The man spat some coordinates at him. Instantly, Jonathan put the fleet on that course. After finishing this, he again snapped to attention. "Sir!" The Grand Admiral turned to face him. From his face he guessed the man was a relation to the old Emperor. He smiled. "At ease, son. We've been reassigned. But first we need some new supplies. We'll be going close enough to Vanarambaion to let our supply ships restock. We'll get a sniff of home at last." With that, he turned and left the bridge.

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