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Rise of the Religions

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OOC: I hope this belongs here. Since I don't know where this is headed, I put it here in the event that something does spark. I have been meaning to do something like this for awhile. I also assume there will be chapters of both religions in countries that allow them (I don't expect all), just like other religions are allowed in Deltannia.




*Excerpt from a history textbook in Deltannia University, Historical Institute*


....throught the Dark Age, the old religions began to flounder. It was in the mixing of the different cultures that arose that a new religion arose....


....It was religion that bound the people together, that made them rise above all others, dominant in Deltannia, unchallenged for centuries...


....read the excerpt from the Book of Pho describing the "Northern Land of Chonia..."


....by the end of the bloody age, countless people were dead from both sides. The Church of Cho had withdrawn after its glory days, so that its own offshoot, the Church of Pho, could become the primary religion for Deltannia....


....and so that Deltannia could keep its separation between secular and religious powers, the country claimed to have no official religion, thus loosening the power grip of the Phonians forever....




*Deltannian News Network*


....with the rise of the new Eye of Cho, experts say that this could result in a backlash from the relatively small, yet widespread Church of Cho. Here is what he had to say:


"And now, as the Prophets have decreed, we will retake what has been ours from the corrupters of the Faith!"




The building had lay along the seashore, facing the east to greet the new day's sun. Every sermon with the light of Pho had been a blessing.


The bishop had began to organize his morning itinerary when he smelt the foul smell of evil. The smoke began to grow, and he left his private chamber only to find the wooden halls on fire....

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*Deltannian News Network Bulletin*


With increasing violence across the nation, police forces are strapped to end the rioting between members of the Two Churches. Deltannian Guard members have been called in to put a halt to the arsonists.






The entire temple took up the size of several city blocks, it being one of the largest in the country. Therefore, the Salanar Police Department had decided that it needed the most protecting. After forming the perimeter and barricading the whole thing, ground and sky patrols were sweeping across, ready to protect the ancient structure. Other minor temples were also under police protection, from both sides.


Their orders were simple. Any rioters were to be shot on sight.




*Council Chambers*


"This violence is wearing our internal security forces thin. And the religious animosity can only continue to grow. We will need further deployment of the Guard to bolster their numbers and to protect our infrastructure!"


"The Guard has suffered from lack of enrollment in the past few years. The only such increase in security I can think of his landing marines to patrol the streets."


"Marines haven't the same police training for civil situations!" yelled another.


"We cannot sit idle and watch our police fail from lack of numbers! Fire deparments are scrambling now, and the volunteers have been called in, with little addition."


"Gentlemen!" yelled someone running into the Chambers. He took a stand at the center. "I bring disturbing news! Councilman Klerth has been poisoned in his private study!"


The hall became silent. This news could not reach the outside world. If it did, the Chonia would be even more angered at the murder of their greatest political supporter...


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