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Vickers Security Contractors

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Vickers is now training, and contracting the most elite fighting men from across Europa. Spured on by sefl satifaction, this is their life. The battlefield is their home, these are the best men in the whole world for your fight. Trained by the most elite ex-military people's from around Europa. These are the ultimate in their field, and their field is war. Trained in demolition, reconassance, intellagance, force protection, VIP protection, and many other aspects of war. These are special forces on extacy. You take these into battle, and you will never regret it.


Vickers' contractors are highly trained, and extreamly well equipt. The have access to the latest equipment from the Vickers armouries. They are highly prized soldiers. They will work for anyone, and will take on any mission, as along as they abide by Adapton and International law. Out contractors equipt themselfs as they see fit. This may mean that they donn unifoms of other nations, and such. If this causes problems, please speack with the commanding officer of the Troop.


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Ready for combat are troops, squadrons, and regiments of contractors. Priceing is broken down as follows:-


Troop - 12 fully equipt contractors - ??800,000 per month

Squadron - 100 fully equipt contractors - ??4 million per month

Regiment - 650 fully equipt contractors - ??10 million per month


?? = Gold Coins

??1 = ?0.75

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Airborne Contractors


Airborne Contractors are airborne warfare specialists. Mostly recruied from the likes of Parachute, and airborne special units. These can be droped into a combat situation by both Vickers piloted aircraft, or the employers own aircraft. The Airbone Division of Vickers Security Contractors is a more skilled fast attack division, as their motto shows.

"Strike fast. Strike hard. Strike deep."


The division prouds itself of it's fomer careers, and offten the soldiers model themselfs in the fasion of their old unit. For the reasons the the Airborn Division is a more specialised division it is higher priced.


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Vickers Paras training.


Airborne Troop - 12 fully equipt contractors - ??900,000 per month

Airborne Squadron - 100 fully equipt contractors - ??6 million per month

Air Assault Regiment - 450 fully equipt contractors - ??11 million per month


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Marine Commando Contractors


The marine commando contractors are, like the airborne contractors, specialised in a certin type of warfare. This time, as you guessed, marine warfare. The Vickers Marine Commando Division specialises in not just marine assaults, but they also specialised in underwater missions, and small scale marine reconnassance. These like the rest of the Vickers contractors are elites in their field. Trained by the best, and are the best.


Like the airborne division, the marine division is higher priced, and more elite. They combined skills picked up from across Europa, and employ them all. This makes for a very effective force.


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Commando training pictures.


Marine Recon Team - 4 fully equipt contractors - ??400,000 per month

Commando Troop - 12 fully equipt contractors - ??900,000 per month

Commando Squadron - 100 fully equipt contractors - ??6 million per month

Marine Commando Regiment - 450 fully equipt contractors - ??11 million per month


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****Encrypted Message Sent To Vickers Weapon Sales****


Hello Gentlemen,


As You May Have Heard Renposa Is In Revolution. I represent The Peoples United Front. A Underground Movement established to bring down the fascist party in power "The Black Regime" We have become incresingly militant over the past days and would like to aquire the survices of the military contractors. Now we have seized 79% Of The Black Regimes National Gross By Slicing Into Their Isolated Bank Accounts.


We Would Require An Military Airdrop Of Marine Commando Regiment We would like to price this Night Suprise Offensive At A Resonable Amount We Understand The Dangers In This Operation But We Are Prepared For Them To Be Dealt With. This IS Very Important To Our Cause A Stealth Airdrop Would prove a mighty blow to our cause. Now We Were Thinking Along These Lines. There Is A Farmfield Just 27 Miles South Of Derink Quardinates 112:48. We Ask For The Marines To Be Dropped There We Will A Mission Breifing On About what is to be done.


*Double Encryption*

The Plans Are As Follows:

The Marines Are To Drop At Exactly 7:00pm Then They Will Meet With A Group Known As "Mother Goose" Then They Will Proceed To Derink And Conduct Militant Offenses On Police and Military Headquarters Since Most Of The Officers And Soldiers Are In The Streets This Should Be Almost An Reutin Night Operation. The Commandoes Will Be Brought Back To The Farmfields for Pickup At 2:00Am. Records Of This Operation Will Be Deleted When The Attacks Occur.




When We Get A Response To This Message The Money Will Be Sent.


The United Peoples Front,Norbert Clement.

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***Encrypted Message***


A regiment of Marines has been preped to leave for your area. Within six hours an unmarked aircraft will fly over the area you have selected and will drop all perchased troops into the area in waves of one hundred every hour. So one hundred men on the hour for four hours, after the six hour flight to Renposa.


The marines have all the equpitment they need, and if more is needed, Vickers shall supply it, free of charge. Once you have perchaded the troops, they will be under your command for one month, even if they do not fight, they will still be paid. If you wish to keep the unit longer than one month, please inform us in advance.


We thank your for your intrest in Vickers Security Contractors. We wish you well, and good luck.

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***Double Encrypted Message***


Greetings Gentlemen,


We require the marines to be dropped at the location provided. We would also like to know what the price will be set at and what the price would be if we were to ask for a buyout of the marines.


The Peoples United Front


Norbert Clement.

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***Encrypted Message***


We are sorry to say but marines can not be bought out, we have strick policies on that. However, the regiment of marines will cost you 8.25 million euros per month. However we can lowoer the price if when your armed group takes over your nations, you can join the nations group. A membership group which offers a 10% discount on all troops perchased.

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The Money Has Been Sent Wired To A Vickers Weapon Sales Account. The Exact Amount Of 8.25 million. I Suppose We May Still Have Use For The Marines We Will Keep Them For The Full Month. I Thank-you For The Quiet Drop In. The Attacks Planned Last Night Were A Great Success.


The United Peoples Front,


Norbert Clement


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