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1st Socialist Internationale

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In a televised speech, the Premier of New Novistranya announced today that an international conference, not just for socialists, but for all people's would be held in the nation's capital of Moskow. The conference is expected to begin in a day or two. On the agenda will be discussing trade agreements, and most importantly, opening up relations with the League of Treaty alliance, which harbours some Socialist nations within the tregion. Also on the plate will be the discussion of the formation of the Communist International, and its relationship with other alliances.


All nations and alliances are invited. Please state your willingness to participate here.

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To: the Government of New Novistranya

From: the Imperial Government of the Greater Holy Empire of Tagmatium

Re: Socialist Internationale


Honoured Socialist brethren,


The Imperial Government would be interested in sending a small delegation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the Socialist Internationale, so see if joining this organisation will bring benefits to the Greater Holy Empire.


We are also please to see that the light of Socialism has not yet entirely passed from this region, and we hope that this Internationale will further the cause of the only ideology that truly favours the ordinary people of Europa. Tagmatium would be honoured to bring the region to the light of God and Socialism.

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TO: New Novistranya

FROM: General Provisional Council, the Northern Alliance of the Mongol-Swedes

SUBJECT: Socialist Internationale Conference


The provisional government of the unified territories of the former Union of Socialist Tribes of Europa has elected to send a representative delegation of the Tribelands to this conference.


While the provisional government is only a transitional body as we undergo reunification following our recent civil conflict, this Council represents the combined 16 tribal confederacies that have joined the Northern Alliance, and will serve as the administrative body for all allied tribes.


We are looking forward to giving strength to a unified Socialist movement in this region.


For Peace and Solidarity!

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TO: New Novistranya

FROM: The Federation of Damak Var


Triumvirate Louis Marcellus will be attending. He is the one of the Triumvirate that usually handles commerce, trade, and economic affairs. Damak Var however, is a capitalist nation. We will not come to persuade you to change your economic system to capitalism, just to discuss trade between our nations.


OOC: Yes, i changed the title of my nation yet again.

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TO: The Nations of Europa

FROM: The General Council of the Allied Tribes of the Socialist Tribal Confederacy of The Mongol-Swedes

SUBJECT: Change of Plans Proposal


Given that the Novistranyan government has apparantly experienced a recent series of difficulties with regards to routine functions, the General Counil hereby proposes to those nations interested in discussing the formation of a left-friendly international organization that the Allied Tribes is ready, willing, and eager to host a similar conference planned by the Novistranyan government in the new Mongol-Swede capitol of Rottborg.

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