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*Missile Defense System*

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To:{Contractors/Nations Of Europa}


From:{The Supreme Military Command Of Renposa}


Subject:{Missile Defense System}



Nations and Contractors of Europa,



{The Supreme Military Command Of Renposa} is in need of a {Missile Defense System}. We {TSNR} are willing to pay any amount for a {Modern and Elaborate MDS} to be as soon as possible "Money Is No Object". Growing tensions among nations prompts us to build such a formidable defense. We would like the {MDS} to be inside a {Defensive Perimeter} 3x3 Miles Wide. We would like 6 {MDS} built. We would like the bunker to be 500 yards below ground level. The Silos must be built 50 yards in diameter to house the Renposan Rockets.


Any Contractor/Nation will be paid very hansomley for this labor. Any further questions must be posted here PM is not accepted.


Many Thanks,


{The Supreme Military Command Of Renposa}

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To: The Supreme Military Command Of Renposa

From: Vickers Weapon System.

Re: Missile Defense System


Rather than consentrait on silo based defences. Us at Vickers have found the mobile defence systems docterine to be more succesful, and we have an award winning system to accompany this theory also. The Arrow High Level Anti-Aricraft/Anti-Balistic Missile, Missile System?. Here are the spesifacations for the system, and a little bit of info too.


user posted image


The Arrow is an exelent system. it provides you with high level aircraft protection, and ballistic missile protection. it oporates in 2 parts, one section is the large radar pannel, and the next the fireing platform. the radar pannel is placed on a high area, and then detects threats, once a threat is foud, a missile can be launched to couter the threat. very effective. Our award winning system, used throughout Europa.


Radar frequency: L band

Detection range: 500km

Target speed Over: 3km/s

Missile guidance to distance from target: 4m from target

Missile length: 7.0m

Missile diameter: 800mm

Missile launch weight: 1,300kg

Launch canisters per launcher: 6

Missile velocity Mach: 9

Maximum range: 70.0km

Maximum range of flight: 90.0km

Minimum altitude: 8,000m

Maximum altitude: 50,000m

Price: 1 million Euros per unit.


You look forward to your reply.

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