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Computer Virus Attack


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*Deltannian News Network*


... the President of Deltannia On-Line is calling this new computer virus a large threat to personnal computers across the world.


"We are doing everything that is possible to stop this virus. This has yet to be the worst virus we have seen, and we are currently working in conjunction with DataFactCorp and Avadyne to come up with the best solutions for our customers."


DOL advises internet users not to check suspicious e-mails and not to visit a list of carrier sites that DOL is providing free on their site.




*Avadyne Computer Protection Division*


"So what have we got on this block?"


"Very cryptic. Whoever designed this thing knows his stuff."


"Same here, boss. This infected computer here is an enigma. Can't make heads or tails of this code."


"Well, PR wants something presentable now, and the best minds we have here can't get through this thing?"


"Boss, make a suggestion?"


"Sure, what is it?"


"I know an old friend from DelTech. Major in Computer Science like me, but he was good. Came up with numerous programming languages, some of them popular, also built some of the most amazing hardware and software ever. I'm sure he'd freelance this one, he'd love it."


"Sure, call him up. I don't care so long as we figure this thing out!"




*Deltannia: West Coast*


"Hello. Hey, wow, what's up? Uh huh? Yeah. Yeah, long time no talk, seriously. What's up? Yeah? Yeah? No kidding, wow. And you're stumped? Fine then, very confused. Sure, uh huh. Yeah. Ha ha, it wasn't that amazing. Yeah, I heard about this in the papers. Sure, I'd be glad to. Do I get shipped out there? Yeah I can be ready by morning. Sure. Yep. Sure. Yeah yeah, uh huh. Sure, don't mention it. Okay, you too. Bye." *click*




FROM: Deltannia

TO: All nations of Europa


If you have seen reports from the syndicated press, then you will know about the new virus, codenamed the Tanker Virus. Government investigators have been looking into it for two weeks now, the virus first appearing approximately 72 hours ago. We would appreciate any assistance into the matter, as the perpetrators could be anywhere. Please contact us through secure channels.


Deltannian Intelligence Agency






"Thought they could get this message out securely, did they?"


"Ha ha, idiots."


"Well, the 'Tanker' is only stage one. Can't wait to see what the rest of the world thinks of the next ones...."

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Damak Var

Varian Internal Security Agency

Electronic Defense Branch


The Director of the branch read over the transmission and shook his head.

"Deltannian's and their toys." He said to himself.


"Alright..." he said to his board members. "The Deltannian's think it is serious, so I think it is serious. Tell the media to warn the public. Most importantly, I need government systems to be more heavily encrypted and secured then they ever were before. Hire people from Byzacium if you need to, I dont care. The last think we need is this virus infiltrating Central Military Communications Network. Then I want the best tech specialists in the country to begin tracking.




TO: Avadyne Computer Protection Division

FROM: Varian Internal Security Agency


We are currently busy trying to protect our own systems from the virus, but we will begin tracking as soon as possible. Any information we recieve will be forwarded to you.

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FROM: Ministry of Technology

TO: Voice of the Republic


Official statement


The 'Tanker Virus' from Deltannia is spreading through the Internet and infecting computers all over the world.


To counter this threat and to keep tamurinian networks clear, all electronic transmissions with computers out of Tamurin will be delayed. The transmissions will be re-routed over a demilitarized zone. Computers in this zone will open the data and monitoring systems will scan for the virus signature. If the data is clean, it will be forwarded and the DMZ-computer will erase the data.


That means that those transmissions will be much slower. But this is a necessary step to ensure the safety of tamurinian networks. Until this most serious virus can be destroyed, these measures will stay in place.

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TO: Voice of the Republic

FROM: Ministry of Home Defence


Official statement

We thank the acknowledgment and we made an alert generality to all the

PIRILAO population, At this moment the situation in our nation is not

problematic, we wait new developments.



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"Is this true?" Jack Nickelson Minister of Defence asked his collegues.


"As far as we can say yes."


"This will be a hard piece for all of us. Inform our entire economy it must be protected at any cost! We cannot let a economic crisis arise. Put me in contact with the CEO of Syman immediately."


His collegues all rushed out of the room when the phone started ringing and the secretary advised to Jack that it was the CEO of Syman.


"Sir, here is the CEO of Syman what is the matter?"


"We have received information from Deltannia about a highly dangeours virus called the 'Tanker Virus'. We need your entire firm to create an "anti-virus" for it. Most important is our military! It cannot be allowed to get into our systems! You will have to create protections for all national firms. The international ones are big enough to sort out the problems by themselves unless they ask us for help it is not really our problem. And lastly. Create an update for every single computer user in Italgria and distribute it for free! the population must be saved from this virus! We will pay for every extra cost created."


"Ok, Sir I understand. I will immediately call an emergency reunion and we will tackle this problem immediately. Thanks for the trust you put in us."


The Minister put down the phone and send a note to the Public Relations Office.




TO: Italgria National News

FROM: Public Relations Office


Official Statement


We have received a message from Deltannia early this morning stating that a virus called the 'Tanker Virus' is spreading around really fastly and could be attacking Italgrias systems soon.


We have talked with Syman and they are already working on a solution of how to save our computer networks. You do not need to worry about the costs of this. The government will pay the full amount that this work costs for Syman.


If you need any help we arranged a hotline at ****-**** and our official email adress is: virusattack@italgria.gov






We are very busy right now in trying to keep our computers clean. However, Italgria is keen to send a elite group of our central intelligence burreau to assist your police in finding and capturing this "terrorists".

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"What's the integrity of our own network so far" a senior technician was asking of his crew, part of the largest IT firm who survived the civil war.


"Well, chief, since we implement the same wireless burst transmissions that we've always used, and with the randomized freq jumps, the virus has yet to infect a single system...that, and we received an edict from the General Council to reroute and isolate international streams. We have extra staff breaking the code down bit by bit from all of these streams, nothing's getting through unless we've had a long, hard look at it." his subordinate replied.


"Well, at least they're keeping a cool head about this. What about the other companies?"


"Our rep from the Chamber of Commerce reported that all firms with a handle on international traffic has reported that they have all complied with similar measures. The M-S Council of Economic Security has already convened to get everyone working together."


"Excellent. Keep up the efforts, my brothers and sisters. We'll prove to these terrorists we're not backwater simpletons just because we live in the jungles."


*Burst Transmission, Source Scrambled*

TO: Deltannia

FROM: Yassir al Gashi, "Anima" Cell

SUBJECT: Information Warfare


(Search for terrorists underway)


(Evaluation of Deltannian Network shows severe slack in key data ports)


(Estimated Compromise Rate: 3% attrition daily unless total data purge is effected immediately)




OOC: No notions of nationality were revealed!

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*Air delivered to all nations*


FROM: Deltannia

TO: All nations


We thank you for your vigilance. Unfortunately, our systems have become so comrpomised that this is the only method of conducting a safe dialogue. Our first priority is to quarantine our nations' systems. While the Tanker Virus has spread throughout the world, we hope that at least our nations' computers will not spread this virus, and we can begin testing within a closed network. We thank you for your patience.


Deltannian Intelligence Agency




*Avadyne Computer Protection Division*


"Before I get started, I need the full briefing."


"Of course. A majority of computer users in in our country use models from either SysTech or DataFactCorp. The specs sheets are in the profile in front of you. Avadyne has been workign round-the-clock to get some kind of defense up, without success."


"Alright. Do you have terminals infected and also some with it quarantined?"


"Yes. We have three with an extraction of the code as best as we've got, and another two infected with symptoms."


"Good. I'd like to take a look at them now."


"Of course, follow me..."






"Are you in?"


"Almost. Avadyne has a lot of security you know."


"Well hurry up. I'm sure they're running a lot of tests and trying to figure stuff out. I want stage two of the virus started in their own labs. We'll see how secure they are...."

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Andrea sat happy for the first time in days. This had been one crisis avoided, but she would not have time to enjoy it for the Minister of Technology suddenly burst into her office, scaring the daylights out of her.

?Ahh! Minister Frieze, what is the meaning of this?!?


?Infected! The computer systems are infected with that damned Deltannian virus! The whole government network has been compromised. We?ve tried to isolate it, but it keeps getting past out firewalls somehow.?


"You told me our systems were the most secure in all of Europa, that we're the leading power in information technology!" shouted the Executor, getting a bit irate.


"Ah, well, yes," stammered the minister. "You see, the virus got in through the Guild computer network when they filed their income reports with the Ministry of Coin. The Guild had been putting off upgrading their security for quite some time and" The minister was interrupted, however, by an upset Executor.


"So, what does this mean? What are you saying?"


"Well, all major government systems may be subject to failure at any given moment."


"By the twin goddesses! The entire city is run by computers! Alert the travel authorities and whoever else you can thing of to switch to manual controls. We don't need the trains crashing into eachother. Get the Guild to fix this thing before it gets out of hand! I'll alert the region and press at once."



To: Europa

From: Miiros

RE: Tanker Virus


Due to unforseen security gaps in out private sector, the Miirosi Computer Network has been infected by the Tanker Virus. While efforts have been taken to isolate the problem, it is uncertain how this virus will effect our systems. We will be following suite with the Deltannians and quarentining our networks until the problem is resolved.

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*Avadyne Computer Protection Division*


Pouring over code was so much work, especially when you had to get down to the assembly level. Unfortunately, this virus had split itself over the infected computer, and therefore they would need to get down to the binary level code.


"Take this disc and install it on that terminal. It will go over the code and anything suspicious will be automatically pointed out, even if it isn't dangerous. Just anything not from the basics of the Avadyne OS."


Now it was just a matter of time. There would still be a majority of the code to look through, but it was a start... and this bug seemed to be getting smarter.






"I'm in."


"Good. You work in some C programming, through them off a bit. You work in assmebly, and I've got my own stuff to work with. You know the plan."


"Got it."



The ringmaster of the whole operation loaded his own stuff onto his secure terminal at his location and began to work directly on the Avadyne terminals. They were in for a surprise....




*Avadyne Private Report*


Attached to all receivers of this hand delivered report is some code we have duplicated based on what we have found while working on the Tanker Virus. We understand it is a large portfolio and not all of it is applicable, but any help is appreciated.


//Note: Data representation of computer
struct data read(FILE *attackfile, FILE *protocol)
  char buff[2056];
  char *head;
  struct data reader;
  head = fgets(buff, sizeof(buff), protocol);
  return reader;

void insertion(char *s, char *file)
  f = fopen(file, "w+");




FROM: Deltannia

TO: All nations concerned

Attached: Avadyne Private Report


Please have anyone working on this problem look over the compiled data so far.


Deltannian Intelligence Agency



OOC: I just had to throw something in there cool.gif I do not mean to offedn any c programmers with my beginner ability (I could java you to death, but C is so much cooler). Also, just be aware that the Tanker Virus is not all it is been made to seem.

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