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The Amazing Spectacle of American Media!

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Here's something to ponder...


The Iraq study group report, which dominated the news on Wednesday with the

alleged revelation that the politics of George W. Bush in the Middle East

are not working, just as the day before Robert Gates' Senate confirmation

hearings dominated the news with his admission that the U.S. is losing the

war in Iraq, are both part of an orchestrated campaign to provide political

cover for one of the most corrupt governments in the history of democracy

and to keep public interest and media coverage away from key issues that

face the planet.


And once again, the complete lack of understanding of the issues on the part

of the U.S. news media is part of the problem, not the solution.

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Something that came to mind. Call it a conspiracy theory, but, fudge it.


According to this government report, gas prices in 2006 were unusually low during the midterm elections in November. And to further emphasize this point, looking at the years before, there is no clear correlation between gas prices during the same time of year from 1993 to present.


What does this mean? Are these gas prices correlated to anything other than market forces?

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Quite simple friend, see, the Bush is in league with the oil barons. They collaborated to lower the prices in an attempt to buy over some votes, claiming that 'the economy is golden under bush!'. I'm inclined to say it worked. While those crazy lefties have the majority, the republicans only need to sway a couple of them to fudge things up again...


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