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Il Corriere di Mendesia

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Il Corriere di Mendesia

Pubblicato dal 1895 : Giornale di tutti l'Umanita


Mendesia opened its door to Europa Nations!


The Dictator of Mendesia closed isolation and opened back the relations with the Nations of Europa. The Foreign Ambassadors of Mendesia has been welcomed back by the Dictator at Palazzio del Vittoria, In Lupoli. The Republic is willing to has best elations with the states of Europa even the Communists once. His Excellency, Dictator Augusto Publio Savona, By the Grace of God, Supreme Leader of all Mendesians, Governor of the Mendesian Republic, Supreme Commander of the Mendesian Armed Forces, Protector of the Church of Lupoli, Defender of Faith, Hero of National Corporativism, Founder of the Mendesian Republic. had invited all Head of States of Europa States to visit Lupoli.


Speech by the Dictator:

"We Need to open our doors to other Nations! We can never stay Alone! Europa is the Solution!"


user posted image

The Dictator Speaking to the Nation.

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