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Hanemarian News

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Hanemarian News in Brief


*Gunman opens fire at a Stormbeck shopping centre, killing twelve and wounding 40 before committing suicide.


*Unexplained power shortages in the southern suburbs of Stormbeck. Residents complain of brownouts. City power authority report losses of up to 12% of normal grid capacity.


*Health minister Schipinski downgrades extraterrestrial plague threat from Threat Level 7 to T.L. 4, praising international community for their swift and efficient response. Tamurinian quarantinees to be discharged tomorrow.


*Hooligans vandalize Logodan temple. Windows smashed, lab equipment stolen, humorous mustache drawn on statue of Emperor.


*Cantor City 8/303 after 1st day of 5 day match against Stormbeck. Vince Parry 142no, Alan Dietermann 4/49.


*Weather for tomorrow: Light showers clearing. Top of 23. Winds south to south westerly.

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Hanemarian news in brief


*Power outages in Stormbeck continue. City power authority baffled. Investigations continue. Decommissioned nuclear power plant to be brought back online to supplement regular supply.


*Gunman identified as Nikolai Caldicott, 47.


*Cantor City all out for 389. Parry stranded on 199no. In reply Stormbeck are 3/46.

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