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The Empire of Hanemar




The Empire of Hanemar is a small nation renowned for its devotion to science. It has a cool climate and is often windy due to its low, flat geography. Its capital is a city called Stormbeck that was founded hundreds of years ago before Hanemar became a united country. The currency is the Reichsmark.




Stormbeck, Cantor City, Angeburg.




Reichsmark (HRM). HRM 1.00 = $US 0.71

One Reichsmark is divided into 100 Pfennig.




The Head of State is the Emperor, who originally enjoyed absolute rule. But a succession of weak Emperors and Empresses allowed much of the responsibility for the day-to-day running of the country to be taken up by the Parliament. The Parliament is elected by the people every four years.

The Emperor is still entirely responsible for making decisions in international relations such as war and trade. The current ruler of Hanemar is Emperor Condain.




Most of the major religions are represented in Hanemar, particularly Christianity and Islam. There is also a religion unique to the country: Logodan, which is a worship of science, particularly mathematics, reminiscent of the Pythagoreans of Ancient Greece. The Logodains have been the major driving force behind Hanemar's obsession with learning, and hold the balance of power in the Parliament. They are sometimes called "number-mongers" by their detractors.

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Very nice to have you in the region, friend. On behalf of the Senate of Europa, welcome!


If you have any questions about what's going on here, feel free to message me or any other fine citizen of Europa.


If you like the roleplay scene, check out the OOC section, where you can learn about the scenarios that are going on and jump into the action, or you can start your own and invite others to join in.


Again, I welcome you to Europa and hope you enjoy your stay.

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Thanks for the welcome everyone.


Mongol-Swedes- I'll get stuck into the RP as soon as I qualify for a spot on the map. I don't think there's a whole lot I can really do until then.


Miiros- I look forward to establishing friendly relations with your country.


Pirilao- Sorry. I only speak English.

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You've intrigued me with your intro.


Please, feel free to rp even without a map spot! Remember, the more you rp the easier it will get, and if you need help getting integrated into the community, we've got a buddy system with eager volunteers that will show you the Europan ropes.


And although belated, welcome to Europa!

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