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Santa's Grotto

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Merry season?s greetings Europa!


On behalf of the Commonwealth of Equilism, I would like to invite you to Santa?s Grotto opening on the 15th of December and lasting until the 6th of January, a fountain of multi-regional festive fun and culture! There are many events being organised for the festival. These include?..


?A secret Santa. Give gifts to members across NationStates. But who will send you one?

?An art festival. Think your region has got the best art in NationsStates? Then find out!!

?After party Nation Creating Competition . Can you make the worst puppet in NationStates?! Are you up for the challenge?!

?Festive games including a quiz, caption contest, Santa?s Knee, and other seasonal fun!

More events are on the drawing board!


Regions are also invited to submit their own activity: just PM ?Santa Claus? on the Commonwealth of Equilism?s forum with your idea!


We hope to see you in equilism this winter. All are welcome! You can find us at




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