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Atrikous's Promising Land

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I am coming to Europa in hope of Great Sucess and a great start on my adventure of NS. We are hoping to become a part of Europa's Govenment. We have numerous ideologies we have to discuss with this region's nations.


Our Nations Religion

We pride ourselves on allowing our citizens to attend any religious organization they choose.


Our Nations Commerce

Free to all we are strong believers in Capitalism


Our Nations Military

We hope to build up our military strength through Europa's nations Military Sales


Our Nation's Climate

We are a nation with diverse climates to the east you will find hard mountains full of snow covered crests and a variety of animals. To The South You Will Find a land full of forest and rushing rivers. To The North you will find a humid desert. Then to the west you will find a barren wasteland processed by the long war we went through to found our great nation. Then onto the East you will find where most the hustle and bustle goes on in our nation including Commerce and Govenment. Our nation's capital is Tronik which has been raided by war however we will not let war demorilize our lives.


A Part Of Atrikous's Countryside user posted image



Sincerly Atrikous's Government And Citizens.

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A large private sector is dominated by the Trout Farming industry.


100% Communist? I won't have it.


100% Capitalist? I have a heart, so that won't do, either.


We'll have to adopt the 'Hippie Parliament' Option, in a world where Karl Marx and Adam Smith sat down together and worked out a real plan for the world, instead of an absolutist approach.

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