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Communist International - Comintern

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The worse thing, I have to say, is when you create the character of your nation too much - I would love to make a proper Socialist nation, but Tagmatium (my in character nation) would try to bully all the nations in this alliance to do its bidding...


But otherwise as a OOC (out of character) Socialist, I would be all for this in real life.

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OOC: I would join even if I am an EOS member smile.gif But you most know that you should not forget about the computer virus and the alien virus going around in Europa. It affects many other RPs since they stay in relation. For example if in one RP I say Tierra del Vasto is affected by the virus I would not be able to host a conference in Tierra del Vasto in a different RP smile.gif

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I'm keeping it in mind, Italgria. I'm gonna relate the growing burden of Tamurinian troops and citizens to alot of things that are going on. So far the computer virus isn't affecting much because the 'networks' are very patchy right now in the former USTE, and furthermore, no one in their right mind, civilian-wise, would travel to a place that up until just very recently was a warzone, so that effectively rules out a virus...borders are tight in the search for ECOC criminals.

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Preamble: In the aim of furthering, strengthening, and unifying the global left of Europa, the body of the Communist International, or First Internationale, henceforth known as the Comintern is called into existence as a permanent structure for discussion among all leftists and as a policy setting body to expand the scope and influence of the left across the Region.


Section 1: Alliance Membership


1.1: Any Nation who wishes to join the Comintern shall be allowed to do so stating a willingness to join in this thread.


1.2: No Nation shall be compelled to remain in the Comintern any longer than they wish it.



Section 2: Independence Clause


2.1: The Comintern is, and shall be construed as an alliance organization but shall not have the power to alter memberstate's treaties and foreign policy, nor shall it have the power to compel a memberstate to reveal information in any fashion, including information regarding other alliances and organizations. The privacy and sovereignty of all members of the Comintern is to be respected and upheld


Section 3: The Congress


3.1: The Congress of the Comintern will be composed of all member nations.


3.2: The Congress shall debate and then vote on issues of importance to the place of the whole of the left in Europa.


3.3: In the spirit of democracy, each issue brought before the congress is expected to be debated and settled upon within each individual memberstate before the representatives of the Comintern vote. This debate shall be allowed to continue at least 2 days at the request of any representative.


3.4: Each representative shall have only one vote and no individual may control more than a single vote on the congress.


3.5: Representatives are expected to vote in accordance to the will of their people.


3.6: Upon the conclusion of the vote, which shall not last less than 48 hours, the option with the majority of votes shall be the decided course for all member alliances.


3.6.A: In the case where no majority is reached, the vote shall be restarted without the option that received the fewest votes in the previous election.


3.6.B: Should there be no majority due to the event of a tie, representatives will begin a vote to either restart the vote with the same two options or to drop the matter and compel no action among memberstates.


3.7: Upon successful completion of the vote, all memberstates shall be compelled to follow the course of action voted upon to further the left of Europa.


Section 4: International Law


4.1: No nation within Comintern shall make war on another nation within Comintern.


4.2: A mutual defense pact shall exist between all Nations within the Comintern in the case of an aggressive warfare against Comintern. In the case of any attack on a Comintern Nation, all other Comintern Memberstates shall render military aid to the aggressed excepting cases where the aggressed alliance requests aid be withheld.


No aid need be provided in the case of a war launched by a memberstate of Comintern against another nation.


4.3: Memberstates are forbidden from attacking independent nations without a Congress approval.

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