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Tamurin Museum of Military Technology


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Greetings from the History Department of the ministry of science.


Tamurin is about to open the museum for the military technology of yesterday and the days before and we would like to see our european friends join this project.


Our countries' military is equipped with modern weapons and technology. The downside of this achievement is that many weapons, aircrafts, ships etc. are obsolete and just standing around, waiting to be deconstructed, melted or slowly rust and rot.


We want to change that. What began as a project of aircraft-enthusiasts, now becomes a national project - and with the help of our european friends an international project!


Are you also tired of dumping your old tanks? To see your old ships rust in the harbor? To watch your old aircraft, once the "lord of the sky", standing on the ground and just rot?


Sell them to us or borrow them to us! We will maintain them, keep them in "perfect health" and use them as tourist attractions. Air shows, replay of old battles and maneuvers and ride-alongs for visitors!


We will pay you a reasonable price - in credits or, if you prefer, in a bonus: Tourists from your country only pay half-price.


So far, our museum will be equipped with old Tamurin military assets:



P-51 Mustangs, P-47 Thunderbolt, Fokker Dreidecker, F-86 Sabres, F-84 Thunderjets, F-100 Super Sabre, F-104 Starfighter, the british Vulcan bomber and some others.


user posted image


P-51's with original US-markings; this group now "serves" in the Tamurin Museum of Military Technology and will "fight" other museum aircraft


Army Equipment:

Several main battle tanks from 1935 to 1975; trucks from 1905 to 1967; assault rifles from 1892 to 1977; and many more things.


user posted image


The K-5a, the so-called "Civil War Rifle", was used in the Tamurin Civil War from 1903-1911. It was used until 1942.


Navy Equipment:

Several small support vessels, two destroyers, one cruiser, two old submarines and one small aircraft carrier. The biggest asset is the "Shining Arrabar", one of the last big battleships of Tamurin.

At the moment we're working on an old aircraft carrier and two big submarines; they should be ready to be visited in spring 2005.


user posted image


The "Shining Arrabar", once the pride of the Navy


The Museum is in Hlath, 80 km south of the E.C.A.-harbor Hlondeth. It will open on december 6th, 2004. Guests from our european neighbours are more than welcome to visit.


user posted image


One of the spectacular scenes of the air show - a dogfight between biplanes and a Fokker Dreidecker. Although it might seem very dangerous, the fire, the bombs and the guns aren't lethal; these are all special effects.


If you are concerned about the safety, you are welcome to contact us. We have a safety certificate from the ministry of defense, the ministry of internal affairs and the ministry of consumers and we'll be happy to show you how things are done here.


If you consider selling assets to us, please contact the Tamurin embassy.

We understand that you cannot sell or borrow modern military technology to us. We also don't want to show the world the most advanced technology Tamurin has.

To avoid this, the museum will only show assets and technology which is at least 25 years old. And nothing that is a quarter of a century old is any concern to the national security if displayed in public, right?

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To: Tamurin Museum of Military TEchnology

From: Niederoestereichian Warbirds Associated

Subject: Rare Warbirds


We have noticed that you display a large stockpile of various military equipment from different time periods, therefore we wish to offer the people of Tamurin, the oppitunity to see two of Niederoestereichian fine warbirds from a era once gone. For a limit period, we wish to offer the CAC Boomerang and the CAC Wirraway for a vist. They are both airworthy and if the museum has an airstrip, conduct airshows 3 times a week, and rides in the Wirraway.

user posted image

CAC Wirraway

user posted image

CAC Boomerang

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TO: Niederoestereichian Warbirds Associated

FROM: Tamurin Museum of Military Technology

RE: CAC Boomerang and CAC Wirraway


We would be very glad to have such fine and airworthy aircrafts in our collection, even it would be just for a short while.


We appreciate this kind of cultural cooperation between our nations and hope that it will continue.

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