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Nazism is bad for your health...

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German friends: I know Nazi symbols are....yeah, I know, I've asked around back in my time in the Bundesrepublik. This video made me laugh, though...alot...plus I was wondering if anyone could give me a brief interpretation of this

. Thanks much!!!


Sid Vicious was not a Nazi, by the way. I got that comment awhile ago when I went on leave back around Thanksgiving 'cause I showed them my copy of The Great Rock N Roll Swindle (Sid's got a swastika shirt on during the 'Anyone Can Be A Sex Pistol Audition'.).


Classic punk = Maximizing shock value mellow.gif


EDIT: Translation

. ROFLsauce...that's a new one.
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...if easily provoked to violence...I've seen the clashes, Tam, one personally, in the east, where Neo-Nazis supposedly get their stronger support, due to the fact that the east still hasn't quite recovered from the Soviets...at least, that's what I remember about my time in Germany. I know it got to a point where I couldn't travel that way. I made that decision as a professional so's I wouldn't be tempted into standing up for anti-racism and such.

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People in the East are following the neonazis because they feel abandoned by the government. With unemployment between 15 and 25 % for the last 15 years you can't blame them. Every party has been in power since then and they all failed in changing the situation there.


When the economic situation improves, the nazi problem will solve itself. But if the economic situation stays the way it is now...no guarantees for anything.

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