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Liquid Body Armour!

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I found a couple od things on this. The best being the news the the MOD could be using it in their new combat uniform in 2010, along with the FIST system. This I think will be before the Americans issue their Land Warrior system in 2013. Hehe, we're back on top.


Heres the story:-


SOLDIERS are to begin trialling a futuristic ?liquid armour? that is worn like ordinary clothing but turns into a rigid shield as soon as it is hit by bullets or shrapnel.


The armour consists of material impregnated with liquid silica that has been modified using nanotechnology. It is designed as a flexible alternative to the current military armour, which consists of Kevlar material reinforced by heavyweight ceramic plates.....




A video..




I also thought this could be a good idea for a good R 'nd D RP.

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The interesting thing about military R & D is that it is often hampered by your typical Traditionalists and your spendophobes. It's a rough balance of power in the American military-industrial complex, win-win either way...with the real Soldiers being tossled about in the middle, depending on either end of this diabolical marriage of the war hawks and the merchants of menace to come through for the common Soldier. Of course, oftentimes this is but a secondary concern, with proftis and budgets the primary consideration.


In my opinion, all of this is complete rubbish; a political agenda to replace old enemies that have since turned away from the maddening arms race with a vague and elusive nemesis that is touted as the antithesis of our way of life.

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