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Krylov Industries

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Welcome to Krylov Industries, the People's Republic of New Novistranya's leading Arms manufacturing company. State owned, we ensure the highset quality ofo ur goods and weapons to make sure you get the best bang for your buck.






Small Arms




Krylov FA-37 Modular Assault Rifle


user posted image


Weight: 3.2 kg

Length: 780 mm

Cartridge: 5.8 x 42 mm PR120

Caliber: 5.8 mm

Action: Short stroke Gas-actuated, Rotating bolt

Rate of Fire: 670 rounds/min

Muzzle Velocity: 940 m/s

Effective Range: 700 m

Feed System: 30-round box magazine

Price: 60 Million To outfit your entire Army




Krylov RK-11 Advanced Sniper Rifle


user posted image


Weight: 4.21 kg

Length: 1225 m

Barrel Length: 610 mm

Cartridge: 7.62 x 54 mm PR220

Action: Gas Operated

Muzzle velocity: 960 m/s

Effective range: 800+ m

Maximum range: 1300 m

Feed system: 10-round detachable box magazine

Price: 1,000 Euros



Ground Systems


Type 95 Main Battle Tank


user posted image


Crew: 3

Length: 9.53 m

Width: 3.78 m

Height: 2.22 m

Weight: 46.5 tonnes

Main armament: 125 mm smoothbore gun with ATGM capability

Secondary armament: 7.62 mm coaxial machine gun, 12.7 mm anti-aircraft machine gun

Price: 1.2 Million Euros

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To:New Novistranya


Subject:To:New Novistranya


Subject:New Shipment


From:The Empire Of Atrikous


Hello To New Novistranya From The Great Nation Of "Atrikous" Would Like To Equip Our Army From The Finest Gun Supply. Looking Around And For The Best Price I see That The Grand Nation Of New Novistranya Has What We Need. Krylov Industries Is Has Developed A Grand Assault Rifle That We Wish To Proceed With Purchasing The Krylov FA-37 Modular Assault Rifle -For "60 MILLION NS$" To Equip Our Entire Army.



We Expect To Have The Hardware Delivered To Our Military Command Center Held In The Department Of Inside Unphosis Atrikon Territory. We Would Like The Hardware Delivered VIA Air. You Will Be Escourted By The Atrikon Air Service By Entry Of Atrikon Airspace. We Thank You For Your Time.


Sincerly Your Ally,




~Emporer Dergero Montika~


~The People Of Atrikous ~


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TO: Krylov Industries

FROM: The Socialist Tribal Confederacy of the Mongol-Swedes

SUBJECT: Arms Order Statement


/Transmitting Order/


75,000 x FA-37 Modular Assault Rifles



15 x Type 95 MBT's


/End Order/



Contractual Note:


(We are not intending to outfit all tribal militias with this weapon, the FA-37 model...and request, if possible, that a new deal be worked out for individual pricing of this weapon system, or a bulk purchase deal, if possible, as well as a bulk shipment of spare parts.)


(Will the Type 95's be shipped along with their technical manuals? We would also like to work out a deal for an extra bulk shipment of spare parts for the Type 95, if possible.)



In Solidarity,


Sunry Ytturb

Chairman, The General Council

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To:New Novistranya


Subject:Krylov RK-11 Advanced Sniper Rifle




In Hopes To Stockpiling Weapons That The Renposan Military. The Renposan Military Would Like To Buy The Following Of Military Wares:


100,000 Krylov RK-11 Advanced Sniper Rifle Comes To The Total Of 100,000,000 Euros.











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