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In reference to what MS has said recently, do people think ADHD exists?


My mum is a teacher at one of the worst schools in Bristol (my home city), which is situated in one of the most deprived areas of the city. A lot of the children are out of control (although primarily this is due to the collapse of discapline and teacher morale, but that's a story for another day) and some are indeed calmed down by the use of medication, going from unteachable to fairly biddable children, but this is in the most extreme cases.


What are your thoughts on this matter?


Personally, I am against the use of medication to control behaviour, but it can have some uses in some circumstances...

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@Adapt: That's exactly the film I was thinking of.


@Suv: What I'm saying is that the American government is looking at MANDATORY issue of behavior modification drugs, universal ADHD screening, etc. for all children in public schools. I am not making a case against an individual choosing to use this crap. Of course, trying to do that AND universal health care in the States would put us through a pretty tight bind that alot of right-wingers would push pretty hard to cut-and-run from. What I mean is the whole deal where if you legalize something that was taboo before, alot of people are going to go out and do it. This isn't right-wing hysteria, this is fact. The end of the prohibition of alcohol saw a record high of 'drunk in public' or similar criminal charges. We'd have to be prepared to do the same with other substances.


Getting back on topic, as my comment toward Suv stated, my feelings on ADHD (having been diagnosed it, HAHA WEE...it's so shiny...anywho...) are that its symptoms are too vague; children act out their surroundings. Chaotic surroundings will drive such an impressionable being as a human child into a chaotic state. I lived a life in upheaval as a child myself, immigrating to the fricken States and dealing with that garbage. Shortly after I had the priviledge of being a child of a single parent who had to resort to working pretty much all the damn time, while being ineligible for any breaks for awhile waiting for a flippin naturalization period to go through, which was shortened thanks only in part to the sacrifices of my father in the U.S. Army (my mother is Swedish).


Now, I also understand that there are exceptions to every rule. But I have based my understanding of ADHD upon my own understanding of it, supported by my own research and limited psychology education. Furthermore, I believe that the institutions which parents entrust the education of their children to are always quick to find excuses for a child's deficiency that do not stem directly from their own educational system, and have often used ADHD as an excuse to draw attention away from the shoddy system itself.


Finally, as a very unrelated side note, according to NSEconomy, my nation's highest priority is education. mellow.gif

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As a young boy and still am A very Hyper-Energetic Young Man. Around 2nd I would be so active I just could not stop dancing talking anything. I know that is how 2nd Graders Are But I blew the rest out of the water. They tried putting me on sugar diets and lowering my caffine rate. Finally my 2nd Grade Teacher told my mother I may have ADHD my mother furiously rejected, saying that it is just a way from Companies to sell drugs.


I agree with this would it not make sense that companies made up ADHD just to sell drugs. If the schools would just let the kids express themselves for often then there would not be such a thing as ADHD. Plus dont you find it funny how just in the past 20 years this came about. My Parents and Grandparent were fine why am I not? *AM I CHOSEN TO BE THE GREATEST MILITARY LEADER EVER? LOL*

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