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Donald Duck in Der Fueher's Face

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"HERE! Improve the mind! ...Heil Hitler!"


If I am not wrong, people started caring about the nazi concentration fields after WW2. Brazil was more inclined towards the axis until 1942 (mostly because of Get?lio Vargas and his Estado Novo regime), when Adolf sunk one of our ships... we started this war because of this, not because of mass murdering of handicapped people, forced labor camps, and the suffering of small antrophomorphic ducks who had to made shells for a living. And if I'm not terribly wrong, The UK and the US entered the war because of the invasion of Poland and the Japanese attack to Pearl Harbor.

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Disney was foully anti-semitic. He also used the McCarthy witch hunts to get rid of many competitors.


@Emak: People simply didn't know about the concentration camps before WWII, although there weren't that many until the latter stahes of the war anyway. People had heard rumours, but the full horror of the Final Solution wouldn't be known until the Allies stumbled upon the camps as Nazi Germany collapsed. One thing that sticks in my memory is an interview with a Brigadier from a British armour unit, who talked of when his unit found and liberated one of them - even though the interview must have been twenty or thirty years after the event, it still is too difficult for the man to talk about it.


WWII history isn't my strong point, but Britain did declare war on Germany after the invasion of Poland. And Churchill attempted to fight for the independence of Poland in the closing stages of WWII, but was ignored by the other allies, who sacrificed Poland to the USSR.

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People simply didn't know about the concentration camps before WWII, although there weren't that many until the latter stahes of the war anyway.


Sorry to correct you.


The first concentration camp was "opened" in 1933 (Dachau), a few months after the Nazis took over. Other concentration camps soon followed. You are right, the camps that were "equipped" with gas chambers were all built during the war, more or less all in Poland.


However, people did know something. Just watch Charly Chaplins "The Great Dictator". It aired first in 1940 and shows jew ghettos, like the one in Warszaw. OK, it's not a documentary and movies were different then, but it proves: People knew!


It's a convenient thing to deny knowledge. The Germans did it and the Allies did it, too. It's true that nobody knew everything, but many people knew enough.

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The same applies for the German media. However, media people are in most cases only interested in high sales rates and don't know exactly what they're talking about; very often people expect gas chambers in concentration camps located in Germany because of wrong media reports.

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