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Flag & Banner: Atrikous

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Hello Gentlemen. I am in great distress for two new items that I must accuire.

I will need a new flag and a new signature to go along with the flag. Now, I know I am new to this region and some of you may not know me. I would appreciate it if someone would help me.


This is what I am looking for in a new flag:


Black with gold trim much like a greek golden trim around the edges


Gold Diamond With 2 Greek Leafs Around It.


Detailed Please.


The Signature:


A large metropolis preferably in the night sky if at all possible photoshop different city builings into on image so it looks like a new city.


The New Flag Off To The Side


Revolutionary People along the bottom


The Sig I am asking also in gold trim.


I understand that this is a large task I would greatly appreciate it if this could be done. If a price is to be set I will do my best to come to means.


Thank-you for your time.



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