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Pushed Too Far

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The growing insanity in the United States has gone much, much MUCH TOO FRICKEN FAR!!!!!


On top of that, I can't legally do anything about it, because I'm a Soldier, a supposed "shining example of the American People", and what the military-industrial complex wishes were the case with everyone.


The fustration and the anger and the despair and the agony of the lies, the hypocrisy, the bleeding, the torture, the dying, the comrades coming home amputated by IEDs and the government leaving many of them out in the cold after having given so much of themselves, the growing hatred and abuse of power in the homeland...I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!


I will NEVER put this uniform on again. There is no justice. There is no equality. There is no liberty. There is no freedom. There is no 'compassionate conservatism', only HATE, LIES, AND GREED.


I serve the PEOPLE of the United States and live the Army Values.




I swore to uphold and defend the Constitution.


BUSH CALLED IT A "God-damned piece of paper"!!!


Anyone who believes in his lies and his vision for America...the 'freedoms and liberties' of those people DO NOT DESERVE THE BLOOD, SWEAT, AND TEARS OF THE GOOD AND HONORABLE MEN AND WOMEN OF THE MILITARY!!!


I refuse to give anymore of mine. I refuse to acknowledge my obligation to an illegitimate government.


Ah, yes, the Democrats came to power.


YOU SERIOUSLY THINK THAT WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE? They only won because they ran against Bush. Alot of piss-poor Republicans did the same thing to win, beating the old Republicans in power. The elite sector of the Democrats (not to include the people who truly believe in changing this nation for the better, Republicans and Democrats, as well as everyone else, included) have no clear agenda; they're just along for the free ride like their predecessors!!!


Immunity from criminal prosecution in the United States, thanks to the Military Comissions Act of 2006!!!


The legal authority to vote themselves a pay raise whenver they feel like it!!!


And plenty of corporate lobbyists who are willing to satisfy damn near any desire these politicians have.



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So what are you going to do M-S? I certinly know, that if true die hards of a cause suck as this were about, their would have been some sort of revolution in the US. I just think that the people in the US are to comftable. They basicly have a manopaly over most of the world. Why change it.

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It's not that the American people are comfortable with it, it's more like careful political and corporate brainwashing as produced a severe case of national apathy. As long as the majorty of the US gets to watch tv, buy designer clothes and things along those lines of selfish indulgence, they won't really care what happens in Washington.


And then there's the voting apathy issue, which drives me freaking insane. I went my old high school yesterday to eat lunch with one of my favorite teachers, and we started talking about it, and most kids that were eating in the room with us said that they wouldn't vote because it isn't important. And the reason for that is because of political apathy, that as long as they get to do what they enjoy, Bush could stay in office for as long as he wanted.


It took alot to kept myself from exploding on them. My old teacher stepped in and we had this big discussion over it, but teenagers don't really listen to teachers, and so after about five minutes they all started gossiping or trying to cause trouble again.


It's sad, but you said it yourself MS, this country has been since for a long time, and I don't think anything short of a full out revolution could get it to change.

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Move to Canada...



Teens in high school don't matter. Its all about being popular and being anti-authority..hmm. It is what they do after. If they graduate and still don't vote, then that's their loss... No, actually it is their teachers loss. Failure to instill in them the importance of American rights and traditions. I have always thought the school system needed an overhaul.



Monopoly? Perhaps the rest of the world doesn't care enough. If I were in another country, I would not blame the US if McDonalds took over my neighborhood. My anger would be at the corporations themselves and my goverment for letting them invade and take away jobs. I don't blame Japan for all of the Toyotas everywhere I go, I blame a) the lack of "quality for a good price" in US-made cars, and cool.gif the forces in the goverment and corporations that allow another country to essentially own a large market share in your own country.



Speaking of which. Dont worry about our silly corporations MS, soon China will own us and can shut down our economy anytime they want. They wont need nukes or a billion man army to put us in our place.



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If I moved for Canada, I would...


A) Need a citizen to sponsor me as a refugee.


cool.gif Prove to the Canadian government that I am leaving America as a genuine refugee (which has recently happened, actually. Go here to find some testimonies.


C) Probably never return to this country which I love, unless I could convince the DOD to cut me loose.


D) Live with a strong bias against me for the rest of my life.


But as it stands, I will not accept future deployment orders.

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You don't quite understand, Adaptus, just what the situation is here. So I'll sit and have a chat.


I'll put it in skinny for everyone:


I believe that America is capable of great things and can make a positive impression upon the world, and end alot of suffering in the world, without resorting to building a super-military and randomly blowing countries up, maintaining military bases around the world, etc.


However, the people who end up running things usually do not see this vision that I do, and do not share my respect for the human race and life in general.


And as I am technically obligated to these people to serve in an organization whose primary purpose is to engage and destroy the enemies of the people of the United States (i.e. the government), and my conscience strongly says that I can no longer participate in what is going on, and that these people are very, very unwilling to just cut people loose from these obligations, which are a basis to sustain the present government's ambitions, it is against all reason to remain in-country, where I can be sought after by the authority comissioned by these people in the commander's seat, that is, if I choose to remain a free man, instead of being tossed in the brig (or very likely just kidnapped and dragged to Iraq, it has happened in the past).


Any more questions/concerns?

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As someone who genuinely cares about the ideals enshrined by the Constitution, it breaks my heart to see the United States in the state its in today. The founding fathers, whether they intended it or not, designed a document creating the framework for something beautiful. They wanted a country where the government served, not ruled. When I see the Consitution, I see what America stands for, but when I look at what America's government does, I see nothing but corruption, greed, and lies. The United States government serves nothing, but itself.


Land of the free, they once called America, but I see the government closing in to protect us. Oh yes, eventually government will smother us [Americans] all with its big, fuzzy safety blanket. The American people will be very safe in the cage the government is prodding us into. Apathy marches the people into that cage and ignorance will seal it. How many citizens are comfortable with the "Patriot" Act? How many citizens even know about the Military Commissions Act or what it can do? I wonder, when I am old and gray in 2046, will America still be the land of the free? Or will be cower in perpetual fear of an enemy that few can even remember, happily allowing the government to track out every move with security checkpoints before you enter any public place?


The United States is a representative democracy, but are the people being heard? Here we have representatives with huge salaries paid for by the people with some of the best benefits in the nation... and they get free trips? Gee, I wish some corporate lobbyist gave my mom and dad, two hardworking Americans, a free trip the the Bahamas. Goodness, am I even going to have health insurance in four years when I finish school? Will I be able to find a job that can enable me to survive on my own? I really do not know. But I can rest assured knowing the Congrss does not have to pay for medical care, despite them all having enough money to buy my entire neighboorhood.


If it were up to me, I would fire Congress right now. I'd sweep the entire thing clean and bar all the senators and representatives from re-election. Instead, let real people run for office. I do not want to see people representing me that cannot string together coherent sentences and think it is in my best interests to spend hundreds of billions of dollars on a foreign nation no one gave a rat's ass about six years ago.


I think people like me complain and get so upset, not because we dislike the United States, but because we love the United States. It is my homeland. I love Ann Arbor with its great trees, sh*tty parking, and big clocktower. I love walking my dog off the coast of Lake Erie on a brisk fall day. I even enjoy the 45 minute drive up I-75 to Dearborn every morning as I go to school. I like the Consitution. I like that I can say George Bush is the biggest idiot I have ever known in my lifetime without getting dragged off in the night. I'd like to keep it that way, so I vote and like to think that it helped. And hey, if it ever gets so bad that the government starts dragging people from their homes, Canada is right over the Detroit River. wink.gif


Sorry, if this went off topic. The point I was trying to make was that the government is out of touch with the American people and what they desire, they're going in the wrong direction, and they need to be held seriously accountable for their actions. Also, despite the idiocy, I still think the U.S. is a great place to live BUT it can be even better!

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Well, MS, I read what you wrote. In many things I agree with you, in others I do not. But that's not important.


I have two important questions for you:


1.) You said you won't put on the uniform again. Are you going to work in civilian clothes now or quit the army?


2.) You said you wouldn't accept any deployment orders. Are you going to apply for a posting in the staff or quit the army?


Disobeying a direct order like "Put on your uniform" or "Go to Iraq" is a serious thing. In Germany you can get arrested for this, I suppose that it's similar in the US.

So, the question is: What are you going to do? Stay in the Army and face major problems or leave the Army?

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I'm not going back. Period. I won't assent to the dehumanizing of honest, hardworking Americans.


I'm assigned to the 3rd Infantry Division. Does anyone here know what they use the 3rd Infantry Division for?


When other units go into an area of Iraq, and the 'hearts and minds' approach doesn't work, they use the heavy firepower of mechanized infantry to blow the s*it out of a place. Samarra nowadays is a relatively quiet place now since the 3rd ID left it in 2005. Everyone there is living in fear.


When I was doing some independent PT one morning, I happened to run by a parade field where another brigade had just finished a motivational brigade-sized 'fun-run'. They usually do these things prior to a major leave period or a holiday or something like that.


Anyway, I stopped to stretch out a calf that was feeling a little crappy and I listened to the commander of 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 3rd ID talk to his troops. He started out talking about how the Pentagon wanted "to win the war on terrorism with coloring books and candy for the children". Then he started getting a little bit of an angry edge in his voice, talking about "well, I, and the General (likely referring to Major General Lynch, Commanding, 3rd ID) think that that kind of babying won't win a pile of s*it! We, the Spartan Brigade, aren't going to get our Soldiers killed for the sake of the Iraqi people. Infact, we're gonna shoot 'em in the face!"


He then proceeded to having his troops chant that s*it, back and forth across his formations, and culminated with them all breaking out into a combatives match (hand-to-hand combat), everyone just brawling.


I'll let you guys decide for yourself, but I for one won't stick around to get swept up with that crap.

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Speaking of which. Dont worry about our silly corporations MS, soon China will own us and can shut down our economy anytime they want. They wont need nukes or a billion man army to put us in our place.

I rather think they already do. The US owes a hell of a lot to the Chinese, in the region of billions, or possibly trillions.

Ah, but China also needs the American market for its economy. It is in their best interests to keep up good relations with the United States. The two states are becoming economically dependant on eachother, in my opinion. I once checked every pair of shoes in a store (almost) and they all said "Made in China." And I'm sure America will get China addicted to big macs and french fries soon enough. =P

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they all said "Made in China


I saw on a product the other day, an electric skillet I think, "Made in the People's Republic of China"


All I can picture is a bunch of sad grey-clad Communist party workers making .001 cents an hour for the glory of the country putting together something I can cook my pancakes on. smile.gif


I like the old "Made in (happy fun) China" trademark.

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"well, I, and the General (likely referring to Major General Lynch, Commanding, 3rd ID) think that that kind of babying won't win a pile of s*it! We, the Spartan Brigade, aren't going to get our Soldiers killed for the sake of the Iraqi people. Infact, we're gonna shoot 'em in the face!"


That commander can be very happy that he's not a German officer. Such a speech would have resulted in criminal prosecution and dishonorable discharge from the Army...he really said that?!


I'll let you guys decide for yourself, but I for one won't stick around to get swept up with that crap.


I understand your motives. And I think I would think about the same things if I were in your position.


But what are you going to do? Can you leave the Army just like that?


What do your comrades think about that? Or can't you talk to them about that?

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