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New ranks?

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I was just browsing the web and came across some weird looking forum (I believe it's Cyrillic). They seem to have some nice images for their ranks. Let me show you:


1 user posted image

2 user posted image

3 user posted imagex3 (this one could also be used separately, the admin while know what I mean)

4 user posted image

5 user posted image

6 user posted image

7 user posted image

8 user posted image

9 user posted image

10 user posted image


Admin http://forums.ag.ru/images/staradmin.gif (sorry, no image, there are already too many in this post)

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Here's the minimum required post count for each of the ranks.

Never mind the titles, I've run out of inspiration after a while... It doesn't matter much, since many people customize their title.


Title --------------------- Min Posts ----- Pips

Newbie ----------------------------0 ---- 1 yellow star

Member --------------------------10 ---- 2 yellow stars

Advanced Member --------------30 ---- 3 yellow stars

Super Advanced Member -------50 ---- 4 yellow stars

Mega Advanced Member -------100 ---- 5 yellow stars

Senior Member -----------------150 ---- 1 orange star

Super Senior Member ----------200 ---- 2 orange stars

Mega Senior Member -----------250 ---- 3 orange stars

Veteran --------------------------300 ---- 4 orange stars

Oldie -----------------------------350 ---- 5 orange stars

Experienced Member -----------400 ---- 1 red star

Super Experienced Member ---450 ---- 2 red stars

Mega Experienced Member ----500 ---- 3 red stars

Post Pimp ------------------------750 ---- 4 red stars

Spammer -----------------------1000 ---- 5 red stars

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