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Generous Support of the Iraqi Military

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Who ever came up with this idea needs to be lined up on a wall and shot 10X Over. What The $*%@ is this person thinking? Why not just GIVE Al-Queda All Of Norad, Hell just throw in Washington DC, and since we are so damn nice why not just Let The Islamic Jihad Rent NYC. These people are just going to do the same as what the taliban did to us from the cold war to the war in afghanistan.


The Cold War:We gave so called "FREEDOM FIGHTERS" now the taliban good weapons.


The War In Afghanistan:The "FREEDOM FIGHTERS" used the weapons against us!


The War On Terror:Give Iraqis Better Weapons.


WWIII:America Is Almost Gone And Americans Are Pushed All The Way Back To The Ohio Valley To The Rocky Mountains....*OVER REACTION*

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