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I have been participating in the somewhat publicized efforts by the American-based Center for Constitutional Rights to bring Mr. Donald Rumsfeld to justice. Under the doctrine of universal jurisdiction, they have chosen to seek this justice from the courts of Germany, and, more specifically, the German Federal Prosecutor.


I sent an email making my particular distaste with the evidenced support of torture displayed by Mr. Rumsfeld to the Federal Prosecutor and received the following reply:


Sehr geehrte Absenderin / Sehr geehrter Absender,


E-Mails haben keine fristwahrende Wirkung. Sollte Ihre Nachricht fristgebundene

Verfahrensantraege oder Schriftsaetze enthalten, uebermitteln Sie diese bitte


per Telefax (Nr.: 0721/8191-590) oder Briefpost.


Sonstige Anfragen und Anschreiben per E-Mail koennen nur unter Angabe einer

postalischen Adresse beantwortet werden.


Bitte beachten Sie, dass elektronische Posteingaenge nur

montags bis donnerstags von 7.30 bis 16.40 Uhr


freitags von 7.30 bis 14.35 Uhr

bearbeitet werden koennen.


From what I've gathered, it's basically a service message, listing alternative means of contact and such. But I would like to be sure of this. Any help in translating this reply would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you.

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Yep, that's an automated service message written in typical civil-servant-german. I'll translate it, but I guess I won't be able to really transfer the tone of this mail.


Dear sender,


E-mails don't have any effect on the limit of time. If your e-mail includes time-sensitive action requests or documents, please send them again via fax (0049 - 721 - 8191 - 590) or as a letter.


Other requests or letters can only be processed if a postal adress is stated.


Please keep in mind that e-mails can only be processed from monday to thursday (07:30 - 16:40) and friday (07:30 - 14:35).


If you need further translations on this matter, feel free to contact me.

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