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Novistranyan Revolution

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(OOC topic: http://www.europans.com/topic/3342-novistranya-revolution/)

Vladimir Krylov was pacing in his command centre, studying the various readouts. As the General and Party Chairman of the Revolutionary Vanguard for Novistranya, he had a great deal of weight placed upon him. The Novistranyan government was avowedly Neo-Conservative, giving excuses when and where it could to make land grabs for its own imperialist agenda, gobbling up swaths of land for oil, money and regional influence.

That was about to change. In Moskow, the capital, a huge 200,000 man protest/strike over Mine and Factory rights, the working class was at the breaking point. Wages consistently dropped at a rate of 1.3% Every 2 months, but profits soar continuously. It's been this way for 2 Years! thought Krylov. Ever since the new prime minister got elected everything has gone for the worse for the Proletariat. It was time for a change. After reports of repression of basic rights such as speech, religion and even Freedom of the Press and Assembly, several Armed guards of the Vanguard Party were stationed to ward off the Federal Soldiers coming towards the first protestor picket line.

Undeterred, the sergeant of the Federalist squad approached the Revolutionary Soldiers, armed with Modified SKS Rifles, AK47's and Mosin Rifles. With little ammunition, they were hardly the formidable force against Shwaitzer's own troops. Shwaitzer was the newly elected prime minister, and defacto dictator.

"Disperse and go back to your homes! " Shouted the Federalist soldiers. The Communist rebels didn't even budge. They merely looked glaringly into the eyes of their oppressors. Raising his rifle, the Sergeant made his final warning. It was enough.

The lead elements of the Communist Guard raised their rifles and shot the sergeant and two other soldiers dead. A Bicani Light Machine Gun opened up on the entire rebel squad, cutting it into pieces. Several small arms were produced amidst the Proletarian Protest, and a makeshift Armoured APC rolled around the corner, made apparently from an old school bus.

Krylov watched from his Command Post across the street, as the New Communist Red Army approached the Federalist cordon around the main city Square...

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