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Care friends.

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Care friends, has a new one extraterrestrial in the area.


When the people imagine extraterrestrial of the space, find that they

are in invading, in studying as the guineapigs, bringing artifices or

the world-wide peace.


But it has the ones that not only believe them as they find that they

had arrived and they come with appetite. They call this

extraterrestrial predator "Sanguin?rio" and it comes if spreading

over PIRILAO giving tests of its voracious appetite. Rabbits,

chickens and especially goats, all findings died with strange

perforations in the neck and the body found without blood.


It would be a visiting vampire of the space that simply considers the

life in the EUROPA a food?


Something in the forests of nation PIRILAO has blood headquarters and

many believe to be a extraterrestrial one that it is fed of the blood

of hens, goats, cows and horses. Generally described as a crossing

between a small extraterrestrial gray, a pig thorn and a kangaroo, the

creature is known as the "Sanguin?rio", and that she has killed and

mutilated entire creations in the last times. But what it is? Would be

a mutation of some experiment of the SRL "scientific research

laboratory"? A extraterrestrial one travelling for interdimencionais

vestibules and feeding themselves of the rich fauna of PIRILAO? Or it

would be an abandoned animal of extraterrestrial esteem?


Either there what he will be, it frightens the PIRILAO citizens. Our

investigating ones go to the forest, following the researcher of

paranormais phenomena Prof. Evaristo, who investigates the migrations

of the Sanguin?rios for the forests of the PIRILAO and studies so

recent attacks as of August of 2006. E we will get more information on

the "BICHO"

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Alentejo August of 2006, Albufeira July 2006, and later for all

PIRILAO. Animals are strangely died with perforations in the neck and

are without blood in the body. The Sanguin?rio attacks.

It knows the origin of the Sanguin?rio name.


In the Alentejo the Sanguin?rio left some tracks. They would be real?

Molds had been made by the Dr. Ant?nio Cartolas of joined footprints.

Jose Gerv?sio is another researcher who if interested for the

footprints. Its theory: everything would be guilt of an attack of

dogs. But probably they tore into pieces the meat.


A sample of DNA will be carried through with coats of a Sanguin?rio

presumption that the Dr. Ant?nio Cartolas obtained in the Alentejo.

Which will be the result?

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