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Idea for the Historical Boards

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So, after perusing the Historical boards and re-reading many threads, I've come to the conclusion that Europa had a fairly clean couple of centuries from the Middle Ages up to the Present.


Of course, there were wars and bloodshed and dying for nations against other nations, but there were also times of peace, of advancement and realization of global travel!


So, I'm suggesting, should anyone be interested, that we go back to the late 1800s and the early 1900s, when steamships traveled the seas and the gap between social classes was near its highest. Where cities were overcrowded as people flocked to employment centers, and labor laws had yet to truly emerge.


I know the sustainability of a RP is short, at best, so my idea is to have tiny 'moments in time' type posts, flashbacks to where ever your nation was at that moment on the long road of modernization.


Who knows, maybe we could even have something akin to the Titanic...

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Definately dim attention spans, what with all this American TV we're exposed to. Oh, my mistake, maybe it could be that we don't have the time to spare, what with doing other things with our lives.


I don't know - Tagmatium always was having civil wars and the like. 1500s was the reconquest of Tagmatium after the Akiiryu took most of it, 1600s consoldidation of the Greater Holy Empire and exploration of the Occident, 1700s probing other nations across Europa for good relations, 1800s more like Europe at that time, 1900s - you all know the story for that century.

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Actually I'd have to say that the occasional new anti-Emo video on Youtube pretty much kills my attention span on other things, or a Sid Vicious tribute video, or something along those lines...


The Mongol-Swedes were broken up into their individual tribes, no confederations had existed yet because imperialist powers had kept the tribes all seperate and propagated infighting amongst any previous confederations prior to colonization.

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Not quite. It's because of my connection sometimes. I can't and don't want to go through a large thread with 19 pages of Tagmatine officers talking with each other about rugby on a large warship, Mongol-Swedes thrashing they own radio equipment after sending a message to someone, and the like tongue.gif

Because in most of the time, my dialup either connects in extremely slow speeds, or it falls every five minutes.

Besides, it's a great idea for newcomers. I, for example, can't say that I know much about the history of most nations in here.

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From 1750, Miiros became very isolationist due to a number of horrible events that devastated the island and provinces. In the very late 1800s, Miiros began to reverse this policy restoring economic ties first which led up to Aron Vander's formal declaration that Miiros would re-enter regional politics as a power (coinciding with me joining the forum). So the timeframe you are suggesting would be a major period of reconstruction for Miiros, leading into the hyper-expansion that prompted the government to restrict development, which inadvertently saw all the urban centers smash together in the early 40s, which prompted a skyscraper boom.


If we go into the late 1600s and early 1700s you would get some pretty brutal stuff where the exiled Miirosi Emperor overthrew the Senate and Executor and created an unofficial 3rd Empire of Miiros. Lots of devastation in that time with the already struggling eastern cities being pretty much wiped out, which helped attribute to the east remaining unsettled in modern times.


So, I'll participate where I can, but during that time Miiros basically kept to its own affairs. It pretty much got knocked off the map as a power for meddling too much.


Also forgot to mention the 1918 destruction of Freewind Isle by the Armada. Freewind was the capital of the Corsair Queen, who led a pirate kingdom that had harassed and devastated Miiros for a long time. Really, it was a horrible genocide and it turned the island into nothing more than a rock. The whole affair constituted an act of revenge while Miiros reasserted its old strength in the local region of the Rosario Sea.

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